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Andyson Memorial Tournament 2019 news

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Fri, Jun 28 2019 10:50 AM by overtheedge. 20 replies.
  • overtheedge United States
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    Fri, Jun 28 2019 10:50 AM




    If you can get both 18hole rounds in before cutoff I can work with that :)

    Do you know what the cutoff date will be?

    Nearly 5 months of retirement and I come here for a snoop around and spot this thread...…..

    Only Dennis could bring me back. 

    round 1 to start august first then round 2 1week later then a week off to set up eliminations (pick courses and random pick who advances)

    TY again Shed.

    4th Annual " andyson Memorial Tournament". He would be BLOWN AWAY!

    He was such a HUGE part if this community. All of us that had the pleasure to have met him and became friends with him over the years knows what a huge roll he played in this community.

    For anyone who didn't know Dennis, aka; andyson, go to his profile and you will get an idea what I'm talking about. He was a straight shooter, smart, and extremely knowledgeable of people and especially the people in this community,,lol.