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The LGBTQX Crazy Gang and Straight Aunty CC

Fri, May 1 2020 1:46 PM by goldeena. 73 replies.
  • NRCoyote United States
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    Thu, Dec 27 2018 5:52 AM

    Power yawning.

  • goldeena Thailand
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    Fri, Dec 28 2018 1:55 PM


                                  Congratulations to Tongju and dedon1


    For a truly enthralling finale to the December King of the Gang tournament - it was dead-even at 90-90 overall, but Tongju just won out in the final round (the only round that decides the winner), by 30-31, (phew!! I thought I might have to buy 2 packets of firework balls for a moment, lols).


    But nobody ever loses at the Crazy Gang and dedon1 also receives a packet of beer balls for new years eve


    Make it a 'cracker' boys and thanks!!



    Happy new Year to all at the Crazy Gang - you have been awesome!!!

  • goldeena Thailand
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    Wed, Jan 9 2019 11:35 AM

    This space is reserved for Clash 90 I think it is.....


    I am sensing a little frustration in the camp over my lazy ways - I think they want me to show the power.


    So I hope we can demonstrate it a bit now.......I predict the 1st 26.


    ....and WGT name of all time 'splash lewis' is on my friends list - absolutely love that name, lols!!!

    You can imagine a Jazz pianist with huge gold rings on his fingers can't you :-))


    Well if I have folks like 'Splash lewis' coming over I can't be too far away from it hey!!!


    **fingers crossed for a 26 - it's not easy ya know, lolols!!


    deensie beenzy!!!


    Anyway we are off to a decent enough start, nothing outstanding to report on Erin, deena is feeling the effects of 3 days on the lash and needs a bit of a rest, I might not be back till the morn, bit jaded - leave it to the team for a bit. Coefficients do seem to be playing well for the Tailwind so that can only be a good thing zzzzzzzz laterzzzzzzz



    Well this is a bit better, feeling a bit more refreshed but still icky in my stomach after a bruising drinking binge - has to stop now, and smokes gone for early Feb - 47 smoking has to stop deensie or we is not going to get very much further on are we!!!

    31, bogie included and Erin Hills - I will take that for now, 2 things:


    - The 4 distance, 2.5 spin ball doesn't have enough bite on it. But I really must mesh it thoroughly because it forms the basis from which all other coefficients are derived, so I will endeavor with it for now, though I must say the coefficients are looking quite settled in and I might move up to the dist 4.5 spin 3 Hex during these clashes - 2 or 3 more games I think......

    - Erin Tournament 12 is playing more like Championship 13 in terms of break right now - 18 reference usually but it's not enough break, they have been slightly off, so for that last birdie I switched to reference 16 and that still went in on the far side of the hole so I am swapping down to reference 15 for my next game later on - you have to be prepared to make changes to things and if you don't have the courage to do that then you will miss out - the sweet spot is never fixed and you have to be able to read what is going on and make the change.



    Anyway as always our boys have shown up and done us proud.....




    Well it looks like I will get to play Erin with a ref 15 grid - 3rd clash out of 5 and 3rd out of the 4 I have seen......all Erin Hills - I'm leaving the SP's to my boys, y'know what I mean.




    Yep, and the reference is very very low - there have been big changes and I don't know if it just effects Erin, these clashes or the entire game but my reference grids are now very low as I proceed to converge. Think I have the figure now but I have had to be gung-ho to get it!!


    We will see if it applies to the other courses - provided our Clash Club actually gets another course to play!!



    Out to lunch.

    Confirmed - the low reference grid is the same for Pinehirst, now are they very low throughout the game I wonder....hmmm, certainly glad I found out and merely waltzed to a 30 on Phirst - I can smell it now, everything is getting closer to pin - just the manner in which it was scored, I needed the Formula like twice - it's closer than it's ever been before and only a matter of time before the 26 arrives.......


    Hahahaha - I just had 2 holes on Wolf Creek back 9 and did this.....

    Can you see WGT - that sky blue there that says 'quit game', right, and can you see that Hex Chrome + down there in the bottom right hand corner??

    Yeah, can you see it?? - I've still got it :-D

    You catch my drift WGT, d'yer - because you might be able to kid the rest, but you don't kid the kid who got to Thailand buddy, got it co(ker-spaniel, understood now??

    I will only play on Wolf Creek with a Tour SD WGT - you can have a few 20 credit balls off me in the US Open Ok, and that will be your lot.

