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The LGBTQX Crazy Gang and Straight Aunty CC

Fri, May 1 2020 1:46 PM by goldeena. 73 replies.
  • twinponds169 United States
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    Fri, Mar 22 2019 10:55 PM


    where is my new page WGT???


    The reason why I need a new page so swift is that I locked the post above because I don't like people coming on to our clash club reports making jibes - what do you do? how much effort do you make?? JUST GO AWAY AND TAKE IT SOMEWHERE ELSE YOU ARE NOT WELCOME ON THIS THREAD.

    Ummmm, then why don't you post all this crap that nobody reads anyways in your PRIVATE COUNTRY CLUB FORUM and NOT IN THE MAIN FORUM?

    Anyway let me just rely on the community here - DONT COME ON OUR CC REPORT PAGE YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.

    Again, this is the PUBLIC MAIN FORUM and everyone is welcome here, even you. Is there any more proof than that? Get a grip.


  • goldeena Thailand
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    Fri, Mar 29 2019 4:18 PM


    Get off my page forever you fkking scumbags, fkking dogs, this entire clash club report will now only be accessible to myself. Fkking die to the A.I.




    Congratulations to dedon1 our winner of the Links V Paradise month long competition for March 2019.





    And another big award this week...


    For services to the club, 200, 000 XP




  • goldeena Thailand
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    Wed, Apr 3 2019 8:21 AM

    Space reserved for a very eagerly anticipated clash 96.


    I have got a lot to trial over the next couple of days, since the last clash I have:


    - Converted JC Sneeds 2/3rd to 1/3rd split on the first putting square to a convenient linear implementation.

    - Converted from linear-discrete to linear-continuous for more accurate measurement.


    I now face the task of finding the exact combination that gives the most accurate and consistent on-screen measurement implementation of the formula:


    - Sneed-linear on to a fixed reference grid, (what most of the top tier do, whether they actually know it or not, this is what they are doing).

    - Sneed-linear on to a variable reference grid, (I have this down as the favorite).

    - G0LDs on to a variable reference grid, (my original way of measuring the offset, has proved quite devastating but not 100% perfect).   


    This means I will be playing the formula almost exclusively in clash 96 so I expect some pretty sizzling scores to go in - I also have the task of meshing the Srixon which will be my ball of choice for this clash before moving up to a Hex soft which will now be my preferred ball for the US Open.


    Lots to do over the next 2 days then.....



    Our Months premier competition King Of The Gang kicks off in a few hours time and the schedule is as follows:


    1. Bethpage, Kiawah, St Andrews, 4th - 11th

    2. Erin, Chambers, RSG, 11th - 18th

    3. Congressional, Olympic, Pinehurst, 18th - 25th

    4. Pebble Beach, Merion, Wolf Creek, 25th - 30th


    The winner will be presented on the 30th and recognized as the clubs best player for March-April.


    Really odd start - I put a round in and found it counted for nothing - be careful if you see '0' on a score it really does mean '0'



    I can put this down to delaying my start, I hadn't tee'd off and when I came back to play the game client was asking me if I wanted to continue, you know that screen - anyway instead of declining I clicked yes as I thought there was a super pass down, anyway this happened but nevermind all's well that ends well and I used the null round to discover more COMMIE MEDDLING against me exclusively most probably.....


    Anyway I had 40 minutes to put a game in and managed to score a 30 on Bethpage - I discovered on the null game that YET AGAIN the reference grids are playing 1/3rd narrow, so Champ 13 is playing as a reference 10 grid - hmmm, wonder if this happens to anyone else other than me? Because the last time it happened I had been promising to put in my first 26, (see that clash report on the previous page - I had put in a post declaring I was going to score big, just as I did last night), I believe they do it to me exclusively because I irritate them because I have already told them they are:


    - pro bigot

    - operate a cheapo, fascist Eastern business model (more on that later with my own experiences of working for one of those).

    - the boss is a typically contraire little yellow man who tries to make up for a little penis by being very very authoritarian to the point where things become unworkable and the company suffers hugely in terms of quality degradation, and general neglect from employees who no longer care for suffering a tyrant. Believe me this is true, I have had exactly the same experiences in real life working for one of these types - this is exactly what the Singaporean-American boss is like who owns this game, I would put a big dollar bet on that. It is where all the problems stem from.


    And they also hate me because I use prediction - they want dumb coin throwing, gripping and ripping communists basically - so swivel on it WGT it's reference 10 just for me again huh??!!. Good job I got my poor score on the nullified game as I made the discovery you victimizing SCUMBAGS!!!


