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Thu, Sep 26 2019 3:34 AM by binkybaxter1. 57 replies.
  • bubbsboy United Kingdom
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    Tue, Jan 1 2019 5:20 AM


    We are a well established club and would like to reach out to any new members.

    We run strokeplay leagues and cups, Order of Merit, CTTH leagues and cups and also a version of the FEDEX cup, namely SELEX cup.

    The above is far from all we do as we have a lot of in house matchplay events and lots of great tournaments ran by members, such as low credit premium comps and Last Man Standing event.

    One thing i feel needs bringing to attention is the fantastic work our "relief fund" team do. Various members within the club support any up and coming new members, long term folk who they summise to be worthy of a gift, or anyone hitting hardship with gifts of balls and clubs. Again its forum users who join in the every day banter and need a help with equipment who are very well supported.

    Below is an excert of the New Year message from one of the relief club members..


    "It started with an idea and a hope a year ago and grew very rapidly. I just went through a mountain of pages of our 2nd group message (luckily I already knew the numbers for the 1st three months of 2018). I'm very happy to report, that when we add all the clubs and balls together, the fund has gifted roughly 225.000 credits worth of gear since its conception."


    Yes, thats 225, 000 credits.........astonishing and i for one am proud of every single one of them.

    Again, that is without the generosity of a lot of our members who sponsor a lot of our tournaments throughout the year.

    Shortly we will be picking possibly 3 or 4 teams to play in this years WORLD CUP from our team of 50 Inter CC squad. Not many can match us in Inter CC numbers, but we are always willing to add more.

    Please sign up here  for our proboards website and an invite to join will be sent.

    Generally pros and above please as hacks wishing to join must show they have a long term interest in game.



  • ider75 Sweden
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    Wed, Jan 2 2019 4:05 PM

    Yeas i can back up all of the above. Been a member for just over a year now and the club is topnotch in every way.


  • xxDannyxxo United Kingdom
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    Fri, Jan 4 2019 12:48 AM

    Dont take Bubbs word for it come find out for yourself & see what a fantastic club this is 

    as said you can never be bored here as long as you are an active player, the amount of inhouse tourneys /matchplay & even Club vs Club competitions .

    ive been here quite a while now & would never consider anywhere else as i doubt id find the volume of classy /friendly and above all generous people.

  • bubbsboy United Kingdom
    6,870 Posts
    Sun, Jan 6 2019 11:48 AM

    New 12 week Winter Tour statrs tomorrow . In the Tour are.....

    Strokeplay Leagues, Order of Merit, Cups, CTTH league and SELEX Cup.

    But we have so much more going on than that.

    Forum contributers are very much welcome as we like to crack on a bit ;-)


  • Cameron122010 United States
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    Sun, Jan 6 2019 1:16 PM

    I joined shortly after starting to play the game and am coming up on my 1 year anniversary and can tell you its been nothing but fantastic. There are plenty of tournaments and in house competitions to keep even the most active players busy. Im strictly mobile and and our growing cadre of mobile players always have plenty to do. Unparalleled leadership from our officers keeps things drama free and even though we are truly a global club, everyone feels part of the goings on here. To say the members care for each other here outside of the game is such an understatement , there have been real life goings on where members have donated time and money to members facing real life issues which to me, makes this place what it is. If you're an active player and want to feel part of something special, this is the place for you. 


  • TdotDoba Canada
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    Tue, Jan 8 2019 2:20 AM

    Really can't say enough about SEL, they have saved me more then once in the last year. A finer bunch of humans will not be found on this planet. Fun, fun and more fun from a caring bunch that always works tirelessly to keep it fresh and interesting.

    Come give us a try and find out what CC can really be!




  • Stobsbee United Kingdom
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    Mon, Jan 21 2019 1:53 PM

    It's all been said above. Always lots going on for active players with many inhouse member orgainised tournaments including matchplay, alt-shot and tournaments for threesomes, foursomes and nudists, if that's your thing.

    See Bubbs' first post for details of how to apply for membership.


  • Stobsbee United Kingdom
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    Sun, Feb 3 2019 7:47 AM

  • ReadyPlayaOne United Kingdom
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    Mon, Feb 4 2019 10:21 AM

    Hi Bubs,

    Your country club sounds amazing and i for one would be very interested in joining if possible.

    Me and 2 others i play with are looking for an active guild with active members. We play every day and have gotten to enjoy the game. Previous Club we was in had no active players and those that did play never accepted our invites or invited us so we left.

    Do you also use any chat servers for members on either Discord/Teamspeak as we

  • bubbsboy United Kingdom
    6,870 Posts
    Wed, Feb 6 2019 12:41 AM

    Hi mate

    Yeah it is a wonderful club and we do have both teamspeak and discord, though only a few members use it.....but its there for all if they wish.

    I see you joined another but sure our owner would have accepted you and friends in if you applied.

    Anyway hope you enjoying but as you posted on here then i apologise nobody got back to you.

    I used to be all over here regarding recruitent but im semi retired from all i did........before i cracked up ;-)