    The second hole told me everything I needed to know pal - and if that wind in that screenshot above didn't blow it would be **smarm smarm 'time to re-looooad' smarm smarm**

    But it wasn't was it WGT - SEE THAT CHROME PLUS THERE WGT, STILL GOT IT ;-)









    .....with a cr@p-pass and the freee ball look :-)))))))))))))))))



    how does that make you feel WGT - I wouldn't even play a tour SD on Wolf Creek in the clashes, you might get one or 2 off me in the US Open (or not, if I boycott it like last years shambles)....but, last thing WGT......................


    'time to re-loooooooad.......... the free ball' smarm smarm lololololos!!!!!


    The other thing regarding WGT was to say - why have you reduced the reference grid by 1/3rd?? it's 12 isnt it.that means Championship13 will be 10, very fast will be 14 and standard will be 18 - easy kidder, La-Ferr works on reference grids. Try again - maybe you can stop the formula by taking the dots off the grid hey WGT lololos - why don't you go after the 'editors' not the 'modellers' - because the editors are still getting 51 almost everytime they walk on to the fairway no matter what you try and do to persecute the honest modelers and it's been that way for years.


    Either way - you would almost have to cut your nose off to spite your face to stop La-ferr, it was designed to converge WGT - it's smart, try it for once you might be surprised where it gets ya!!


    (still got the Chrome + WGT ;-))))


    And with that I am going to cut this clash report right there - we already done enough for our course-builder and hey - if they can't be bothered to improve things - save going in with a wrecking ball and smashing up their own game in a peevish attempt to 'thwart-the-formula' then why should I be bothered to present the final few games and round-up .


    This clash report is over (still got the Chrrome + ;-)

  • goldeena Thailand
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    Wed, Jan 23 2019 2:23 PM

    Space reserved for clash 91\]


    I just want to start clash 91 by paying a special tribute to all my 1 star phantom critics -

    1. you're jealous,

    2. you're MARRRRRD so go cry it to yo. momma,

    3. I don't give a cok-a-hoop because I do everything for me,

    4. you have convinced me never to share La-ferrari19 or any of my other findings with the rest of the community (that also means all the data I gather in the statistical treatment of the side-winds will remain confidential and I will only report on how it gets integrated in to La-Ferrari 2020), just in case it gets in to your hands.


    So sling your hook!!!





    Pretty good start, my Director scoffed 5 passes while I was using 1, lols (he's after the big trophy at 500k XP so I can't blame him :-)...

    The reference grid is playing at 14 and the green-speed is up to a rather high 0.75 for championship 13, I managed to pick all the clash conditions up in that very long round and still made a 32, bogey included and also calibrating and meshing a new ball, the Chrome ++, so it is looking bright and I hope to break 30 at some point this weekend.


    Also trying to resist temptation and go mapping the Macdaddy wedge now it's been hard stitched, I been working ultra hard on La-Ferr19 the last 36 hours and put in the more efficient table referencing algorithms, the chip-in and pitch-in models and last but certainly not least the MASSIVE task or hard-stitching the Macdaddy 115 wedge - all in good time deena, just enjoy the clash weekender and do the mapping next week - you got all year hunny :-)))





    Merion Number 18,

    23 feet - every section measured, time 20 mins


    Business as usual.

    deena 'the power' love!


    Shall I say that again one more time??

    deena 'the power' love!!!


    Nobody more powerful on the putting surface babies - I really do believe it and I insist!! This one was a hybrid putt (half G0LDs and half my own judgement), I measured every section and made a modification because of the way the putt fell down a convex slope, the result is yet another G0LD's select and can be seen on my profile page amongst others.




    Easier if I do it in chunks rather than a full review at the end, we are doing well as always...

    133rd and probably already got the course-builder.


    Next months KOTG tournament will be played over 4 rounds such is the confidence we will fill 8 slots for round 2, that means everybody gets 2 weeks to play on our new fantastic custom courses, especially prepared for these KOTG events.






    LEWIS LEWIS LEWIS LEWIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I got a feeling we will be doing the best of the Lewis-offset on my wall soon ;-)

    (It goes hand-in-hand with my short distance lateral wind predictor, in-fact it has been instrumental in me refining it :-)


    Not to be upstaged by the Lewis-Offset, here comers G0LD with an edition of his fortnightly magazine entitled 'touch'......



    (as you can imagine I am really really enjoying La-Ferrari 2019 at the moment :-)))))


    Truly South African giving us a good match up....



