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Cabo and Whistler

Wed, Jul 17 2019 10:38 AM by SeabrookFlash. 1 replies.
  • Wood4Woody United Kingdom
    679 Posts
    Wed, Jul 17 2019 8:14 AM

    Hello Team

    First I would like to start by saying that as Cabo and Whistler are for want of a better description " PRIVATE CLUBS ", I understand and appreciate the requirement of green fees to play.

    Ok, over my time in the game I have read 1000s of posts and had numerous conversations during multiplay rounds from players who would dearly love to play these courses, but with barely keeping their heads above water in the " normal " game the extra expense is pushing their ability to stay in the game.

    I also understand and appreciate that any change in format for these courses would require their permission.

    If these permissions were obtained, could your developer team come up with something along the lines of the following?

        In a world where Gift Cards are so profuse, and using the CC Pass as an example, could you come up with a similar item "SPECIFICALLY LINKED TO CABO AND WHISTLER " available for the same front 9, back 9 or full 18, which could be gifted to other players.

        As well as giving members a chance to play 2 dream courses, due to the exclusivity of these courses they would also make wonderful in house club tournament prizes.

        As the gifter would be purchasing the pass from their credits this I think should satisfy any sponsorship rules.

    May the GREAT GOD PUTT PUTT, bless you and help you in your deliberations.

    Many thanks

    Wood4Woody  ( Barry Oriley ) Director Majestic Mountain CC

  • SeabrookFlash United States
    441 Posts
    Wed, Jul 17 2019 10:38 AM