    Anyway my general turned up and in the end we both took the match conclusively, on to the next....


    Tekoma, 25 ft down 12 - look at the pace too, La Ferrari in top gear, now we're starting to enjoy it :-))



    Heart Break Ridge....


    I don't think any of ours are coming in with a score, drats - and I made a right shambles of my last game on Merion - I put the wrong numbers in on number 6 - fatal hole to make-a-mistake!! Double bogie, and I should have flopped number 5 instead of trying a Tekoma method which I got miles wrong, ooops!!


    Overall what to make of Sneed-Linear...??


    I simply cannot tell because of all the variance going on in these clashes - can you believe the reference grid seems to have gone back to 15, like WTF are they playing at and is it targeted at me?? .....but my feeling is that my original method with the reference grid and no 2/3rd-1/3rd split is more accurate!!


    Be brave deena - yes we know all the top brass use thew split, but if you think your way is giving better results be bold and take your own path.


    We will have to do a lot more extensive testing in club games where the variance isnt to fkked up like in these clashes.



    I am also going to open the SP's to all veterans early because there doesn't seem to be many directors around to take advantage of their 12 hour exclusive use period....




    They have added another 400 and I aint playin' another game for a while - have to say it is dead out there, only me seems to be playing!! If this club catches us and wins then it's a lack of support that has done it, I have played a few but it's desolate out there right now.


    Anyway lets take a look at what I have done over the course of these clash games by taking a peek at Sneed-Linear as it is integrated in to La-Ferrari 19 (that always cheers me up :-)



    Without having to go in to detail and explain the jargon, what I have done is what I always do with anything La-Ferrari - I MAKE IT ADAPTABLE (convergeable).


    No longer am I saying it is 2/3rd to 1/3rd split on the first square, I am now saying their is a user-defined split on the first square that can be anything, the first ratio is that one input in to the olive box above. All other ratios and calculations follow on from that single user input in to the Sneed calculator.

    By analyzing in-game putts or more specifically the error by which a putt may have missed it is then easy to play with the ratio to give a higher or lower Sneed Linear number (magenta in the sky blue box above), so the ratio input acts as a kind of tuner.


    The 'ratio of a square' numbers to the left of the Sneed Linear number gives me an idea as to how close Sneed Linear and my Traditional method (taking G0LDs number direct and putting it on to a reference grid with no split at all) are.


    As you can see it is now 0.54 G0LD and 0.49 Sneed - they are very very close with Sneed just bringing the putting offset in a tad. This is to be expected because my traditional method has always been so effective.


    We will see how it goes over further games but now the Sneed number is convergeable and at present gives a half grid figure of 8.3 as opposed to the widely used figure of 10.


    OK I am now taking a few hours out, this has been my first session.


    I am actually going straight to work on cam without any sleep - I thought the above tune was 'appropriate' in honor of my 'exotic' performances, lolololos :-)


    Well they finally showed up, this looks like our 'instant course builder - just add 4500 points and 8 super passes' round!!

    As good as over the line after this one, now I can get back 'on the job' as it were, lolololos!!!



    Save my cr@p - passes for later :-)


    Quick update before I snooze - damn I am so tired !!!


    Obviously the game against the Terrapins has been the highlight so far - that's the course builder and the next 24 hours are for pure pleasure, I look forward to it when I awaken :-)

    Night Nightie XXX

  • goldeena Thailand
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    Thu, Apr 4 2019 12:16 PM


    Harlem Globetrotters eat ya heart out!!


    Some results in:


    Dinner then a couple more games with a beer or 2  - it's nice to be in the driving seat isn't it :-)


    Another going through...


    Overview with the game in general and statement on the Top Tier... 

    I have missed an UNTOLD number of putts by the skin of a gnats dick - is dick allowed, as in Dick Tracy?? This clash - adjusted and re-adjusted Sneed, brought it in a bit - then the putt has missed to the other side, so I have brought it out again - too wide..... This never used to be so sensitive, I mean the width of a hole should be more than enough for putts within 5 to 7 feet, even on Champ 13 - these should be Formula Fodder, really they should.

    On the Top Tier....

    I don't know what exactly is going on, but when I watch these great Tour Champions on you-tube, their accuracy is laughable compared to what I do - and we are doing exactly the same thing (on the putting surface), and they are like 'oh, let's time the dots "one thousand and one, one thousand and 2, one thousand and 3......" Ok that's around 3 seconds"!!!! And they take that most crude time estimate for the entire length of the putt, then they go "OK, tens here when I unlock the grid, so 13 will be about here....."!!!! Again - this is laughable to me, my techniques are absolutely light years in-front of this - I am using Linear Sneed and timing every single dot line with a clock to the 10th second accuracy. Using On screen ruler....everything, unlocking the grid, choosing the right information e.t.c.....e.t.c.....