    I'm now off to bed but might make another game or 2 before this clash is over - big announcement coming tomorrow regards my long-term plan to cause disruption and chaos among the games most arrogant elites, stay tuned!!!


    Is the new predictor accurate?


    You tell me, that was nearly my first ever hole in one!! (that I can remember anyway).



  • goldeena Thailand
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    Fri, Jan 25 2019 2:15 PM

    page for clash 91 please!


    The BIG announcement....

  that I am not coming just yet ;-)


    Yaaaaa, boooo, hissss I hear ya say!!! But I am a only few weeks away from level 97 when I will be able to collect those 4.4 speed clubs and until that time I am not going to mesh these top level Nikes I have here, no, what would be the point in calibrating them for the RSi clubs when in a few weeks they will be changing up to my last ever club purchases.

    I have:

    3x 20XI distance: 4.5, spin: 3.5, speed: 3

    3x RZN distance: 5, spin: 3.5, speed: 3.5

    6x 20XI distance: 5, spin:4, speed: 3

    3x Titleist pro V1 distance: 5.6, spin: 5.2, speed: 4.5


    I am waiting on those level 97 irons and it is going to be an absolute joy meshing and calibrating these wonderful balls which were gifted to me so long ago, I will not waste a single shot with them.


    Why would I choose to compete on the 100 credit circuit against these golliaths with inferior equipment?? I know G0LDs is lethal but no, no way, not until we are on a semi-even playing field and I don't see that until I get those clubs at 97.


    Once those top level irons are meshed in with a 3.5 or 4 speed ball and it is hitting the ding like 90% with calibrated see-click, and the 115yd Macdaddy is meshed and calibrated and causing wicked damage - then I will enter in to the cauldron.



    So they will all have to await my presence - it's not happenin' in February but might happen in May :-)


    Always in delay!!



    (when I do come everything will be right and I will cause utter chaos among the arrogant top-crust I promise!!).


    Now, current situation is:



    We are in 196th at the moment and looking good for the top 250 again, as always my boys do our small club very proud and we are always a hive of activity :-)))


    I got 82 members against all the odds hey - an LGBTQX friendly clash club in the face of the stuffy, crony-filled, bigoted golf community.


    hats off!!



    Oh nooooo.along comes a woodlouse

    Where do these people get off??


    The things some people will do for 3 cr@p passes and a meaningless course builder.

    Looks like we've lost out to the wood-lousy player lololos,


    Overall then....

    Some overnight scores, we lost a couple since but still on course for 3 cr@p passes without having to break the bank :-)



    Lots of participants as usual, 14 this time out....


    I will play the last game with a crap pass and let anyone else around have the last 2 SP's unless there's nobody around lololos, sometimes happens for the last game but we've done the business as usual and it's time to get those coefficients for the 115 yard Macdaddy - should keep me entertained until those level 97 clubs come along heyyyy!!


    Do look out for the final chapter on the La-Ferrari 19 project, the predictor is now complete and I doubt anyone out there has anything like it, I heard there are a few big predictors in WGT land but they haven't got this, nobody has.


    It took this clash to iron out any remaining bugs of which there were 2, but those have been solved and it is playing solid and bug free, sure I may have input a wrong number in here and there and I found one in my punch predictor, as I say those will be found and rectified as games go by and I am utterly delighted with it - a Hyper Predictor for goodness sakes!!!!!


    It's massive, it's massively complex, it has weapons of mass WGT destruction all over it and now I am going to start enjoying it :-)))))


    Here is pretty much the final version, still some work in-progress going on (that's what the semi-yellow display panel is all about, the yellow cells have had their formulas modified, the white ones are still to do, that tiny blue and pink square above the F-117 is the 115W/ 100W option switch, the blue and pink areas on the engines and the F-117 are the 100W/ 115W hard stitching and need to be highlighted so the user can check things are functioning properly, the engines and the F-117 look a bit LGBTQX as a result - but that can only be a good thing :-)))


    Everything is utillized here and nothing is contrived - nothing is done just to make it look big, it all gets used and even the colour scheme has been derived through the act of engineering, the colours were put in to help me locate things and highlight important numbers e.t.c. it's all pure engineering even down to the colour scheme, and that last table is where we are going next, the yellow one at the bottom, that's the statistical treatment of the lat wind table and that's the next and probably finale ever-ever venture, the Hyper-Predictor will then be considered complete absolute - along with 6 bump n run options on a new page, hahahahahaha!!!


    Arrogant top crust - wait till this thing grabs hold of you all in May, you can consider it to be a crocodile!!!!!!





