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Looking for a fun club

Tue, Aug 13 2019 8:50 PM by Dave33200. 2 replies.
  • WayneNCalif United States
    163 Posts
    Tue, Aug 13 2019 11:50 AM
    Level 98 Tour Master looking for a fun club.. I enjoy H2H matches and CC tournaments. I will play in clashes if the club is involved.. I’m good for solid raw, “no rewards” 3K or more without using super passes... I also have a couple of internal tournaments I’ve developed that are great fun for all participants... WayneNcalif is my WGT name... hope to get some replies.
  • SamSpayed United States
    2,127 Posts
    Tue, Aug 13 2019 7:26 PM

    Hi Wayne.  I remember you from TLS a couple yrs back.  We used to set up tournaments for TMs and below together.  If you're interested, come check out The Peoples Club (my current club).  Send a friend request to Ladychipper and she can answer any questions you might have.  Lots to do here.  I came here from TLS and have been very happy I did.

  • Dave33200 United States
    1,464 Posts
    Tue, Aug 13 2019 8:50 PM

    Give the nice and friendly a look. There are a several of us that play most every night H2H with different games. We use Discord to chat but it’s not a requirement. We have many tourneys going all the time, some with credit prizes. All members are able to make there own tourneys from day one.


    Although we do have some members who play in the clash it is not a requirement. We also have people who play in the Turf wars but again it is not a requirement. You play what you want, when you want. No rules.