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*** Downtime tonight 8/27/19 ***

Sun, Sep 8 2019 6:06 PM by hpurey. 305 replies.
  • DampandDusty United Kingdom
    125 Posts
    Thu, Aug 29 2019 1:17 AM

    Good morning WGT :) Same menuproblems, no Oakmont, can`t get into stats or change avatar. Still not whining, just reporting my status.

    Cleared cache etc

    Problems still the same in the UK.

    Was surprised no overnight downtime.

  • ostfriedel Germany
    1,927 Posts
    Thu, Aug 29 2019 2:37 AM

    Same here. Please WGT, fix the issues within a narrow time frame.

  • DampandDusty United Kingdom
    125 Posts
    Thu, Aug 29 2019 2:55 AM


    IMO we all need some patience after all. Seems like many people are losing it not only with this game but life in general nowadays which is a shame.

    I'd prefer waiting for 4-6 hours, even 12 hours if I have to for a better, more stable update, rather than waiting for 2 hours and having all these glitches and bugs that would need another update to get fixed. :-/

    Sometimes, slower is better.


    I think that might be an extremely valid point, because greater downtime would be preferable to all these glitches.

    Although having worked for an online retailer previously, companies tend to do offline 'as live' testing as a simulation, before they commit to updating a website in any major way..

    Obviously we don't know enough about the process to know if WGT do that.

    The profile page was fine and didn't really need changes, so not sure what's happened there.

    At least the actual game is still playable and functional. Imagine the uproar if that WASN'T the case.

    ..and we have Scott Hope and his genius workarounds.

  • gyrene120 United States
    495 Posts
    Thu, Aug 29 2019 3:20 AM

    Like all the rest, my top menu is screwed up. I 'm not going to *** about it, But would appreciate it if wgt could fix asap.

  • SlickHunter United States
    1,011 Posts
    Thu, Aug 29 2019 3:30 AM

    Bought the new titleist, it didn’t play..waited few minutes, and it works fine, things are looking up.

  • Tiewaz Australia
    888 Posts
    Thu, Aug 29 2019 3:55 AM

    4 of us just spent 48 minutes trying to get to the 1st green on Kiawah!

    This time included the re - clearing of all caches etc....rebooting computers & watching the wheel tirelessy spin & the other guys were still getting load error messages.....

    What's going on? 

  • TopShelf2010 United States
    9,510 Posts
    Thu, Aug 29 2019 4:04 AM


  • Kenher01 Ireland
    955 Posts
    Thu, Aug 29 2019 4:48 AM


         Thanks again Scott for the links for Single player/solo rounds at Oakmont.

    Here's a workaround for people to play & invite people to multiplayer games at Oakmont.

    Use Opera Browser, Turn on the built in VPN in Opera & set to Asia (Yes Asia, Not Europe or USA) & then open Gameclient & set game, Then if you wish close Opera & then open your reg' Browser & game will still be there. (this works for most but not all)

    Proton Free VPN is another alternative (Advantage of this is you only need to open your gaming Browser once after you've selected a VPN)

    After you do the usual sign up, authorise & Download set the Server to a Calli' Server with lowest load & then follow the same steps as before with Opera Browser, Once Oakmont shows as a listed course then you can knock off VPN & away you go.


  • Luckystar5 United States
    1,511 Posts
    Thu, Aug 29 2019 6:07 AM

    just so some of you know, I'm not whinning, I'm flat out bi●●hing here.   I made the mistake of renting a new 3 wood,  now the game will not load a course.  can't play friends , the game says loading but also says that it's 100% loaded.  I can't unequipment the darn club, game won't let me.  Not only can't I play, but now I'll lose my 4 dollars of rental fee, but I'll probably lose my 1109 straight days played.  thanks alot to the incompetence of the programmers .  

  • Grish72 Germany
    326 Posts
    Thu, Aug 29 2019 6:09 AM



    You know what fustrates me? When you are searching throught the forums looking for some answers and people post things like you have. It is completely unhelpful. In fact it makes it worse since we wade throught these pompous rants to find any good information. Why don't you try helping people instead of complaining about complaints.

    Be helpful. Not  self important.

    EDIT: Original replay deleted by author as it may be deemed a violation of the Posting Guidelines for containing explicit/vulgar language.


    A More Politically Correct Reply...

    Treasure Hunter - before you make a post as you did, perhaps you should do a little more research. Read ENTIRE threads instead of simply replying to the first one you see. In my own defense, I spent the better part of Wednesday assisting as many players as I possibly could. Sharing with them links that were available to help them with the issues that were occuring.

    Let's see if you holier than thou attitude will allow you to be a better person and apologize for your comment in front of the community.


    Have a glorious day



    LoL. where is the violation in the post? tbh i thought pretty much the same. 2-3 may have complained or are whining but much more just tried to give information about their issues as _Champ asked for. the only complain/whining came from your own post at that time. sry but if you are allowed to complain its for others too. otherwise its just a censoring from what you don't wanna hear.

    *peace* Grish