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Differing stated distances on irons

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Wed, Jul 17 2019 8:27 PM by el3n1. 3 replies.
  • bossbird France
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    Wed, Jul 17 2019 7:40 AM

    i think apparel doesn’t affect the distances in some kind of matches , but I am getting three different stated distances on my irons , one in club tournaments , and two different distances in coin rooms , despite no change to apparel or ball . 

    For example , just played five games in Chelsea , three games had one set of distances , and two games had different ones , and neither of those distances were the same as the club tournament distances ! 

    It has me slightly baffled as to why. 

    I only started to note down the distances today , so maybe there are even more distances going to show up in other matches ? Who knows !! 

  • el3n1 United States
    3,169 Posts
    Wed, Jul 17 2019 8:34 AM

    I believe this has been happening since sponsor apparel was released... I know it has been reported... but for whatever reason or glitch the apparel in coin matches will intermittently give different club yardages... sometimes the clubs will still play at the full yardage you earned while listing lower yardages... and other times your clubs in coin games will list the full yardage gained by your apparel but play as if you are using stock clubs... 

    It is intermittent but it can throw you off... most of the time things play as expected but i dont know what causes the changes... it is annoying though... i have just written down what i know they should be and stick with those.. there is nothing you can do if the clubs play off... it could be a mistake by me or something like VEM ... coin games seem particularly swingy ... anything can happen in one hole...

    What is aggravating me... is the increase of games locking up, timing out, or even shutting down... causing you to lose when you are ahead in your game.  Why is it, this doesnt happen while i am drafting messages to post in the forum?   If it is my device, i should observe this at other times, but it happens primarily when i am playing coin games and winning my match... it really looks like the opponent is triggering this somehow  intentionally or unintentionally but it happens far too often imho.

  • bossbird France
    601 Posts
    Wed, Jul 17 2019 8:39 AM

    I agree with you there , on all fronts. The way an opponent forfeits too is annoying, as if they don’t forfeit correctly, this results in you getting your coins , normally , but you lose the apparel box, and when you have maxed items this can often amount to a sizeable sum , well for me anyway ! 

  • el3n1 United States
    3,169 Posts
    Wed, Jul 17 2019 8:27 PM

    I have lost a number of times that i would have clearly won but the manner of the other person quitting ended up causing me to lose... 

    Another issue i thought was fixed but has also resurfaced... the hybrid replacing your lob wedge.  This occurred after an update in the past but there was no update in the middle of the afternoon / evening that i know of between the time i played on desktop and then on mobile for cdp round.  Yet despite my settings being correctly set for advanced option my clubs were swapped out.  So what wgt has advised to fix the issue was already set in my settings.  This seems to be some glitch like incorrect yardages for clubs.

    Wgt does updates are in the middle of the night for me... not during the day... then this happened on a coin game in bellagio... not a room you want to lose a wedge in. 

    The growing number of glitches on mobile is a major turnoff to me and it does give me better glimpse into frustrations expressed by mobile only players.