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FireFox : login in

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Sun, Sep 22 2019 9:39 AM by pitchking1. 1 replies.
  • slicer0O7 Belgium
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    Wed, Jul 3 2019 11:35 PM

    Since this morning I can't login in FireFox (Quantum   SRE  60.7.2esr (64-bits)).

    It says "Invalid login".

    Now, I logged in in Chrome and everything is ok .... no problem.

    Please fix the bug (or suggest a solution) ... I used to play this game in FF, as I don't like Chrome ! 



  • pitchking1 Belgium
    348 Posts
    Sun, Sep 22 2019 9:39 AM


    I've had the same problem and the issue was : 'clock synchronisation'.

    Normally, my PC-clock is synchronized (via "settings" in Windows). But there was an error between this synchronisation and my Anti-Virus program. My clock (time/ date) was't correct anymore.

    Since this was fixed, all worked again perfect !!

    Hope this can help you and others.


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