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points for daily play

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Sun, Aug 4 2019 3:01 AM by Ausiepc. 0 replies.
  • Ausiepc Thailand
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    Sun, Aug 4 2019 3:01 AM

    This is the second or third this has append. I play daily,yesterday afternoon when i went to play  a second time the day counter showed that i had not played and I had played and I had so started a game. the day bonus card appeared, i clicked it and played on . I PLAYED AGAIN THIS MORNING,again clicking on the bonus, received  no bonus points, went back in this afternoon so as not to loose my bonus points, it was about 73 days only too find I had had returned to day one this fault has costs me thousands of points, please fix the same asap. I'm retired 79 and on a pension, can't  afford to buy balls or update to new clubs, would it be because of this the game has become more and more erratic. thank you Ausiepc.