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Scottish Braveheartc CC. (Join us on March to Level 21)

Mon, Aug 12 2019 2:52 PM by ander101. 1 replies.
  • JACOBITE12 United Kingdom
    3,870 Posts
    Mon, Aug 12 2019 9:16 AM

    Hello. I am Al owner of the Scottish Bravehearts Club.

    We are a club that is on Level 20. And has been in the top ten on the leaderboard for 5 years now. I am looking for active good points contributing members to help us get to Level 21 and beyond as soon as possible.

    We are a successful club with great members. Who will always join in for an alternate game when invited. And we enjoy a laugh when doing  it too.

    We have lots of competitions and tournaments going on at any one time. We have our Ryder Cup Competition. Which is just about to start. Our Club Champion and Leagues Competitions. And various other tournments.

    We also have a Discord Chatroom which is active. And full of friendly wgt members looking for a chat and a game. We also run WGT Tournaments on discord. Singles and Pairs.

    I would like to offer all WGT Members the chance to join our chatroom. Firstly download Discord. Then register using your WGT name as username.

    Once this is completed. This is the Link to join our chatroom below. If it does not work. Please contact me on WGT and I will send you the link again.

    Please lets see some good WGT members joining us as we head to Level 21. We will be there soon. And for more WGT members to join our chatroom.

    Link Below'

    Thanks Al.

  • ander101 United States
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    Mon, Aug 12 2019 2:52 PM

    You have now 249 members and are allowed 250, so how many new members are you looking for?, just asking why the recruitment post, no offence intended.