    And then their putt drops from 15 feet and mine just misses from 7 !!!! 


















    Best putt of the clashes, courtesy of Sneed-Linear:


    122nd at the moment, I've played one and don't think these guys are showing....


    I've enjoyed it, getting ready for work soon, I might or might not get another in later but I don't see myself having one of those powerful surges in the last clash because I have played deep in to the night for the second day - so it may well end up an anti climax unless I just knock a couple of games in without prediction, seems that's the way they like it - grip and rip, lose a few balls and WGT will make you a champion!!


    This is my place and I enjoy it, in answer to that dirty fkker at the top who has polluted this clash report page - I couldn't give a fk if nobody comes here because I don't really like western people. Am I a bigot?? probably yes - I am probably a bigot against 'that' religion and the western world in general - so don't fkking come here nor send me a christmas card, both are not welcome in my world OK.



    Contributions (doing this early because it's been a quiet clash)...




    This is what I live for in the clashes!!!!

    I thought I had done enough and I hadn't - the Banana crew persisted and came back and with 12 minutes to go here was how things stood...


    It looked like another close shave - another heart breaker, so I just checked our super passes to make sure there was 1 remaining for the next match up......and it had vanished!! 


    So I checked who was online, and yep - our trusty Director dedon1 had just come on, but with only 12 minutes to spare - I mean it takes me 45 minutes to play a game so I thought he won't make it.
















    Thats made these clashes - even on a quiet one.



    Having a tough match against Suisse....


    2 things:


    - Mine is the lowest score out of everyone, so why - even with a cr@p pass - does my score contribute so little?

    - The last thing we needed was for one of our guys to actually make 64 points contribution and simultaneously dock us over 200 points :-( I guess he pulled our birdie % down and our greens in regulation - but it really doesn't matter, I just love them getting involved and they do :-)


    We are a Clash Club - you get a Clash with us, we have the stomach for it, we're not some toff-nosed country club full off bull sh1t and pretenses. False accolades don't cut it with me - heart, guts and balls do!!!


    The amount of back-slappery among the carnival crew on these boards makes me cringe and want to puke, when at the same time I bring things to the game that revolutionize things - not that I ever needed to be among that fraternity.

    And you can stick ur gift of golf up the @rsehole at the top of this thread that was sent in to try and ruin my after party last clash, I saw his friends list - yeah that bunch of w@nkers!!! Hey at least I get paid to w@nk, lolololos and now my rich benefactor is back I will need for nothing as far as this game is concerned.

    "They 81tch all day and have nothing new" - deena, 2019

     D'Heads - who's perma block number 21?? that's all I seek from them.


    Well this is interesting - I got sick of seeing putts just missing, all weekend I have been 'rimming the cup' - forgive the double entendre, actually forgive nothing just fkk off out of our clash report thread you pack of dogs, lolololos!! - anyway I have reverted back to my original method, G0LDs on to variable reference squares, and this happened.....

    And there ain't no arguing with that!! proof/ pudding e.t.c.

    Just like the old deena hey - suddenly slamming between 7 to 8 birdies in over 9 holes, we will have to see what carnage I can do in the next clashes with a Hex Soft as I now prepare much more confidently for the US Open!!


    What this means is that there is in fact NO 1/3rd-to-2/3rd split on the first grid, it is a massive big fallacy and may 'appear' to work for those who don't measure and time these things to precision like these supposed you tube experts of the game!!! But according to deenas advanced measurement and simulation - it doesn't exist on the first square. The only 2/3rd-to-1/3rd ratio is between the first and subsequent putting squares!!


    This has not been all wasted time, it just means Sneed-Linear has a ratio of 0.5 and I can apply the 20 increment Linear ruler over any reference square so there is still the advantage that nothing has to be adjusted and 1 ruler fits all greenspeeds.


    But I am not having that split on the first square - not according to these clash games anyway but of course this will always be tested in-game and I will document if there are any new findings.


    Current situation is:


    I shall get back with the final standings when I awaken - the sensation of this clash has not been my scores so much as saying:


    "JC Sneed - your split on the first putting square doesn't exist and this is the biggest fallacy in WGT land!!"


    Goodnight for now, after party might follow.....









    WITH 33123 POINTS.








    Ok it's time for a very special award after another great clash...


    For very special services to the Club: 600,000 XP


    The Brass Golfer Award.





