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2 peanuts

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Sat, Mar 23 2019 3:25 PM by gherkinhead1. 11 replies.
  • gherkinhead1 Australia
    196 Posts
    Sat, Mar 23 2019 3:25 PM



    2 peanuts walking down the street,  one was assaulted...

    and the other sneezed........cashew!

    ha ha,  nice one Doc


  • callaghan159 Canada
    4,459 Posts
    Sun, Mar 24 2019 1:38 AM


    Two women were walking down the street. One nudges the other and says, 
    "There's my husband coming out of the florist's with a dozen roses. Damn!! 
    That means I'll have to keep my legs up in the air for three days!" 
    "Well, why don't you get a vase?"

    Now that's just 2 funny. HAHAHA