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Difference between using..X...and the forfeit

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Tue, Oct 30 2018 3:20 PM by theshortdriver. 0 replies.
  • theshortdriver Canada
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    Tue, Oct 30 2018 3:20 PM

    This is a post directed at the players that do not know the difference between the forfeit and...the X icon...The forfeit round feature on this site is great feature and was put there so if a player does quit for what ever reason  .. the player that clicks ...Forfeit..will in fact quit the round but the round will continue For all the other players in that group with no game interruption to them at all...but if a player figure's to quit by using the ..X...icon it is totally different then using the ...other feature ...the X Icon feature should only be used if a player needs to reset the round for some error that may have occurred during their round....Example...Slow loads,Meter problems,or maybe even a frozen screen..Once the clicked on the top of the will reset the round for that player and most times if not all times fix that error..then it gives the player the option to rejoin that round again..but remember ...from the time you clicked on...X...the other players in that group playing with you are then on a timer ...waiting for you to return..The wait time for all is Just over two Minute's but you can rejoin the round very the sooner you rejoin the better as most if not all players do not like to wait..but some do not even bother to rejoin..sure people.. quit for whatever reason..but if you are going to please forfeit on your shot..No one likes quitters but dislike them more when they do not forfeit the round