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New clubs / new driver

Wed, Feb 13 2019 12:25 AM by ralemb. 13 replies.
  • HackWilson1930 United States
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    Tue, Feb 12 2019 10:55 AM

    One thing that you must do to get to higher levels is to play every day, even if it is just one hole or a 3 hole coin game. Miss a day and you lose the consecutive day bonus. It is a grind, but find a time that you can log on every day and make sure you play something.

  • middbrew United States
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    Tue, Feb 12 2019 12:01 PM

    If you think you want to get other clubs I'd definitely start with the putter  The one I suggested will serve you well until you reach level 98. Then you can look at the Odyssey putter. 

    I would then look for a good set of irons. Get the ones with high loft. It makes it easier to land on the greens. Same thing with the driver. High loft will get you over some of those pesky trees. 


  • el3n1 United States
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    Tue, Feb 12 2019 1:52 PM

    every one progresses and approaches the game differently but I would say keep working on your game and save up those credits... overhauling your bag can get expensive doing it over and over again...

    playing from the Tour pro tees and even off the Master tees when promoted... you still have very playable sticks that you could use to reach legend tier.

    there is nothing wrong with your current driver unless the meter is too fast for you... getting a better or longer driver off the shorter tees will only challenge your short game if you are missing fairways... and if you are not controlling your approach shots then it doesn't matter how far you hit it... you still are not giving yourself enough looks at birdie...

    I don't know why so many think driver is the first purchase or even first upgrade to consider... how many drivers are you throwing to 10 feet onto a green?  

    Your irons and your wedges get you close to the pin far more than any other club in your bag!  

    Consider this...  you appear to be hitting over 80% of the fairways... but look at these numbers..... now which do you think would help you the most?  hitting more fairways or hitting more greens in regulation and lowering your distance to the pin?

    Green in Regulation       65.66%
    Avg. Distance to Pin 19 Ft.

  • ralemb Germany
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    Wed, Feb 13 2019 12:25 AM

    Hi and thanks again :)


    this is why i asked what to buy to not buy again - so i´d rather buy only one club / putter etc. but this is "forever" but more expensive instead of 3 new things which don´t last long.


    another thing is really how to reach a new tier, what is the sense behind (i have only more distance from a new tee box) and how to get it is really to play an easy course like kiawah back nine and only finish it if your score is sufficient...