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Monthly & Weekly Tournament Payout Totals Are Changing

Sun, Sep 29 2019 12:04 AM by BrodenSpeer23. 162 replies.
  • kavvz Canada
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    Wed, Oct 24 2018 3:29 PM


    How about considering a change to the VT tournaments and anything else considered major like the VUSO, and VUSA qualifiers.  

    Make them 4 rounds and single play only 1 week per round.  I think the result might be a more diverse group of winners / high finishers b/c when you give the top players unlimited rounds, eventually they're going to be on top.  Give them 1 round and maybe they're not *always* up there.   Vary the conditions and pin placements for each round.

    I've thought about unlimited ball hit revenue, and perhaps to counter act that a small entry fee could be charged.  Not too much so it deters entrants, but yet large enough so that ball hit revenue isn't impacted / as much.



  • WGTChampion United States
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    Wed, Oct 24 2018 3:30 PM


    How about a Country Club Tournament that members of the host AND an invited Country Club can both play in. 

    It would give points to all those that finish in the top 10: 10 for the winner down to 1 for tenth place and post which CC won at the end in both CC Forums....

    It would be a lot of work and sounds like it would be fun. 


    Anyway I was more concerned about what happens to the free to enter weeklies; as Joe said this is very reminiscent of the begining of the end for the 18 hole uel one.

    Free to enter weeklies are not going anywhere. 


  • fmagnets United Kingdom
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    Wed, Oct 24 2018 3:54 PM


    I'd have to find out more about this. The 200 player multi-round is set as a regular tournament that awards the top 70. The prize amount is static because we know how many entrants will be in it. I wonder if we could actually set it up more like a RG where after it fills another is created. But personally I would rather not see the same names at the top of each. We would need a way to keep players from being able to enter more than one a week otherwise it would likely be most of the same folks in each one. 


    No need to change the set up - you could just remove the 200 player limit for the weekly multiround. It's a very successful tournament that is over-subscribed. More entrants = more profit for WGT whilst more players are able to play. Everyone's happy.

    Why is this so successful where the monthly premium strokeplay and multirounds are less so (in the champ tier at least)? Mostly because it's a top 70 payout, but also because there are not so many champ tier players who see -9 leading in fairly benign conditions and think 'I can't compete with that'. Compare this to players seeing 3 scores after a week of -16 or better in harsh conditions in the premium strokeplay, and most will know they have no chance at a prize. Top 10 payout would be an interesting experiment. More chance of hitting a prize, but also more attainable scores once you look past the best 3 or 4.

    I'd also suggest keeping a running total of winnings including every form of the game for every player, just like the score history is kept. Once the player surpasses a certain earnings threshold, it's automatic tier up. No way to sandbag and win big prizes month after month by keeping the average high and total rounds low. No way to pretend to be a Master and scalp unsuspecting players in challenge matches without tiering up and becoming a less attractive matchplay prospect. No way to move credits to a lower tier account with a blitz round so that account can buy gear to win more easily in that artificially low tier. It could be a very useful measure if the earnings thresholds are set correctly.

  • LuckySkreet United States
    586 Posts
    Wed, Oct 24 2018 9:25 PM

    Several good ideas......             But, Champ....    what about that "Tour Champion Tier"  thing?   I could really use those 300 creds.....

  • JoeMaverick Belgium
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    Wed, Oct 24 2018 11:31 PM

    How about considering a change to the VT tournaments and anything else considered major like the VUSO, and VUSA qualifiers.  

    I had already asked (and I was not the only one) for a change in the VT format. My proposition was a similar format that the VUSO : an unlimited qualification round followed by 2 or more single rounds (only the single rounds count for the final standing). It would be much more fun than the current format (that I hate). 


  • Williams01210021 United Kingdom
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    Thu, Oct 25 2018 12:48 AM

    great to see alot of chat and ideas. I would love to see the monthly tour event be single play but lets face it, that wont happen as wgt must make a ton of money from balls wasted in that. Im not a fan 1 bit of unlimited rounds but i guess they need some to support the costs. 

    Hopefully though with more choice added for other tournaments they might not have to have unlimited so can change it. 

    For me one of the biggest things i think people want to see is different styles of events/tournaments. 