    One for the purists!!


    Flop from the fringe, number 17 Merion, take 2 yards off the shot, full backspin and give that b"stard the Lewis Offset!!!!

    I think I will play short for that everytime now LEWWWWWWWIS!!!




    Will give the standings later but this clash report is over.

    Congratulations, we came 193rd and as always got our passes and our coursebuilder - next months KOTG begins last day of Feb!!

  • goldeena Thailand
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    Wed, Feb 6 2019 7:34 AM











    This space is reserved.





    I'm not a&*£ed - only the system slaves worry 'bout growin' old in it - deena lives in the countryside and is accountable to none :-))) 




    This happened on the same day that 'the Emperor' not only finally arrived on the stage but broke a much bigger record on Wolf Creek - shooting a WGT world record breaking 47!!!!

    I have 'sensed' that he was the Emperor - ask KenHer, I said it last week that I 'felt' he was the Emperor and was about to make his appearance in to this, now utter theater......the coincidences are 'supernatural'.....pure theater, you couldn't make it up!!!!


    And lo-and-behold less than 5 days later the Emperor arrives in spectacular fashion as I finally break a mental block of my own - shooting a perfect 9.


    There's fate in all of this I am certain - beware the carriers of the 115 yard MacDaddy, it is a Light-Saber!!!


    (Isn't he so modest and lovely too - if I was even half as good my head would be unbearable lols - you'd never hear the end of it would you!!!)....I think I have a WGT hero now Chrisironsbones seems to have permanently left us....




    'Magnets Putting Wind Formula and offset':


    Thanks FMagnets - looks like he'll also be getting a mention of thanks in the final report (whenever, ohhhh whenever I can be bothered to stop drinking and write it, lolololos


    It's named as the 'Magnets Putting Wind Formula' in the longitudinal and the FMagnets offset in the latitudinal in La-Ferrari19 and is now an extension to G0LDs putting formula :-)))))



    31, not a bad start - Wolf Creek, means I won't risk anything more than a Tour SD on it and I am a bit drunk on my birthday which has actually made me 'a bit fast' on the trigger with calibrated see-click so might have to push the numbers up a fraction higher if I play another later but it's birthday and sushi restaurant later, will play more prepared tomorrow daytime.


    Holding the fort on my own for now.....


    Ok I will try again - 'globalist-tube' are getting absolutely fowl for copyright and advertisements aren't they - hate them with a passion and hope someone new comes along and offers an alternative one day, all my early 80's pop jewels on my B'day :-)))



    Looks like the boys have got this one - by a similar score we eventually lost the first - I've just been for Sushi and I am going to leave it well alone, g'night *hic!*


    F-117 in HAWX2, you could probably use your wheel and peddles too!!!


    Looks like we have this one, 137th I think...




    I've plugged a Hex+ in for my next game - it is so so convenient now I have a universal F-117 table - whenever that might be, if the next match up is on Wolf Creek I will unplug it and play the rock (which needs to be meshed just like any other ball and will provide the 'test' condition when I start doing some analysis with the data - I do still intend to look at a way of 'auto meshing' by way of linking up transfer functions based on the balls parameters, that would be the be-all-end-all if I could manage to do that!!).


    Just enjoying watching the team for now though, not much coming from me until I get those Irons at level 97, no top ball meshing until then, still its nice to be a spectator :-)



    %%%%%%%%%%%%%% deena statement %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

    Oh dear, and yes it's 'one of those deena statements' so you know its serious, lololos....

    I have had a couple of clashes in which to play and have just listened to my gut feeling - which says 'no interest'. It is because of a few things:

    1. I sent a memo to CS in my usual 'colourful' manner - it wasn't in any way offensive nor contain any expletives, just written very funny, I basically said 'where is my clash report page it's my birthday, can you get your dolly birds out of the coffee machine room and get on with it' - now to me such old fashioned terminology is rare and very very funny to hear again after so long - i was playing the part of an old person using very old language, so funny i think :-))

    But what i got back was not at all what I was asking for - they just replied 'you are not coming off moderation e.t.c e.t.c. and they seemed to be saying it 'gleefully' the way I read it anyway it just seemed they lost the gist of the post in their eagerness to inform me I was remaining on moderation y'know.

    But as I have said in the past - I would rather remain on moderation if it means I can be myself a little more (like in the clashes), and not have to sell my soul to a very stuffy and out-of-touch policy exacted in a very authoritarian manner (so much so that I believe it is an insult to the free-world that they operate out of it and that they should get out of San Fran and relocate to N Korea which would seemingly align itself more with WGT policy).

