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Help using Discord, Please

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Fri, Aug 9 2019 11:46 AM by HackWilson1930. 2 replies.
  • Wilberforce369 United States
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    Tue, Aug 6 2019 5:58 PM

    We are trying to set up Discord. I have a server name, our club name. How do members f up nd and or link to this after they download?  Thanks to anyone who has info. Thx

    RobT Wilberforce369 Surreal Tees CC 

  • Doc58 United States
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    Fri, Aug 9 2019 7:36 AM

    One way is to right click on one of your channels,choose instant invite and copy it. Then paste it in a message to them, or post it on your forum. They are set to expire in 24 hrs unless you change that option. Just do it again to get another if it expires.

  • HackWilson1930 United States
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    Fri, Aug 9 2019 11:46 AM

    I find it is better to open Discord from their web site rather that downloading it to my computer.  There is also a mobile app that you can download to your device. 

    In order for someone to reach a server they need a Discord account. Once they have an account anyone on the server who has permissions  can send  them an invitation. At the top of the list of channels is a person icon with  a plus sign (+). Click on that icon to get an instant invite to post for other to link to the server.