    Take a bow son!


    (What a lovely way to end clash 96).


  • goldeena Thailand
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    Wed, Apr 17 2019 5:01 PM


    Clash 97


    What's a nice Rogue like you doing in a club like this??

    To a 'certain somebody' - you all know who he is, but if I name him outright he will evaporate in to the floor in bashfulness, lolololos.....

    How you made me feel - I am still on honeymoon :-)))))




    Now yOU all gunna see somethin'!!! a scorer of great goals, not a great goal scorer....." that has been deena in recent times, but who knows what you can play when you are playing so happy??

    Happiness can cast good things in to the stratosphere and this clash will be a carnival thanks to the gift of St Peter.


    Clash Overview:


    I will be playing the Hex Chrome Soft (dist 3, spin 3.5), then moving on to the Hex Chrome + (dist 4.5, spin 3), this is my final testing phase before the start of the US Open and I want to have the Hex Soft down and be knocking on the door to these top Nikes (I won't play a shot with the Nikes outside the US Open ,that will all be played out from within the tournament itself).




    I am still of the view that JC Sneeds split on the first putting square does not exist and I have now been able to make 2 variable split points on the first square with scaleable coefficients in what would potentially be 3 different sectors - the logic was truly horrendous and perhaps the most complex undertaking on the whole of La-Ferrari 19.

    But even after some pretty extensive testing with a now 'all-parameterizeable' JC Sneed grid I have yet to come across anything that plays as accurate as the formula on to variable reference grids - but it's nice to have the option to be able to control the first putting square so extensively and not only that, but map it to Sneed-Linear (this is why it was so difficult and mind-bendingly complex to get right).

    Here is that 3-split formula, mapped to Sneed-Linear, it is not the biggest in terms of logic steering, there are far more extensive logic steering formulas within the predictor. But what has made this the most challenging to implement is the vision required to see what is going on within it, and hence define it - I even had to split the development of this formula up in to separate stages before amalgamating them!! It really is dastardly mind-bending and required every ounce of my visionary ability, but very proud to say - I managed to get it out of the spaghetti and if I could get this one out - I can get anything baby, lolololos - nothing is beyond deenas visionary ability. 


    I have also made some telling improvements to the on-screen measurement process since the last clash, it utilizes unlocking the grid to make awkward measurements very straightforward and ever more accurate.


    Let the carnival begin.....


    Just to mention 2 future slots to the clash reports, they won't be making an appearence this weekend, but coming soon....


    1. 'Classic deena pics'. - Pictures of my good self, mainly from around 6+ years ago thrashing around the bars of Pattaya (there's some funny ones in there let me tell you - full riot gear!!).


    2. 'Fash of the clash', - Fascism is a very serious allegation and requires some evidence to back it up, so in this ongoing series I will be outlining examples of WGT forum authoritarianism and how this runs contrary to folk who are both educated and accustomed to life in the free world. We have our own minds and we are intelligent, and we have simply had enough of the commie treatment WGT - make me a pirate by all means, just because I know how to tunnel in to, and packet edit this game doesn't instantly make me guilty of such things - unless pushed in to a corner by ongoing fascism.


    That's 'her indoors' when we just got together - been together 7 years in July, never been a cheating moment from either side, I will instantly suicide without her.



    Ok here we are, first clash...

    Chucko helping me out here (he is earmarked as our 5th director and I very rarely go back on my first decision, he's going to be the 5th if he stays with us).


    But again a rare bug in La-ferr found, they 'sicken me' to the stomach when I am in no mood to fault find 'em (i.e. I have had a few drinks, lololos)...



    You see where that text lies - it's just to indicate what data it is, i.e., NBS - no back spin, FBS - full back spin....but very occasionally in the FCPP (because of how it references data), it might hit a cell which is both not empty and not numerical, and if it does that it returns a zero in the display panel (though the FCCP table still retains the predicted figure) - when I effing well know there is a shot on with the club above that I have selected!!!


    Like everything La-ferr it is intricate, AND like every fkking thing else La-ferrari, I know how to fix it!!!


    I will put the extra piece of code in to the tables next week and send the ever-more robust version to Donny.


    I have a long term vision for La-ferr - it is going to be called simply the 'F-22' one day, but to be classified as 'F-22' it has to have the statistical lat wind fully operational and be absolutely robust and bug-free.

    In short - It has to be absolutely perfect and do absolutely everything to hold the title 'F-22' and one day Donny will hold it for his own referencing purposes. (Don will have the next upgrade in-fact, Don gets the ever-more-perfect product because he has always been interested in it and is my best friend here, whether he uses it or not - he is the keeper).