    We can have single play stroke play rounds on every course and it will still become same old same old in the end. Like real golf you play in many different tournaments.

    Team events. Weather its pairs or 4 ball with best 2 scores counting. Foursomes/stableford. Club events. Even a shot clock event. All these are different to the bog standard 9/18 stroke play.

    If wgt could start opening up some of these routes it would make the game 10 times better. Might need abit of programming but so what. Once its done its in for ever.

    Club v Club would be great to see. I know alot of people give stick about the clash but thats because the clash is set up very bad in my eyes and alot of others. There isn't no skill to it just who can throw the most credits at it.

    Having a monthly event where members can enter to represent their club would be great. Of course some clubs will ask some players not to enter. You would be silly to enter a cup and have 6 scratch golfers going out and then a 18 handicapper with them. The tiers stop this a bit but we all know the difference between 2 champs can be massive. So maybe have 2 parts to this tournament. A and B class for each tier. Of course some clubs will put all there best players to go for the B win instead but with a lower purse/prize fund you have to expect that. 

    Alot of the best events are done by the members, like the World Cup. It would be great to see a Mod run some of these events. 


  • carlosdev India
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    Thu, Oct 25 2018 1:33 AM

    All I ask is VT with single rounds !! Pushing to 3 rounds or 4 rounds also will be cool but with single play !! I know Unlimited play at least for the 1st round are  lots of benefits to wgt but how about little more difficulty to win the monthly VT. oh, yes. Single play is gone make lots of differences in the leaderboard with new faces n thats not boring ;) 

    - Carl

  • borntobesting United States
    8,510 Posts
    Thu, Oct 25 2018 1:40 AM

    Actually i like the limit of entries into the weekly premium multi-round tournament, It gives some of the borderline players like myself the chance to win a few credits that we might be able to win if there was no limit to the number of entrants, 

  • birchi Germany
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    Thu, Oct 25 2018 5:54 AM

    We've tried a high credit entry RGs and they didn't go well at all.

    The 1k RG's usually fill up rather slowly, especially if it's played on an unpopular course like Pinehurst. Is it possible to reduce the number of participants to 30 with payouts to, say, the top 15 for some tournaments? They usually take a while to get to 20-25 participants, but from there it jumps to 50 pretty quickly because people see it's filling up.

    Either way, thanks for taking the time and listening to all the suggestions, Champ!

  • el3n1 United States
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    Thu, Oct 25 2018 7:21 AM

    I'd also suggest keeping a running total of winnings including every form of the game for every player, just like the score history is kept. Once the player surpasses a certain earnings threshold, it's automatic tier up.

    I have seen this idea floated around and it seems there is merit in it.  I guess the threshold's may be key or being able to show an actual "profit" margin that is clearly available in the highest payout events.  Or, as you suggest connecting the wins to the more lucrative and challenging events to win. 

    The reason I inquire is because I waited a long time before I even attempted a ready go... I stuck with free events because I didn't want to throw credits away and have to watch even more 2 credit videos which is where I build up credits for equipment and ball usage.  That said, with diligence you can gradually build a heck of a credit bankroll even 2 credits a time over the course of a year.  

    That said, once I did start playing ready go's I found even playing reasonably well, the profit margin is rather slim and you can "increase your career earnings" while losing credits.  The bigger the entry the more you can lose and still show "earnings" while losing credits.  

    I also briefly participated in a club where the owner enjoyed "donating" huge payouts for club tournaments.  Now this was quite generous but as long as there are at least 10 people in the club, those winnings also get attributed to your career earnings.  It seems this too can grossly distort one's career earnings and you are not necessarily against a field of 100 or 1000 players.

    It doesn't diminish or devalue the generosity of the owner in any way, but I was looking for a group that would help take my game to a higher level in order to be more competitive and maybe eventually compete with the top players as I get promoted.

    So, while I agree there is merit to using one's career earnings, I also agree how those earnings are acquired should play a factor as well.  Players should not be able to in essence buy their promotion into Tour Champion or Champion by playing in a small club with a generous owner. 

    I would also suggest the Tour Champion tier, if opened, remain "invitation only" to prevent the issue that has arisen in the champion tier by allowing so many to exploit easy red tee tournaments to get promoted, imho anyway.