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Mobile - Will It Ever Be Big?

Fri, Mar 15 2019 3:50 PM by BogeyOne. 28 replies.
  • Jimbog1964 Guernsey
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    Mon, Jan 14 2019 8:02 PM


    We're not taking the PC platform away at all. 

    And mobile is already big. But we fully understand that our players have preferences and some certainly prefer the PC game. 

    No matter how you enjoy WGT, the game isn't going away. 


    Don mentioned Bluestacks - Have you done any testing with emulators.  I guess you simply do not support it, but any plans?

    Like many I know I need a phone.....I also need a windows machine (mobile versions good enough for work these days for me).  As I understand it tablet sales are down and I can understand that as who needs one!..........

    maybe I am just behind :).......I have an older laptop and an ultraportable surface thing and a phone.

    For me phones are for making phone calls - call me old fashioned but only just this morning I was having my usual hell trying to copy over photos and vids from my partners dreaded i-phone - in the end I just had to take the damn storage card out and do it the direct way - but was thinking phones and PC's just don't get on do they, but at least PC's don't control every facet of my life - I will take a PC absolutely any day thanks, I guess it stands out more where I live, you probably don't even notice it but I thought puttinga compilation together of people on their phones in their everyday lives.... to this old 60's spinner.....

    Separate but FWIW I like taking vids and pics.  Somewhere in the very last couple of years I think phones finally came of age.  They are not replacing high class glass in a larger sensor camera as far as the eye can see, but anything below that and for people who don't know what an exposure triangle is they are super snappers now.

    I let all my stuff go to Google Pics, and it's just there (apple have similar). Easy to share and so on from that cloud gallery..............Now if you are actually editing (and usually not what I do with phone pics) Google do not reduce resolution per their language (understand it fully), BUT they do mash the rest of the photo (with their compression).  Most people do not even realise as the only look at them on a screen, and incredibly still think more pixels is they only measure.......

    I find it easier doing it that way than cards in and out, so just thought would mention of it helps.


    Nice song BTW 

    EDIT: Thanks for the thoughts all

  • goldeena Thailand
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    Mon, Jan 14 2019 9:13 PM

    Aye, I don't doubt that - but you still can't beat a proper little snapper with 12MPixels and a 'proper' flash :-)


    I got one in Pattaya last year, it stays in it's case at all times with the battery removed - that thing gets better taken care of than the Queens Corgis, lols - you just can't get your hands on a portable camera these days.....same with the basic phone, she has one for business and I insist it remains the number 1 phone for business because you don't have to charge it for 5 or 6 days at a time and nobody is going to steal it on the market, might have to buy another one before they become obsolete, thanks for the indirect reminder and yeah the song - before even my time though lololos



  • SidersBest United States
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    Tue, Jan 15 2019 5:41 AM

    Mobile is my go to when I can't make it to my PC or WIFI and need to play to keep my CDP going.

    It also let me collect video credits [phone and emulater] . I perfer PC but I've also had some low rounds on my mobile devices. It also gives me an extra free weekly tourney to play.


    Siders Best

  • DonCaron United States
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    Tue, Jan 15 2019 8:46 AM

    The great thing about using bluestacks is you get to use your mouse. I have trouble gauging the meter as the shot pal is different.

    Might need Vgg Caddy for that

  • Jimbog1964 Guernsey
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    Thu, Jan 17 2019 8:29 AM

    I must try Bluestacks.............I did download it once and left it.  Be interesting to see how that plays.

    I did again log into WGT on my phone.  Not done so for an age and never really looked hard anyway before, and never spent long this time.

    Say never spent long:

    To get anywhere I got spins, stuff such as a hat with powers? asked to scratch..............probably all seems smooth after a while..........

    I did set up a tourney (think I did as not checked yet LOL).  I could not see anywhere where it allowed tier selection (mobile remember). 

    Whilst not an issue for me I was wondering.  Anyone?

  • borntobesting United States
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    Thu, Jan 17 2019 10:45 AM

    I must try Bluestacks.............I did download it once and left it.  Be interesting to see how that plays.

    Unless you have a lot of memory it plays like crap. The meter stutters so badly on my 4 GB PC that it is virtually unplayable. When I played it on my 8 GB PC before the video card crashed it played very well. 

    As for tourneys best to set them up on A computer. As long as you don't specify uneven lies mobile players can play in any tourney set up on a computer. 

  • DonCaron United States
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    Fri, Jan 18 2019 1:08 AM

    Some CTTH courses are not available on Mobile also. So be aware.

  • Jimbog1964 Guernsey
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    Fri, Jan 18 2019 3:09 AM


    Can you select which tiers are eligible to play if setting up a tourney on a mobile device??

    I could not see it as an option, but accept could have just missed that.

  • HalHoff United States
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    Fri, Jan 18 2019 6:13 AM

    There are less options creating tourneys from the mobile game itself. If you instead access the website on through safari on your mobile device, you can select tiers, random tees etc. 

    Cabo and Whistler also not available to play on mobile....although some holes randomly show up on H2H coin games.

  • Jimbog1964 Guernsey
    8,350 Posts
    Fri, Jan 18 2019 6:49 AM


    Shows how often I have opened the mobile android app, which I should have specified is the only part the question was over.

    Something that could come up in the CC I guess, and nice to now know.