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the last hold-outs

Wed, Apr 24 2019 3:18 AM by cedriver. 0 replies.
  • cedriver United States
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    Wed, Apr 24 2019 3:18 AM

    It can seem to some that WGT held onto faster meters on better clubs in order to sell meter balls (nearly all balls have slower meters). That's a good marketing ploy in the material world. But I'm sure that WGT found that we are going to buy meter balls anyway. Whatever the real reason (the 1st sentence was just me trying to sound intelligent and fooling no-one), we still have two hold-outs on the fast meter scene: the pro Rogue irons 4.0 meter and the RTX-2.0 3.5 meter. But we can hope that the next high precision irons will have a 4.5 meter and if the RTX-4.0 wedges come, that they'll have at least a 4.0 meter if not a 4.5 meter. Wish us luck and good relations with WGT.