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Do we all agree...

Wed, Jan 30 2019 5:49 PM by RenoRick. 57 replies.
  • quadrock123 United States
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    Thu, Oct 4 2018 5:25 PM

    I find it to be quite the opposite, if you are playing well and your shots are constant, the game plays in your favor. If you are playing fairly, then make a couple bad shots, the game tends to make it harder on that player. If you are making constant pars, after about 5-7 holes, the game seems to notice and you have to make better shots, because if you are off just a little, your shot goes way off. And God help if you are off at the beginning, then for the most part, your game is crappy the whole game, be it 9 holes or 18. I base this on everyday play with at least two of my friends. We are very competitive. So if one guy is playing constant good shots, and makes the all important short putts, his game will remain steady throuought, if one guy plays good and makes putts butt has a few off shots, he will have to work all the harder. And the guy that plays good, but nothing special, he to has to work harder than the guy not making mistakes. Of course, this is just an observation, of games between good friends over a year period. But when it comes down to it, who knows what the wgt golf gods have in store for any given player on any given day.......pmsl.                                                                        cheers, mike

  • Yiannis1970 Greece
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    Fri, Oct 5 2018 9:04 AM


    I know the wind effects the ball when putting...not only is the wind different each time, but it doesn't always behave iaw the reading. This could also account for two different results from "similar" putts.



    Very true, especially on long putts and heavy winds.

    The other day had a long putt (50+) on SA 9. The break was slightly to the left, my wind at 3 o'clock (26-28). Left my aimer to the hole and dinged it. My ball finished almost 3 holes to the right side.


  • Yiannis1970 Greece
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    Fri, Oct 5 2018 9:11 AM


    Do we all agree...



    Wind affecting putts, I disagree with that too....I don't know about high winds(over 18-19 mph) as I never play them...but I have yet to miss a straight in putt, close or of some distance, because of  a crosswind...I have missed them because I didn't hit them perfectly, but never miss them when I do...

    I aim dead center cup and thats where she goes despite any wind! I for one don't believe wind below 19mph affects a putt at all....I putt hole speed + a hair and I am a very good putter, just don't have the steel nerves of the best LOL

    25 ft putt Dan. Wind in the first case is 20 behind you and in the second case 20 in your face. You putt with the same speed?


  • nammvett United States
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    Fri, Oct 5 2018 9:15 AM

    They do alter the performance,  ball flight,  putting,  etc.  They (wgt) are lying now and have been lying all along...just keep buying balls . . . that's the bottom line.....MONEY!

  • fatdan United States
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    Fri, Oct 5 2018 1:08 PM


    25 ft putt Dan. Wind in the first case is 20 behind you and in the second case 20 in your face. You putt with the same speed? I seldom play winds any higher than 15 mph, but I always use a calculator to figure putt speed, and never allow for wind....I went all the way to Champion + some playing back tees and fast greens, now I don't play much due to eye sight problems and other things...

    So when I play now it is a CC tournament on varying green speeds and tees....but before that I never calculated wind effect into any putt...

    I am talking straight/fairly straight putts, I have developed many putting tics and tricks I use to mentally reinforce my read on breaking putts, all developed in my mind after missing the same putts over and over again...why do they work, I have no idea!

    I think it is just hitting the putt where it should be hit in the 1st place, but I'm too smart to do it right in the 1st


  • el3n1 United States
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    Fri, Oct 5 2018 1:32 PM


    25 ft putt Dan. Wind in the first case is 20 behind you and in the second case 20 in your face. You putt with the same speed?

    having played some RG in heavy wind conditions on what I would consider "exposed" greens, I can say I have felt wind played a factor on putts coming up short.  

    I don't have the experience yet to know how much to compensate for those putts with headwinds or sidewinds, etc... but I do feel it possibly played a roll on some of my longer lag putts coming up shorter or being longer than expected.  

    If you have additional insight in how to offset to play those heavy wind conditions on exposed greens like RSG or ST And's I am open.  I have seen some threads on the topic but haven't gotten a clear sense of the adjustments being made.  

  • Yiannis1970 Greece
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    Fri, Oct 5 2018 3:02 PM

    Unfortunately i don't have some safe formula, i usually putt by feeling. On the above example will hit 18 on the tail wind and 19,5 on the face wind. I have no idea what to do on long heavy side to compensate with break i mean.

  • lonniescott711 United States
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    Sat, Oct 6 2018 8:00 AM

    I dont think that the wind effects putts . Some years ago there was a thread about that . IIRC it was stated by Icon that the wind didnt effect putts . That feature hadnt been programmed into the game . Not sure if it has been added since as it hasnt been stated .

    I played a practice round under high winds with no problems . St. Andys with high winds and putted the same as always . Had no problems making the putts and winds only had affects from tee to approach . But once on the greens putts were fine and went as I hit them .

  • JFidanza United States
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    Sat, Oct 6 2018 8:25 AM

    Again, .back when these tests were made, the wind is affecting the putts.


    In my experience, the effect is like 'exponential' when the wind is at the points N, S, E and W 



  • fmagnets United Kingdom
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    Sat, Oct 6 2018 10:25 AM


    I dont think that the wind effects putts .

    It does. Go and take a flat 100ft putt into a 30mph wind on c13 greens, then putt back downwind with the same power. You will notice about 8ft of difference. A 30mph crosswind will move a 15fter about a cup's width.