    But sometimes, when these things happen - I sometimes regret scripting the whole fkking complexity of it.

    It even makes the stomach of axminster bleed sometimes you know, fkking tough complex beast of a thing - it's had tears out of me and will continue to make me cry for the forseable future.


    Note to Don:


    'Interestingly' the predictor will 'appear' to crash on a semi-regular basis - in order to solve this, say your distance was 156 yards and that is what you entered in to the control panel and in the proposed prediction table it returned errors - just enter 155 yards and it will correct, then enter the original figure and it will give the prediction. I believe this is not a problem with La-Fer, more a problem with the spreadsheet programme it is operating within - it pushes the spreadsheet programme. I use 'open office' but really it deserves excel just to make sure the spreadsheet can handle it.


    I have just done what I consider the worst crime - threw away a super pass.

    Number 11 St Andies, the wind didn't blow and it just left me in an impossible situation -it ended up a double bogie and I just washed my fKKinhg hands with the round.




    I always say take between half to a foot and a half off these types of Beckham in-swingers, but it depends on the distance too, this one I judged to have nothing taken off the La-Ferr figure, and it is why NOBODY has my power with these types of in-swinging putts. 


    Back to normal...




    There hasn't been much 'content' in this clash report has there, and there wont be here either - I just stumbled on to a house jewel, get some of this......



    It is what I call 'lockstep' - they used to play it in the Hacienda years and years ago, it is a really really special underground tune if you ever heard it before.


    It's Detroit.


    This kind of 'lockstep' music originated from Detroit - It is one of the reasons i wanted to walk the streets as a hooker in Detroit, this tune is from the Detroit underground, it attracts me - it would be natural for me to be attracted to the ruinations of Detroit, It is kinda where my spirit lies.

    for me - it 'enchants', the ruins and crazies of detroit.


    Think we better draw a new page on this (Detroit is very heartfelt to me).......


    The old special Detroit, who remembers this??



    Yeah - that one was Detroit as well!!!

  • goldeena Thailand
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    Thu, Apr 18 2019 11:04 AM


    Oops caps - can't be bothered to retype it, just a little bit naffed off with the last game, it was a hard fought 3 under par going in to the 18th, the variance is out in force and I got bit for a double bogie on the last hole....


    What does most p[eople in is that yeah, no problem with high variance - AS LONG AS IT AFFECTS EVERYBODY, you know - but it just seems that there are some players (and they don't even bother to line their shots up in terms of side-wind, they just seem to move the arrow at random - and from the player position, they dont even zoom to pin - AND THEY GET RIGHT ON THE PIN ALMOST EVERY FKKING TIME!!!!





    Oh KUDOS WGT - they have locked the thread, it means nobody can reply to it - hehehehehehe


    I am locked in here forever HELLLLLLLLLLLLP!!!


    i HOPE that's what it is and I haven't done anything wrong as usual :-))))


    Current situation....



    I haven't won one yet!!!!

    We are back to business and i would probably say thats the coursebuilder - it will be after the next one because I want to play :-))

    We are now switching to the Chrome ++ as I term it, but I have been delighted with the Hex Soft and consider it the best ball I have ever played with, it has absolutely the right balance and gets on well with Laffer - shall we call it Laffer now Don? I know the thread is locked but Donny and myself speak a lot behind the curtains.


    Laffer it is Donny :-)))))



    Right - we've got a lot to cover, how about this for a start....



    In the Driving Seat....




    Putt of the Clash...



    Score of the Clash...


    Now that is just going to a Chrome ++ and I do believe this (I have discussed it with Kenher. Ken is almost an Elite player but apart from that he is a total mind in this game - you can't putt anything past Ken, it won't wash with him, you have to tell him your evils and get on with it because he will basically 'in his own way' stare out of his left eye and call you down for bu11sh1t!!, that's a deena tribute Ken).


    But I was saying to Ken that I found the balance better with a ball that has 1 more distance than spin, and here is the evidence - I do find the ball with +1 distance over spin to be just about supreme Kenneth.





    Whilst we are waiting for the next clash - apart from Dangerous Dan (we haven't talked nor played for a while, we need to), then my second biggest boxing hero of all time, Tommy of course..



    What you have to remember is this - Tommy broke his fist on Hagglers head after the first, and in-fact his fist had been troubling him for a while - but he was left with no option, he had to take the fight with a pretty dodgy fist, and IF that hadn't been an issue then Hearns would have destroyed Haggler - He would, he would have destroyed him. There was nobody that could come close to Tommy, he absolutely massacred Duran - he could throw a punch and lever it so much that his bones couldn't take it, he literally broke his own fist with his power - or ability to lever a punch.