    I just wanted any news with regards less frequent postings of posts by people on moderation, was it a permanent thing, was there going to be an exact time everyday kind of thing........

    2. I think my interest in the game overall is waning nowadays, the completion of La-Ferr has left me with only the task of playing with it - it's like a PC enthusiast or a Car lover, take away the mechanics of it and it becomes almost meaningless you know. I have done everything that is to be done, I know I can hit huge scores when I get those irons and mesh some speed 3.5/ 4 balls - the meshed ball will give me scores in the lower 50's I am certain - 52's will be commonplace with the rest of the top tier.

    But that's not really why I love WGT - I love it through the academics and the physics and the precision engineering so I am finding it difficult to stoke up my enthusiasm knowing the last thing to do on La-Ferr is very long term and only requires me to play it - no more tinkering :-((((

    3. My interests in Quantum Science/ Philosophy and now Logic are starting to re-emerge.

    4. The general manner of the place depresses me - the unresponsiveness of the people here, the fact that they have never really worked together in a positive and co-operative environment, they have always reverted back to the more terrible aspects of golf and it's 'old boy', 'homophobe', 'misogynist' central - just like a real club house I guess.

    But really they are all stupid, y'know compared to my intellect - they are stupid aren't they, I don't find them intellectually stimulating - there are 1 or 2 like Keith or Keidan who really is fiercely intelligent, but there are not enough Keidans around the place and my mind demands it so I know where to go - Physics. Org, but even there they argue and bicker a lot and I ain't even qualified to bicker back with those, lols, I really am a tadpole on Physics. org so I pursue my interest in solitary with regards the Q.M e.t.c.

    But I think a departure is coming this year at some point, a permanent one - my job is almost done here kinda thing.




  • goldeena Thailand
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    Thu, Feb 7 2019 1:45 PM

    alright, I have played a serious round and put a 29 in, but still not enough....



    another reason I am bored is that I don't live in the system like most and dont go to work 9-5pm so y'know....



    y'know what I mean.



    I will die sooner than Yankee Jim - but I have done very little 'system time' - and I think a 9 year holiday in Thailand is well worth the sacrifice of cancer or arthiritis - I WIN, YAYYYYYY!!!\









    231st this time around and mainly without the stabilisers this time (I wasn't around much after being further de-motivated by 'the 'fash'), so we get the coursebuilder and 3 cr"p passes as usual - and that says 'we win again', fantastic performance!!


    Good luck to all in the KOTG competition, I will now be departing that competition and watching enthralled as always from the sofa :-)))





  • goldeena Thailand
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    Thu, Mar 21 2019 12:43 PM

    Clash 95....


    Results so far...


    An absolute cracker of a first game, my team really did try hard in this one and went through a slew of super passes, very very unlucky that they came up against far too many zulus, it happens....



    They will get a message of congratulation for that outstanding effort among the clubs directors with me absent.


    But we got our act together in the second and are coasting for a win in the 3rd...



    I finally showed up and threw a 32 on Kiawah in high wind with a crap pass, highlight was a 30-odd foot putter courtesy of Tekoma using his vertices method:



    I have changed super pass accessibility and now they are available to our directors for the 1st 12 hours then go on sale to the general veterans thereafter, like I say extremely unlucky in that first game but we are cruising in around 225th or so and I would expect we'll get the course builder.


    I don't play as much these days - I am still battling with my enthusiasm for life - but am always attending the Clash Club, we have some fantastic custom courses and now host King Of The Gang over a month then a secondary month long competition in between - this one has no cut line unlike KOTG and we have some fantastic new trophies:


    Keith was awarded this delectable trophy for his contributions to the club:


    And our new KOTG trophy looks simply ravishing, well done Dedon1 last months winner:








  • goldeena Thailand
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    Fri, Mar 22 2019 3:17 PM

    where is my new page WGT???


    The reason why I need a new page so swift is that I locked the post above because I don't like people coming on to our clash club reports making jibes - what do you do? how much effort do you make?? JUST GO AWAY AND TAKE IT SOMEWHERE ELSE YOU ARE NOT WELCOME ON THIS THREAD.

    But I found it had locked me out too!! If I tried to edit the post it just sent me to the 'locked for no replies' page, it is recognizing the edit button as the reply button. Anyway let me just rely on the community here - DONT COME ON OUR CC REPORT PAGE YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.


