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The US Open 2019.

Wed, May 15 2019 7:19 AM by kavvz. 1 replies.
  • goldeena Thailand
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    Wed, Apr 24 2019 10:53 AM

    You know this is the big one, my close friends know how much qualification means to me - Laffer certainly knows the work I have put in since last years 57 at the virtual amateur.


    Golf - it's something I always had a distant interest in, it all started in 2012 when we moved in to our happy little shack in North East Thailand here. I have been on and off with the game and honestly didn't know anything about it.

    But the years have gone past and you know Laffer is the most advanced WGT predictor that has ever been built, it's a semi-hyper predictor in truth, it misses the statistical treatment of the lat wind - but Laffer is still not enough.


    You have to know the prediction power and how it compares to the stated yardage of the club to have an idea of its landing point and roll. Then you have to know the landing conditions and how that will affect the roll e.t.c.....e.t.c....e.t.c....


    I have been working hard outside Laffer to understand what I consider to be the greatest challenge in physics...


    Ruined and hijacked by idiots and snobs to my mind, well everyone apart from my heroes of quantum mechanics is an idiot you know, my intellect is stunning as I have discovered building Laffer. But I know a 55 is on the table at Pebble Beach - if I got a 57 last year at the VUSO at Pebble this should be a formality.


    And if not?


    I still intend to continue afterwards because it is the only thing that can stop my drinking habit, it doesn't usually but when things get serious, when Peter buys you the level 98 clubs, when Kenher is shouting in your ear to play more, when Don is calling Laffer a work of art....if you can't motivate yourself off the bottle than that you are George Best, lololos.


    Of course I want to see Peter win it, but i also want to see Ken get in the finals - and I want to see how far Donny can go this year. Apart from myself these are the people I want to see triumph.


    Good luck to everyone in the upcoming US Open - it's when the big girls and boys suddenly 'show up' with big muscles and I want to be a big girl this year.




    X one for peter

    X one for Ken

    X and one for Donny


    ...and lonniescott, and anyone else I missed who likes me.



    you too big boy, happy you accepted my friendship, good luck in the big one


  • kavvz Canada
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    Wed, May 15 2019 7:19 AM

    Good luck deena.