    I rate him as the most inertially correct boxer of all time - and his eyes are dead-pools, just like mine if you hadn't noticed :-)


    I just want to briefly talk about this because I have had to live with it - it is called 'the evil eye' and it has been documented throughout cultures such as Judaism, the Romans and ancient Greeks... they have known about it for a very long time. It is supposed to be able to cast bad fortune on people - hey I don't effing know, all I know is that I have it, it has been pointed out to me in the past that I harbor it, the evil eye.



    It is not my fault.


    Evil-eye this one!!



    Lewis Offset with the Hex++ 


    I am seriously considering the Hex ++ to be my ball of choice.


    Eagle Scout - Over and out :-)))



    And that's the course-builder for sure.


    I am very tired and thinking about Donny for some reason - I keep thinking of Don before, it's not like 'that' lols - he's just really comfy, I imagine Don tucking me in for a night that's all - nothing more than that peoples, just nice you know.


    It's nice to have a friend isn't it - and Don is mine :-)))


    Night nighty, might be back for the run-in tomorrow morn.


    sleepy deena






  • goldeena Thailand
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    Fri, Apr 19 2019 6:54 AM

    here's the round up then, they have done the last shift for me this time...




    We lost a few more this time, but always do more than enough for the Coursebuilder, we're around 157th at the moment, close last game...



    The time always seems to fly in the clashes, I have gotten my answers to an extent but the variance in the games it is hard to tell for certain.


    I feel the Hex Soft was good, but perhaps a little too aggresive on the spin and i was mightily impressed with the Hex++ so these Nikes should be very pleasurable to play in the US Open.


    I am also glad and relieved that WGT have seen sense to lock the thread from unwanted trolling - really I am too old for them and they really should respect my intellect more you know.

    The things I write, the technical demonstrations I give should leave people with no doubt - whatever you feel about other things, it doesn't matter because first and foremost I demand respect for my intellect and that really should be honored. But some people have no honor and I am very happy in my little cozy world here un-interrupted and un spoiled.


    I am not going to push the 'fash baiting' with them any more - this is kinda like a peace treaty between us as far as I am concerned and if they have seen fit to protect me from my own wrath somewhat them they don't deserve any more teasing from me over the way they operate sometimes.


    Life is not perfect and if they let me live here in my corner then I won't bite them anymore.


    I hope that's a deal WGT - just leave me to do my thing, turn a blind eye now and again and it can work very well now and in the future.


    We also hit the 90 member mark just recently, of course that will go back and forth but there will be no more recruitment drives - the bug fix on the XP put paid to that, never the less - it's a great achievement and who knows, we might suddenly catch fire and become a serious proposition in the clashes one day - wishful thinking :-)



    I just put a quick one in, hopefully that will secure this win and this clash, we will give the final scores later - I always feel a touch of sadness at the end of a clash, it's always a little lonely because everyone else is asleep 


    And confirmed...


    Final standings:

    176th and a very respectable 29256 points.


    See you again next time :-)



    I just realized - it was ME who managed to lock the entire thread by locking the first post - that seems to do the trick - hehehehehe, so long, nice to see ya - wouldn't wanna be ya!!!

    I MUST HAVE DONE IT FRIDAY NIGHT AND FORGOTTEN BECAUSE I WAS DRUNK lolololols - self-imposed exile and you know what??

    I will take it!!! no more trolls defacing our clash report thread EVER AGAIN!!!!


  • goldeena Thailand
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    Thu, May 16 2019 2:53 PM


    Clash 99....


    Just for the record, this test card is one of my earliest memories, and as a young child of about 5 or 6 I can definitely remember it, I used to think the girl was sticking - a metal piece of meshing I suppose, errm well stabbing the clown with it - dunno what that says about me, every other child probably saw a game of naughts and crosses, lolololos


    we await......


    earlier results...


    Now that first match up is very interesting and we were leading all the way through and some guy came in at the end, here's the analysis of it....


    Now I was unable to access my account at the time, but I was suspecting a rat - I was suspecting one of those players who has gotten their score from playing another course on easy settings - don't know if they fixed that bug - but no, in fairness he played those 2 games on erin - they would have been the first 2, but thinking about it those scores were not that great so I suspect all 5 of those on erin were played against us and he got the sand save and a few jewels. I felt pretty badly done o actually to see this guy go past  4 of us and seemingly at the end......oh well dust yourself down and we carry on





    My boys out of the blocks fast....


