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Hole #8 Chambers Bay Paranormal Portal Possibles

Sat, Jul 6 2019 1:35 PM by YancyCan. 2 replies.
  • YancyCan United States
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    Sat, Jul 6 2019 12:51 PM

    This is not a duplicater or whatbnots. My previous avatar anxiety was also screen captured & posted below. Was ready to record the game play as these things were occuring over & overs. Now this on hole #8

    There be an active but dedicatable crew engaging an ongoing hunt for 2 of the hidden somewheres signs on the Chambers Bay & this could be why we havent found them on #9 or #8. Our infamous WGTmole, would not and has not ever failed to provide solid information re. hunts on the WGT & this unusual stuff on 8 & 9 might be the incidents needed to turn the corner on this mission and find the wooden signs on 8 & 9 to complete the set. The team has found and documented the signs from holes 1-7.

    The threads for the sign findins mission can be seen with link below. This will make sense once you visit that and read up on the mysteriums. Allegedly.

    Chambers Bay Paranormal Golf Paranormal Hole #8:

  • YankeeJim United States
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    Sat, Jul 6 2019 1:12 PM

    Dude, I met up with the Moose last year and learned about this. He officially inducted me into the SFTFEE club (Search For The F'n Easter Egg) and I was awash with anticipatory enthusiasm. 

    Well that didn't last long. Grid overlaid on the hole yielded a big fat NothingBurger and Mr. ADHD took over.

    Will be watching.  :-|

  • YancyCan United States
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    Sat, Jul 6 2019 1:35 PM

    Grid overlaid on the hole yielded a big fat NothingBurger

    Jim, good to see you friend. Agreed & such with your "NothingBurger" take on this. However, it is the nothingness of the burger that will allow for the revelationables to get to revealables on the wooden sign find that will finish with a surprise. I am not gonna just shout out "alien interference" but just sayin'

    This nothing will allow us to find the portal to the "EverythingBurger"
    Many say that I have been mad - absoluitely mad for years - but this mission was given to me and the team (what remains of it) by an Anon Tom who has leaked me informables about the previous things hiding about the WGT courses. The Bethpage Black Sasquatch, The Drunken Easter Bunny & Eggs on Pinehurst #2 as well as certain things I am not ready to talk about yet. A re-visit on that would induce anxiety & then them night tremors would set in again & I (my name is Yancy) would likely spend a few weeks back at "Serenity By The Sea" on the Oregon Coast.

    "Stay With Me Now"
    I am Yancy