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Wed, Jan 9 2019 2:31 PM by BPeterson8256. 2 replies.
  • Boogs27 United States
    8 Posts
    Fri, Dec 28 2018 12:58 PM

    Seems since our latest update I am unable to change clubs from my bag.....After the last update I found two old clubs in my bag both starters clubs.....I have another Cleveland wedge would like to replace for my starter wedge I am not able to change...I have changed clubs before with no problems...Any help would be much appreciated...THANK YOU

  • SnKidney United Kingdom
    6 Posts
    Wed, Jan 9 2019 1:32 PM
    Don’t know if it’s the same problem but I was carrying 4 wedges one of which replaced the hybrid, now you cannot do this. This means that one of my Wedges that I bought in good faith is now useless and if I sell it I will not get even what I paid. Why would I want a fairway wood that goes about the same as a 3i?
  • BPeterson8256 United States
    653 Posts
    Wed, Jan 9 2019 2:31 PM


    Missing your third wedge because it was replaced by a hybrid that you hate with every fiber of your being? 

    Go into the game settings and switch the setting for Customize Equipment from Normal to ADVANCED. 

    Once in advanced mode, go to your equipment. The top five club slots will now say "optional" on them. Select the item that you would like to replace and you will now have three tabs at the top of the section to toggle between different club types.