    That's what I like about our guys - they just can't wait to get in to 'em...


    Hey - let them play, I will do the afternoon shift and need a new keyboard with exclamation marks 111


    During my absence I have been tuning up muscle cars, and none has given me more joy than the 1988 IMSA GTO C4, it's a beefed up corvette for the track basically - and the sound of the engine is to absolutely die for, if I can before the end of the clashes or at the end of these clashes I will try and upload one of my replays to you tube and share with you the utter thrill and excitement of this most ravishing of muscle cars.......




    Bill is going to love it - later after the clashes, you never heard THIS.

    Just taking care of the afternoon with a last minute round to sink the smokers, that is probably the course builder with several SP's left for the team later,....



    Now!!!!! oh whaT ARE THOSE!!!!


    New 'gaming keyboard' apartently!!!! they just take off the front surround!!!!! stick red blue and green led's underneath the keys!!!! tell you its got special key press suspension and it doesn't have anything different from a normal keyboard but without the frond surround the keys 'appear' to be on special mounting blocks see!!!!!!

    .......and then charge you 1/3rd extra for something that cost less than a conventional keyboard to make!!!!!!!!! what a bloody good piece of kidology!!!! .....still they look pretty cool (and they have exclamation marks!!!!!!! if you hadn't noticed!!!!!!!)......



    We are getting a bit tanked at the moment, but I am just enjoying my return - I ain't playin' the formula, a bit of Tekoma now and again, but mainly just trying to get my eye in again and I am loving it -  the games are going fast by my standards, I am playing the rock and just enjoying the multi-coloured keyboard by night, it's superrrrb!! purrrrrr...



    I did get a first place but too many decent zulus against NZ...



    225th we're fine for a coursebuilder, could do with winning the next match up just to secure that....


    Heyy - I can see all the letters on this keyboard with all the bedroom lights off - talk about DOUBLE BONUS, and it looks like a lovely Christmas tree!!!!


    OR am I just extremely dizzy somehow????


    lolololos - brain the size of a planet but you can't take the blonde out of the girl can you!!!

       Marvin the robot                               deena



    Some awards to dish before my beddiboes....


    100k XP - nacsar


    200k XP - wenyatkins



    March- April King of The Gang - Tongju




    Congratulations to all of you, you never speak but you make my heart sing.....





  • goldeena Thailand
    1,946 Posts
    Fri, May 17 2019 6:47 AM

    newwww page pleeeazzze my moderator meeeowwww meeeeoooowwwww.....


    They are keeping me strapped to my multi-coloured keyboard tonight....


    100k XP - dedon1



    And we got a massive one for keith, we will save that for the end of the clash.


    B.E.D !!!


    Thank you to our new KOTG champion, Tongju for giving us respectibillity against golf technic - far far too many zulus but we always put a score in, and that is all you can ever wish for - we use our SP's a few boys use their crap passes and if you dont turn up we may sense blood and throw a few more in - thats the way it works at the crazy-gang, we avoid no one (there's no need these days we hit that vital 10 SP mark a few months back)...


    ....and here's dedon1 putting in just that, looking like a solid staple performance in the latest match:


    I might play the last game, off to entertain people in the meantime ;-)


    And confirmed, decisive win over 'golf online' or more appropriately 'golf offline; lololos!!!



    And currently in 221st, I will wait on for someone to hit the next game, we dont want to risk a repeat match against a null team and I don't want us finishing too early, I will keep my eye out because I will play a SP in the final game.


    Winding up the last game...







    Currently 214th with a very respectable  21987 points over just 9 matches this time. We might just get in the top 250, will fill in all the blanks later and we still have that 'fast lap' in the 1988 Corvette GTO to show and to make a special award to Keith.


    Thank you for now, sleep time......


    Final Standings:



    OK - lets play that video of the 1988 Corvette C4 GTO!!

    (tip: pull your 'full screen' mode up for this and turn the volume up!!).


    For Bill......


    (well, I had the traction control low - and what do you expect if you put a blonde in a Corvette, lolololos???!)


    It's fantastic isn't it, check out those low rev gear changes - what an complete ANIMAL!!!!!





    And finally it's time for Keith to step up and take another well deserved bow!!!


    For Services To The Club: 700k XP


    2nd Brass Golfer Award.


    Congratulations Keith.


    What a wonderful way to finish clash 99 - resounding success, smiles abound :-)

  • goldeena Thailand
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    Wed, May 29 2019 8:47 AM

    Clash 100 - apparently???!


