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2019 Andyson Memorial Second Stage

Sun, Sep 15 2019 11:04 AM by whooshdangit. 241 replies.
  • Shedlite United States
    748 Posts
    Sun, Aug 18 2019 10:07 PM

    Congratulations to : Yiannis1970 (TC), claremoreblue (C), Phippo20040 (TL), akatiger74 (L), opyeuclid (TM), RockSteady (M), VEM9000 (P). As Top scorers in their tier group they advanced to the Match play rounds. the remaining 57 will be randomly picked. Those not picked will be alternates in case anyone drops out

    Round of 32 has begun Good Luck!

    Giraldin  vs dacrash
    Chookie15 vs opyeuclid

    stashb  vs borat74
    RUSAVED vs MGB01

    Chris1973M vs wutpa
    whooshdangit vs FLYERBT   (playing Sunday)

    golfdawg01 vs Biggunky
    MioKontic vs Javito1 

    ri99 vs VamboRools
    young46 vs xxDannyxxo

    hpurey vs conveyorguy
    terwyl1 vs sticketttight  

    1irony vs yiannis1970 
    shing1 vs Tiewaz 

    RoggRR vs mgsvz
    DonaldKey8798 vs Amateur4sure


  • Shedlite United States
    748 Posts
    Sun, Aug 18 2019 10:25 PM

    The 2019 Andyson Memorial Tournament Second Stage Stroke play. The following players have entered and qualified. Each round the Top half of lowest scores (plus ties) will advance to next round. Each round will last 10 days (trying to time ending with match play ending) untill only one remains and is crowned 2019 Andyson Memorial Stroke play Champion. Failure to post a score will result in your elimination.

    Congressional 18hole scored has begun

    095 Gre     Yiannis1970      54
    020 USA    claremoreblue  58
    101 Spa      MGB01              58
    035 Spa     giraldin               58                 
    074 UK       shing1                59
    069 Sco      Rossembo        59
    037 USA     golfdawg01       59
    041 Arg        javito1                59
    071 Can     RUSAVED          60   
    038 USA    hpurey                 61          
    001 Ger      1963Bubba       61
    006 UK       amateur4sure   61
    ------------------------------------current cutline
    091 Can    Wutpa                  63                   
    009 USA    bigcountry317    63
    098 Can      Tdotdoba          63
    089 USA     wleiss                64  
    002 USA    1irony                     
    093 Aus     xz05fm      
    076 USA    stashb           
    063 USA    Qputts                
    008 USA     Beryman
    066 Spa      ri99                        
    004 Ire        aktiger74           
    077 USA     stickettight      

    Congressional Estimated cut line 12 players


  • overtheedge United States
    5,835 Posts
    Mon, Aug 19 2019 7:35 AM


    WOW! What a GREAT job / Tournament you are running. My hat goes off to you my friend. Dennis would be blown away from all the support, participation, and the organization of this tournament. TY again Bill for your time and dedication.

    Bill, just to be clear. ALL rounds are to be played (Ranked Rounds) correct?

    TY again. Jeff 

  • lonniescott711 United States
    3,971 Posts
    Mon, Aug 19 2019 7:59 AM

    Well good luck to everyone thats playing . Play well and have fun after all it will be another year before we come together and get to do it again .

  • Wutpa Canada
    3,519 Posts
    Mon, Aug 19 2019 11:10 AM

    Thanks indeed to Bill for all your hard work so far and to come in organizing this.

    It's great fun and an honour to be taking part.


  • javito1 Argentina
    244 Posts
    Mon, Aug 19 2019 12:46 PM

    Good luck to you all

  • xxDannyxxo United Kingdom
    179 Posts
    Mon, Aug 19 2019 1:10 PM
    woohoo nice work bill
  • Phippo20040 United Kingdom
    38 Posts
    Mon, Aug 19 2019 2:33 PM

    good stuff bill appreciate all your work on this cheers


  • RockSteady United States
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    Mon, Aug 19 2019 2:53 PM

    Match play.  Do I message the other golfer to set a date and time?

  • Young46 United States
    1,183 Posts
    Mon, Aug 19 2019 3:10 PM

    Playing my match vs. Sticky63 tomorrow at 6pm EST (3pm WGT time).