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Southern England Links

Thu, Sep 26 2019 3:34 AM by binkybaxter1. 57 replies.
  • Stobsbee United Kingdom
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    Tue, Apr 2 2019 5:52 PM



  • Lutjanid Australia
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    Thu, Apr 4 2019 2:46 PM

    Always room at SEL for every type of player. From the daily addicted to the once a week strollers. From Tournament grinders to social hits and giggles. SEL has a place for everyone.

  • Stobsbee United Kingdom
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    Sun, Apr 28 2019 1:47 PM

  • gordonparker United Kingdom
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    Mon, May 6 2019 2:37 PM

    Come join this fantastic club. Plenty of club competitions and huge prizes

  • bubbsboy United Kingdom
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    Mon, May 6 2019 3:56 PM

    Not just a top club for WGT golfing tournaments.

    Theres been quite a few times recently when support has been needed due to real life crisis, and this club does support really well.


  • bubbsboy United Kingdom
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    Thu, May 9 2019 12:22 PM

    Our relief fund team are so generous here.

    Awarding folk with new equipment and balls .

    Its a secret society who have a message group set up on our proboards site, so secret that even i dont know who all the members are ;-).

    At the start of each month the gifts are sent.

    I cant begin to guess how many credits have been spent on folk but it will be into the many thousands.

    Along with sponsorships of our many events then this generosity makes this club one of the friendliest and you would ever know.

  • bubbsboy United Kingdom
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    Sat, May 18 2019 12:51 PM

    Lots of matchplay events here if you fancy folks.

    All tournaments are on our proboards site and we have some class discussions before and after our games on there.

    We have live chatbox as well to arrange alt shots etc or just to crack on 

    We have a very good Inter team of around 50 you dont have to just sit and play on your own........we have it all.

  • RANGER1988 United States
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    Mon, May 27 2019 9:45 AM

    Southern England Link's has many opening's available for Membership, we only have 2 requests: that your an active player within the Club, and if you decide to take a break from the game, that you just courteously inform us of your absence. 

    We do not just remove players, for the heck of it, but we do remove players for in-activity after a period of time, as most other competitive Club's do.

    Within our private Club Forum, we have a special place in our chat-box where players gather to set up friendly matches and just to visit and chat with each other, it's one of our biggest high lights for communication. We also have our very own radio station, where our very own Paul (stobsbee) is our host DJ, we have general sections with Birthday notification's and wishes, ran by Alan (ascouriers) and our Professional Cake designer John (jgr123), and our very own newspaper updates with Tier up News ran by Rich (Dougal7)!

    Southern England Link's has every type of game that any WGT'er could possibly wish for, from our League Play operated by Rob (DoubleEagleRob), Dotty (TdotDoba), & Rich (Dougal7), each of our League games are tied to our Monthly Cup Tournament's hosted by Nico (Nicozandberg), as well as our very own CTTH League each Month ran by Gerald (Geraldroos), In addition to the above we also have a Premium Tournament section that is full of a wide variety of different Competition's for a low credit fee ran by Pete (Bluey403), as well as our Quarterly Order of Merit Championship which is a series of weekly Tournament's spread over a 3 Month period of time hosted by Gerald (Geraldroos), and Paul (PaulBurtner).

    Amid everything that you have seen so far we have Members that run their own Tournament's: The Selex Championship, a series of Event's including: The Survivor, Magnificent 7, and Aces High hosted by Darren (bubbsboy), as well as our very own in Club Weekly Brackets hosted by Terry (Terwyl1).

    Along with a few of our Members hosting their own Fun Tournament's, hosted by Binky (binkybaxter1), Friedel (Ostfriedel) Jess (JessicaHill21), and Mark (Grace07), in which you can win some Credits and sleeves of balls for playing!

    If CC VS CC is your tick, then come join our Inter CC Team led by Pip (Pipala), 50 plus Member strong activity, we have had the pleasure of playing some absolute brilliant CC's along the way and had an excellent experience with them and making new friend's along the way!

    Now I can promise you that your great round's and successes do not and will not ever go unnoticed, because here at SEL we have a special group of Members that award you each month for them. We call them our Award's Team, they are Dotty (TdotDoba), Rob (DoubleEagleRob), CJ (cjadams28), and Kat (Justripit1), along with your Hole-In-One's and Ready Go's successes which are updated on our Forum each Month by Danny (xxDannyxxo)!

    As Bubb's and others have said above, our Relief Team is among the best, always committing to the need of our great Members when needed!

    As you can see, there is so much activity that goes into the Operation of Southern England Link's, and without the dedication of our Members and our Brilliant Management Team, none of this would be possible! You are all the very best!

    So if you currently find yourself without a place to call Home, or your bored and looking for something more, Wall post me or one of our Club Director's with your interest!


    Topper (RANGER1988)


  • amateur4sure United Kingdom
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    Mon, May 27 2019 1:06 PM

    WOW not much that I can add to those accolades other than to say they are all true..!!!

  • carlosdev India
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    Mon, May 27 2019 11:19 PM


    Those are some top notch dream stuffs for whoever is looking for a new CC !! 

    Keep going ahead SEL !! Congrats ! 

    - Carl