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WHat's the point of tiers?

Sun, Sep 15 2019 3:55 PM by hvghghffhb. 47 replies.
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    Sun, Aug 19 2018 2:07 PM
    Well good on him for that.
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    Sat, Sep 14 2019 10:18 AM


    Talk about (1st level) Thick face, Black hearted banter... Just sayin'

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    Sat, Sep 14 2019 7:14 PM


    Golf, by its nature, is a game no one can ever master. The great ones can get close, on a given day. And sometimes -- at least for a day -- solve its mysteries.

    For most of us, it's a case of two steps forward and one step back -- and that's on a good day.

    It's why we keep playing the game, and keep playing WGT as well. We are all driven to get better. Simple as that.


    This is something very very true and what I have come to realise in more recent times - it uses the environment as it's playing field, the ultimate battle between the Mathematics of Mankind and the Mathematics of God - Mankind will always come a cropper in that regard (see our attempts to master the financial markets, we always will lose even when we think we have it down - the environment its very self will rebel and plunge us back in to crises).

    However, we must have tiers that reflect our endeavour and offer new challenge. Certain aspects of the game come to our realisation and it is only then that we know it is time to move on, we have qualified for the next stage and it is an award ceremony in kind. We should feel proud on graduation day for our toils and our pain, sweat blood and tears have paid dividends and been rewarded.


    And never fear the new pool - at first you may struggle to swim and wonder how on earth you are going to improve enough - you think you know everything and there is no more to be discovered, you are at your peak and they are all so far ahead. But remember - this is Golf, THE GREAT SPORT, and suddenly it will reveal to you more of it's secrets - as Bill says 'its mysteries', and in your excitement you will once again swim among your peers and once again you will seek to improve until's time to move on.


    Tour Legend Awaits.


    (I agree with some in that 'Champion" should be the last stop - it seems to me that 'Champions' as they are at the moment, Tour Legends and even Top performing Legends are on a par, there doesn't seem to be such a gulf in class to draw a division there. The Champions should indeed be hand selected by WGT and remain a very exclusive domain for only those who have achieved true Jedi Status. I see the present Tier of 'Champion' as a tacky version of Tour Legend just to fill the boots of WGT coffers and even Tour Champion has been contaminated with those who have taken the easy route (those easy-tee scores should never count, the only scores that should count towards anybodies average are those played from their own Tier tees and subsequent green speeds).


    Personally I would feel as though I had taken a step-down in to WGT 'tack' when I do eventually reach Champion tier after the next imminent move up to my beloved, cherished and always dreamed about 'Tour Legend' status.

    I might even go as far to say - although without any direct evidence - OVERALL Tour Legends are probably better players than Champions because that tier is crammed packed with easy-tee-heroes with big egos and cr@p skillz, I will let you know when I get there but I have absolutely no fear of competing in Champion RG's right this minute!! It would probably be easier than the TL circuit.


    I hope to remain a Tour Legend for a very very long time - it's the belt I always wanted, never thought or even dreamed I would ever attain - and now it's just around the corner!!!!


    The one with all the heritage, all the history, the prized one...



    The Genuine Article.

  • hvghghffhb United States
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    Sun, Sep 15 2019 3:55 PM

    I LOVE this post...

    I would be HONORED for you to join my CC.

    I love golf, always have (along with the hate part of the "relation")- but as I have told kids (mine and others) and other people in the world, I have NEVER found ANY sport MORE a parable to LIFE than golf...


    Savage Eagles is the CC