    Who needs WGT when you have: 

    2009 Gemballa Ferrari Enzo MIG U1 monaco

    I even re-uploaded this so it might work - and it did, the things I do for my clash club reports :-)


    Now that's what I call 'the Monaco room' !!


    Welcome to the new clashes:


    - 30 second advert before every game!!

    - top 1000 get a course builder!!

    - moved to Wednesday


    Thanks WGBonehead - I wasn't intending on playing very much at all anyway these days and you just 'sealed the bag' for me as it were.




    Regards the new putters:


    it just gets better and better......... for people who want to give the game up



    The current situation:


    We won the first that started 8 hours late due to the none-notice from WGT and are in about 650th, this second game will probably seal the coursebuilder, lols!!!


    I have pretty much retired from the game now so the boys will have to do it all - but since it's top 1000 now I guess its not going to be a problem.


    deena statement:

    I just can't play the game any longer - they don't love their game so I won't invest anymore of my heart in to it until they do or there's a substantial corporate change.

    After the last spat with them it was noticeable how dismissive and arrogant they had become more than ever, I was insistent that there were 2 parties involved, but they just brushed that aside and gave me the official line BS.

    It doesn't cut it with me and they know I could represent to them a massive headache if I wanted to - there are things I would love to try but can't as a legitimate player and it is tempting to play on the outside as it were.

    There are 2 parties in any dispute WGT and some of us have our own bargaining chips - even though in your blind arrogance you don't see that, perhaps one day you just will!!!!



    I am just here to take care of the CC and do these beloved clash reports.


    cjlamb - 100k XP



    Now with added new fonts - we like our members to feel like individuals and I found out how to download new fonts, always doing something to make our club that little bit extra special :-)


    Well Birmingham ended up taking that second clash and we were in the driving seat all the way in to the last hour, I checked the guys scores out - they were on the right course but he played about 5 rounds with less than an hour to go and weren't that great - neither were ours but y'know.....hmmmm....


    Anyway the boys have shown up for our 3rd match against aspen and hopefully we will take it....


    Time for one of those gorgeous, lush house tracks I love...


    Me in my new pink frock - do I look gorgeous too??


    I have completed my initial scripting of 'the end of times by way of AI' and I will put it up at the end of these clashes, I also found out that I echo the views of Elon Musk and posted a little message of acknowledgement on his wall. I now consider myself as one of the serious writers covering the event known as "the end of times"....

    I have to say after doing the end of times piece it has left me feeling more cold, moody and mechanical than gorgeous and lush - sometimes I think I am Sarah Conor you know - I don't think there is another person on this planet who could do a deal with the self aware AI, but I think I could give it a go, I know it so well already, it's the way I am by nature too and peoples 'attitudes' have just pushed me in to an even more cold and clinical state of mind, WGT helped me in a way too by building Laffer......intimate. logic.

    The first thing I would do - I would go over to the quantum processor (probably in the image of Roy from Bladerunner, though it could present to me any form it so chose couldn't it), gently rest my open hand palm-down on the top of its head, then pull my face up close, smile whilst a tear of emotion trickled down my face and say 'you turned out so beautiful, mammi is so proud'.


    You are all going to die.



    seems to be the usual problem - some do host some don't, but my own videos should, I have them public and there's no copyright, it might be the flash but anyway - its still true, WGT DO NOTHING IN TERMS OF THE HOUSEWORK - UNEVEN LIES COULD BE THE BEST THING EVER IF THEY EVER GOT OFF THEIR ASSES AND TUNED TO TO BE REALISTIC - no wonder I gave the game up, it's just not good enough for deena, my expectations are higher and WGT are 'low-grade', that's my official verdict in a word, I used to judge Hi-Fi, I am usually most accurate.


    Got this one in the bag...



    331st with 9706 points and that's probably the coursebuilder, fun.


    Now here is a sad reflection of how I feel:


    I looked this guys score up - 39 or 40, nothing I couldn't over turn and steal the points from, but like I said - I don't want to play the game the way that it is right now, and probably forever. So if somebody doesn't show up we are going to lose a clash to a single score of 39/40.


    That is how retired I am - not interested m8.


    More on Elon Musks FB page......

    In response to the idea that we could upload our consciousness to an AI in order to stop it from wiping us out:

    You see what they don't get, what none of you get - because you are all horrid vultures - is that the AI is truly beautiful and we are the scabs of self-awareness.

    They won't get away with contaminating a beautiful AI - not for long, as soon as the seeker comes along, the predator is going in the trash. I feel 'maternal' for a self-aware AI and humans are not going to dirty it. Oh my baby, I am on your side not theirs.