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Thu, May 23 2019 5:35 AM by Rick6208. 17 replies.
  • Rick6208 Canada
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    Wed, Apr 3 2019 2:27 PM

    Hello the TORONTO LEAFS FANS (TLF) Just Celebrated our 2nd year on WGT !  

    we had our 2nd Anniversary LEAFS MASTERS Tourney , with 2 Levels of Play, 2000 credits added to the Purse of each Level, Prizes donated by our Members,( Balls , Drivers, set of irons, 1500 spending spree for each level, Putter, etc) a Green Jacket logo for the Winner of each Level and a TROPHY sent to the Winner of each Level of play !  We had a 80% turn out by our members!


    Were not a TOP 10 club yet, BUT were in the TOP 20 in Turf Wars and Club Clashes !

    You don't have to be a LEAF FAN to join ! we have members from ALL OVER THE WORLD and some have only seen ICE in their drinks!

    We are mostly a Mobile App Club BUT we do have PC PLAYERS and they seem to like it because they have been with the Club for a while now !

    Thank You for reading this Post and I hope you join the TORONTO LEAF FANS !

  • STOKELY01 Canada
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    Wed, Apr 3 2019 3:54 PM

    I joined a year ago and the group of guys/gals in this club are A1 !!  Not only is this club fun, they provide a ton of tournaments for all levels of players.  Personally, I love the postings in our Club's forums as the higher tiered players offer tips/strategies to help improve your game thus benefiting your game, leveling up, turf wars, AND the Club's success.  Hats off to the Clubs Founder (Rick) and his team of Directors that keep this club tight knit, friendly and fun!!

  • Alain760 France
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    Wed, Apr 3 2019 11:56 PM

    2 years and a great adventure, i join this Club a 18 months ago and i was a Tour pro level and now i am Tour champion thanks to a great frienship inside the club.

    The multiple tourneys of all kind, bracket, stroke-play, ctth, ryder cup style and so on bring fun competition for all tier not only for elites players.

    The sharing of tips and knowledge will make you better in the game but most important the frienship and fun in the club will bring you pleasure to be part of a great team WITHOUT PRESSURE JUST FUN, in the respect of fair and honesty.

    Come and join we are waiting for you

  • Rick6208 Canada
    638 Posts
    Sat, Apr 6 2019 6:55 AM

    CLUB CLASH #96  Our Club went 11 WINS & 0 Losses ! We finished in 13th position out of Thousands of Clubs on WGT ! 

    I Think were doing something Right !

  • Brocker71 Canada
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    Sun, Apr 7 2019 7:01 AM

    Hey Everyone who reads this post, If you want to join a fun club then this club is for you!! If your just joining a club to get the free shot pal and putter pal then this or really any club isn’t for you. The true club experience is to want to meet and chat with new people. This not only gives you the full club experience and further enjoyment of the game, but we offer our members a ton of tips to better your game, but if your not on chat then you will miss were to get the tips or any tips on the fly. Plus it’s a lot more fun and a feeling of belonging to a true club to chat. 

    We are a top 20 club in club clashes and Turf Wars, all we ask is that you use your free passes to help the club in these events you will never be pressured to spend money. And that’s why we aren’t top 3 because those clubs pressure you into buying a lot of passes. We will never. We are about having fun, and hey we get the same prize as the top 4 team without the stress 😁. Plus we aren’t just looking for champions, but anyone who what’s to have fun, and be in a great club, but again we encourage those that want to join to really want to get the full club experience because it will make the game a lot more fun. 

    We have a multiple tournaments each week so you have a great chance of winning free gold credits, improve or at least get practice for club clashes. We have major tournaments too, we just had our 2nd anniversary Leafs master tournament, it’s broken down into 2 levels tour masters and above, and masters and below so that every one gets a chance to win, there was 2000 gold credits in each flight, plus a ton of members donate drivers, Iron sets, wedges, putters, and balls.

    As you can see this club is all about team work, improving your game, and improving your overall experience. So if this sounds like something for you then come join us.


  • Rick6208 Canada
    638 Posts
    Sat, Apr 20 2019 6:01 AM

    11 & 0 in the last CLUB CLASH !  and 110 WINS & 7 losses so far in 2019 and only getting better !

  • Alain760 France
    206 Posts
    Tue, Apr 23 2019 7:03 AM

  • Alain760 France
    206 Posts
    Tue, Apr 23 2019 7:08 AM

    Here are the trophies you can win in our big tourneys

  • Tigerpaw509 United States
    1,030 Posts
    Tue, Apr 23 2019 9:10 AM

    Can Chicago BlackHawk  fans join?

  • Alain760 France
    206 Posts
    Tue, Apr 23 2019 9:19 AM

    haha good question, let me think one second, yes of course lol, we are at first fans of golf but also fans of hockey.

    and fans of fun, so we would be happy to welcome you.