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Tue, Jul 2 2019 9:56 PM by K7JBQ. 32 replies.
  • futtocks12345 United Kingdom
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    Sun, Jan 13 2019 2:57 PM


    -  so back to the thread again - so w gee tee could address the imbalance by upping the very top levels forward a bit ... could it not ?

    Then there could be more inter-mixing instead of the fairly stone-walled grade elitism that currently is practised & clearly stated by yourself in what you say...

    The game is anyway (very realistic looking & "feel") ... but not realistic in the sense that a twitch of the finger is enough to do what highly talented physical real players do with years of hard practice, and gr8 mind / body coordination and fitness etc. (barring a few strange exceptions).

  • lonniescott711 United States
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    Mon, Jan 14 2019 8:39 AM

    so w gee tee could address the imbalance by upping the very top levels forward a bit ... could it not

    Yes they could move the clubs up a few levels but that wont solve the problem .  Its getting them to make the higher end clubs tier based thats the problem . It could be done but its the money factor for WGT . They dont care about players who sand bag they will make money off of them . The same is true for the multi accounters as well they will make money off of them .

    There are enough clubs L80+ and below that all clubs L90+ and above could be tier based . As for the inter mixing of the tiers its not due to elitism . Its due to lack of trust between the tiers due to the dishonest practices that go on . There are also other reasons as well which none of us have even addressed as of yet .

    The game can be realistic only to a certain point . Some players want the game to be more difficult . But its to make it harder on the better players who play . But if it were done those same players who want the change wouldnt play . Every aspect of the rela game cant be incorporated into the game .

    There`s a new game accessory that you can buy and swing it like a real club . Not sure what the results will be when using it . But you can bet if it gives more realistic results of a real club , then the game will be playing harder .

    Me I like no love the finger twitch application . Being able to play better than the worlds best doesnt bother me at all . Especially when I can do it using only one finger . lol :-)  Play well and have fun .

  • DAZZA501 United Kingdom
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    Wed, Jan 16 2019 12:56 PM
    All clubs used to be tier based years ago and then Wgt made them level based. There's no way they would change back.
  • borntobesting United States
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    Thu, Jan 17 2019 10:38 AM

    Wonder what the chances are of getting the new Cobra F9 Speedback driver for us high level players.At least 1 or 2 reviewers and testers have said that it is the driver to beat in 2019. So far the highest level Cobra driver was the level 63 F8+ rated at  only 267 yards. 

    I have played Cobra woods IRL for almost 15 years so it would be nice to have them in the 100+ levels. 

  • futtocks12345 United Kingdom
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    Sat, Jan 19 2019 3:30 AM

    Just as an example on distances - if normal pro golf club testers doing independentgolf reviews  can hit a Callaway 3W Sub zero to 260 yds in normal flat, no wind conditions, I believe that some room for the top tiers to go a bit longer exists, surely. Similarly Callaway Driver Subzero or Cobra F9 going 300yds nominal for them & TM M1 very close behind.

    Appears to be WIN-WIN for wgt and players - but it MUST be tier based not just time served level.  Struggle to know what the resistance of anyone is here in wgt - players get an incentive to go to higher level; wgt get an extra round of club buying, the tee distance advantage for tour pro over legend/champ gets re-balanced -  might need to stock up the pro shop for the rush on them of course, lol....

    It has nothing to do with pitch (drive) and putt fears - many do that already in Pro and Master levels depending on wind. - & like the real world.

    BUT - would all need programming in to the game of course - perhaps all newer stuff might anyway only go into mobile version for tablets, smartphone etc & not flashplayer on laptop/pc 

    - then we'll all have to switch over and run smartphone app. emulators on laptop / pc   etc.  ... & one day we'll all just be holograms of our former selves, then later just internet wandering electrical or light-photon impulses so we could actually be inside the virtual game; then beyond into pure thought existence .. think I'm digressing... & theme was in several films & TV series already

  • Robert1893 United States
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    Sat, Jan 19 2019 5:53 PM


    First, I seriously doubt WGT would ever go back to tier-based clubs.

    Second, I don't know what there is to struggle about. Some of us simply think drivers with more distance are not needed. 

    Sure, they would be nice to have. But there's no legitimate reason for them. 

  • DoctorLarry United States
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    Sat, Jan 19 2019 7:26 PM

    Some of us simply think drivers with more distance are not needed. 

    I mean, if you want your drives to end up closer to the hole.....hit from the red tees!!

  • futtocks12345 United Kingdom
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    Sun, Jan 20 2019 3:17 AM

    @DoctorLarry  - It is not about red tees or me wanting closer to hole or anything akin to that, - imho that's well off the track from my point I made:-

    I pointed out I was talking about balance of the levels - hence I said we should be on SHORTER not longer drivers at lower level - but as that would be probably not feasible - then longer ones available only for higher TIER/RANK...

    I'm still (just) a TourPro, so I am "happy as Larry"  how it is - I was thinking of the partly sulky & whingeing colleagues at higher levels, some of whom will not play vs Tour Pros due tee shot disadvantage (return of revisit of the revenge of the recurrence of that circular discussion).


  • DoctorLarry United States
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    Sun, Jan 20 2019 7:06 PM


    @DoctorLarry  - It is not about red tees or me wanting closer to hole or anything akin to that, - imho that's well off the track from my point I made:-



    Sorry - I was joking with Robert.

  • jw1k United States
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    Wed, Jan 30 2019 1:59 AM

    Alt-Shot is the only rounds more distance with driver would be useful. I’ve played random ones without selecting tier requirements. End up with Tour Pro’s and Masters. If you do this as a Legend-Tour Champion, 98% of the time you’ll be grouped with the player with the highest average (assuming none of them know each other. 


    Plenty of holes I’ll drive, and partner still won’t have enough club to get to the green. THE TRADE OFF IS, I’m going to have a wedge in hand. More times than not, it’ll be inside a 33 pitch still. At this point I’m going to put it close enough 97% of the time that my partner would have to miss on purpose for us not to at least par the hole


    Yes, PAR THE HOLE. Because in this particular Alt-Shot match I’m imagining, par is plenty enough. Why is it enough? Because since I’m a TL, I just put my opponents (a tour pro and master we will say) on champ 13 greens. 


    Just my opinion, but it all averages out. 


    You could shorten driver distance, and your really good players are still going to excel. As it stands there’s maybe a 1/2 dozen par 4’s that in the correct heavy wind circumstances can’t be reached. But so long as a top tier player has inside 250yds to the green, there still going to score well. Most even pitch well enough they don’t even need to reach the green. Inside 25yds and they expect to make it.