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Clash... Time for a change

Thu, May 7 2020 8:37 AM by Robert1893. 43 replies.
  • EasyEdward United States
    12,511 Posts
    Sun, Mar 24 2019 4:50 PM

    This is to the WGT..

    I would suggest that you send this directly to either a WGT moderator as a PM or Wall Post or even to Customer Service.

    Reason is simple - a moderator or any other representative of WGT has never replied to anything that I recall in CC Corner Forum for at least the last 3 years. 6 Years ago yes they did - today never.

    That leads me to believe they read nothing here and therefore could care less about what is said here.

  • Dave33200 United States
    1,298 Posts
    Sun, Mar 24 2019 7:54 PM


    I agree with you Ken. The clashes are getting to be a PITA to play.


    I have been with a few CC’s which some were clash clubs & others were not, but I have heard the people complain about the same thing regardless which club I was in. It’s just no fun when we have 20+ MPH winds so many don’t play.


    I know in my real golf game I do not play if the wind is in the 20+ mph. I just stay home and do something else. The same is true for many of the majority of the WGT members here. If the winds are just too strong, they just do something else.  


    The top clash clubs will always play regardless of the conditions, however WGT would get a lot more players to participate if the conditions weren’t so bad, and would also give the top clubs a bit more competition as there would be more clubs with more members playing in the clash.


  • jimreser United States
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    Mon, Mar 25 2019 2:55 AM

    High wind speed is very unfair.  Not because wind is not part of the game but because it is random here in WGT land.


    2 players playing at the same time get completely different wind conditions....WGT has random wind settings

    If WGT could make the wind the same for everyone during the same event then fine make wind speeds anything but if they cannot then winds should be minimal 

  • HackWilson1930 United States
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    Mon, Mar 25 2019 5:50 AM

    Folks, get real. WGT started the clashes almost 4 years ago. Not long after they started there were forum posts about the fairness as well as the rewards. Very little has changed since then other than The Georgian having a membership meltdown. WGT has done some minor tweaking but that is it.

    As far as people not playing, where does this information come from? WGT is not transparent. They do not give out information about how many members take part in any of the clashes. They don't even reveal how many active accounts exist. Looking at the WGT Players list it can be quickly discerned that many people start accounts but don't play very long before quitting. 

    Many WGT members threaten to stop playing or stop making purchases. These members fail to realize that the WGT relies on advertising for its revenue. As WGT players we don't even know how much profit, if  any, goes upstream to Topgolf.  Yet some members seem to think WGT is concerned enough to listen to their complaints and then take action. Don't count on it but be wildly happy if some changes do take place in the clash format.

  • Cleworthy United States
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    Mon, Mar 25 2019 5:52 AM

    I had this idea that Clashes could be in the form of a Bracket challenge. Put clubs with similar ranks against each other. For each side WGT randomly selects 8 members, the club owner or a director picks the other 8 players. Format would be a speed bracket - 30 minutes per round. Clash madness!

  • Robert1893 United States
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    Mon, Mar 25 2019 8:00 AM

    High wind speed is very unfair.  Not because wind is not part of the game but because it is random here in WGT land. 

    2 players playing at the same time get completely different wind conditions....WGT has random wind settings

    If WGT could make the wind the same for everyone during the same event then fine make wind speeds anything but if they cannot then winds should be minimal

    If it were a single-play tournament with individuals winning or losing, I would agree. But since clubs have multiple people playing and individuals can play multiple rounds, I think the wind effect tends to even itself out in the long run. I really think it's a "no harm/no foul" situation. 

    While I think high-wind conditions for clashes make no sense, I don't think there's a fairness issue at all. Even if there is, that's the least of the problems with the clash events. 


  • MaudC Netherlands
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    Thu, Jul 11 2019 3:32 AM

    I agree, wind is totally random and a lottery. Not the same for everyone. No fun playing like this. Make it playable and fun for all levels

  • JDGHOST United States
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    Thu, Jul 11 2019 10:00 AM

    The CC passes you win just aren't of much value as you cannot hang onto them for when they can be best used; as in a turf war or the next clash.  As long as you have any CC passes in your possession you won't see another every 12 hour free one until you're at 0 again.

    COURSE BUILDERS maybe I need this one explained to me; I see very little value in these.  I heard using these in a way to benefit your country club (in XP) was a glitch that WGT solved recently.  Only thing I'm certain of, but could still be wrong, tournaments built with course builders don't count as RANKED ROUNDS to those who play them.  if that is the case and there's no XP value to the country club...why bother.    



    The whole rewards thing makes "0" sense to me.......we finish around 30th to 50th every week and its the same as finishing 10th or even 4th!!

    I cant get my members to push harder or play more there is nothing (in their mind) to play for?? Why would a regular member spend more money on passes and burn up their balls just to what??....Hope to get back 4 or 5 passes which don't really benefit them it just helps the club acquire more XP's They could care less about course builders ....I think I have around 55 of them  now? 

    Cmon WGT give a sleeve of level 11 Srixon's  to top 20 or 30 or 40 even and do away with 4 passes( the cost would be about the same) It would only Benefit WGT..... A player that thinks their getting even 1 sleeve would try harder(and spend more money) Than if they were playing for 4 passes.....


  • GrahamB2014 United Kingdom
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    Thu, Jul 11 2019 1:27 PM

    Just a question mainly directed to WGT

    How will setting hard conditions, heavy 30MPH average winds on difficult courses like Chambers Bay on Tounament 12 greens encourage new players to play and continue to play in the clash?

    If I were a new player playing my first clash today and I played in these conditions I would never want to play in it again.

    WGT need to consider how to encourage new players to participate and these conditions are not the way.

  • rjteeithi United States
    494 Posts
    Thu, Jul 11 2019 3:23 PM




    The green speeds should be representative of the entire game and personally I think they don't go down far enough - I would like to see high winds and slow / standard greens for example, players who have advanced to Legend onward should be able to play any green speed if they advanced properly and didn't seek fast-tracking approaches. And as for high wind - love it!! Why would you burn out?? Just means you don't enjoy the game enough - find something else to do if the challenge of high winds burns you out.


    The prize structure suits us dandy too - you get a course-builder down to 500th place, this gives every club the opportunity to get one and have a custom course tournament running.


    If you don't enjoy the clashes don't play them - they are the highlight of every fortnight for me, less clubs involved - easier for us :-)


    Keep it as it is WGT, it's just fine.


    Kipdog is right too - none of you people seem to understand what the clashes are all about, you are so typical of solitary self-centred golfers who have no understanding of playing for a team and the rewards that in itself brings.

    Its all about you isn't it - and the CC's suffer the consequences of that - no one gets in to the team festive spirit, I am literally the only one in this entire place who finds the team aspect of the clashes reward in itself and I am the only one who does a running clash report.

    Deary deary me you do represent some of the bleakest people you know - the deadest souls walking, the living dead!!



    Do you - do you find my comments comical?

    Yeah - because you just wanna hit off-ding and play BPB in low wind and Championship 13 don't you - because it suits YOU - what about the rest of the club?? and you don't wanna move the marker or do any thinking do you, nahh course managements too much for us we just want to mindlessly click the mouse and putt on the only green speed we can play on - he only plays champ13/14 - why don't you try Online Karaoke or something like that.. 


    I find you comical, a 1 trick pony tour chumpion who can't play the game any other way doesn't like it - blocked for life Kenbo00

    carry on.