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Just hit a hole in one to win a Match play!!!

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Mon, Jul 29 2019 2:01 PM by drmoose. 2 replies.
  • bneyla1 United States
    143 Posts
    Fri, Jul 26 2019 7:06 PM

    It was our 3rd extra hole, #3 at Bethpage. 220 yards, 10-12mph wind right to left. I hit my 220 3 iron with just a touch of backspin since that hole plays short all the time. The ball landed about 5-8 yards short of the hole and rolled right in for the win!!!! Best shot I ever hit for sure. The only sad part is the game ended while I was trying to save the replay and it gave me an error :(


    I emailed WGT, hopefully they can salvage my replay, if not, I'll have this forum post to remember my shot by haha


    It was awesome, I'm pumped and I had to tell someone, none of my friends play this game so I am telling all of you!!!!!

  • ScottHope United Kingdom
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    Sat, Jul 27 2019 12:12 AM

    Well played bneyla1. Keep checking the replay highlights page just in case your shot appears there (unlikely, but you never know).

  • drmoose United States
    3,339 Posts
    Mon, Jul 29 2019 2:01 PM

    bneyla1 done bnailed it ! Well done !

    Doc :)