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sweet spot

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Sat, Apr 27 2019 12:24 PM by lonniescott711. 4 replies.
  • cedriver United States
    1,012 Posts
    Fri, Apr 26 2019 2:42 PM

    The Callaway Rogue subzero 250 yd 3 wd has a nice sweet spot. When I tag it just right, it has a great sound and a great feel. Ya, I said great feel. Maybe it's from the sound. The sound is that of a perfect sweet spot. The only other WGT recollection that I have close to that right now is the starter hybrid sweet spot. Nice. The drivers are too clangy and the irons' sounds don't have the right pitch to give me the feel of a sweet spot.

    Anyway, maybe try the starter hybrid and, if you have it, notice the feel of the subzero when you tag it good. I'm hopin you keep 'em around for just that purpose. No finer feel in golf.

  • alosso Germany
    19,814 Posts
    Fri, Apr 26 2019 3:04 PM

    Pardon me - a feel in WGT golf???

    It's all about moving the mouse and clicking it's left tab - the feeling may come from the mouse characteristics but not from virtual clubs' artificial "hit" sounds. IMHO.

    Other than that, the Starter hybrid is the third to ditch, right after the wedges!

  • cedriver United States
    1,012 Posts
    Sat, Apr 27 2019 6:26 AM

    So, I take it that you are not going to partake of the pleasure from my particular perspective. 

  • alosso Germany
    19,814 Posts
    Sat, Apr 27 2019 11:52 AM

    IBTD: I don't partake in your particular perspective.

    The game's pleasures ain't lost on me: Shots that I can't deliver in real, phantastic photos of courses where I will never be.

    The closest I came to them was a Sunday stroll on STA + Swilcan Bridge
    and the Pro Shop of RSG ;)

  • lonniescott711 United States
    4,061 Posts
    Sat, Apr 27 2019 12:24 PM


    So, I take it that you are not going to partake of the pleasure from my particular perspective. 

    Sorry for bursting your bubble . But your current perspective about this particular 3 wood will change in the future . Ive had that club as well as the last 3 previous ones as well . In time the sweet spot will change and get smaller . This will cause your shots to become some what erratic as well as frustrating .

    When you start seeing your shots come off the club face at 11 - 1 o`clock then you will sing a different tune . When using the rock the game will deviate the club to the distance of the 3i when you least expect it . There are some good wtf shots just around the corner waiting for you .

    So finally when I got sick and tired of it I got rid of it . During the Masters free rental I went and purchased the L86+ 3 wood which is way better . I get 250 + yards with the rock plus a true high trajectory club also . Even though the stats say 242 yards its way better than the stats show .

     . At the same time I do understand about your feeling the club . I can feel my clubs as well . Its hard to explain but if you play by feel the game plays very differently . To me those who play by feel are more in tune to the game .