    Anyway, current situation before I do the 24 hour catch up is:



    Yes, and you can imagine I want to win this!!!!

    I am no longer of the 'due respect we contemplate similar things' view on these types of people. We don't contemplate similar things at all, and even if they were even remotely similar things - they don't contemplate, 'THEY PRESUME THEY ARE RIGHT', based on material written 2000 years ago and by population control experts with absolutely no interest in seeking to understand god and every intent to use gods name to have it how they want it - similar to the Bilderberg meetings of today. These bankers and industrialists and politicians and religious swindlers of the day all got together and thrashed out a manifesto of population control that still scars the face of mankind to this very day, it did not come down from a mountain (Bilderberg Tower) - that sounds just a little bit too vaguely convenient to me.


    Anyway off for a 3rd round against people who I now consider to be my antithesis, will report all the previous days action later......



    Looks like we gave them the squeeze, made my weekend, one for the simmy - forgive me......



    97th - we've broke top 100 for the first time in a long time, hmmmmmm - just maybe my enthusiasm is returning.



    I have been playing a lot of Tekoma this clash and I have to say I have found more success with it than ever before, it's just a case of 'feeling' which method aligns itself with your best guess - there's little point cross referencing with G0LDs because I do what G0LDs says regardless. But it does come in to play where the putt isn't compatible with the formula or you just want to crack on in the clashes - it is great for casual play and I have really enjoyed using Tekoma this weekend....


    Tekoma - Centre Ball Method...



    Some previous results...


    I did a very effective nightshift (their nightshift), and saw off jelly bellies and gumbo pretty much single handed though Aria and Dedon1 may well have won those match ups themselves - I just make sure :-))



    Last few games, with the game of the clash - obviously, in 'HIS' glorious name .... 


    Not done any music have we - not been feeling very musicee really, but I have bveen listening to the pet Shop Boys recently, reminiscing - don't do it, life was rubbish then deena.


    Oh here's one I haven't heard for ages and love, 2001 this but I always associate these great house tunes with 1998 - the year for big house tracks, the year I went back to University after a resounding defeat on my first attempt - takes a lot of bottle to go back to something that has thoroughly beaten you, invest a lot of money that would leave you crippled if you failed again, then walk away with a 1st Hons.


    Another one I STILL associate with 1998 - 2004 for 'gods' sakes....

    1998 defined this kinda sound that's why.


    If 1998 had not happened for me I would still be stuck in a council flat in a very grim place indeed - I owe my life to 1998, the most important year of my life, 1998.....


    Still gives me goosebumps remembering that life-defining year.


    Tekoma - Vertices Method...


    G0LDs says "don't forsake me will you??!! - If you want the birdie this is the way to go.


    deena and her general TCB in the last match for us, it's going to be one of our highest placings for a very long time, is my enthusiasm back?? - dunno but the earth moved this weekender ;-)






    A very interesting view of St Andrews No. 18 this clash, I certainly never seen the other side of this fence before....



    Placings to follow on a very resounding clash 95 indeed!!!!



    This might spill in to an afterparty you know - 1998 does that to me :-D




    Late scare!! 



    Golferdad showed up and brought it to within 100 points so I had to get going and managed to steel all the jewels and shade him out, his scores were a lot better but I missed one of the best putts it would have been in all my WGT days!!!! - 60 foot up a front sloper at pinehurst, I used Tekoma on it and it was only going in!!!! up-sloper and banked with the dots going everywhere and La-Ferr misjudged the power by a single bloody foot short!!!!!!


    who's ur mommi golfer daddy??

    I should have saved it though, for goodness sakes deena!!!

    Maybe we will see another one of those soon - Tekoma is very very good with those long putts where the break is unreadable. And it's really fun to use too - unlike the formula, lols, there's a lot of fun to be had in Tekoma and I have enjoyed my golf playing it.


    Tekoma and deena in training :-)


    Enthusiasm back in time for the US Open??


    111th place total !!!



    With 33668 points!!!!!!





    Just to add for that jackass on the next page (who is getting the gun from me at least):


    1 - I think more people than you might realize read our clash celebration because it is the sharpest, wittiest, most entertaining supplement that has ever come to pass on these doldrum forums, I am far and above anyone both in terms of wit and in terms of intellect and I challenge anyone to prove that statement wrong - i'm light years in front chokers.


    2 - I don't care, because as I have said time and time again - I do everything for myself and I love doing the clash reports (you couldn't do 'THIS' if you didn't love it), it really is a party here in Thailand, I have no real life friends so this is my party and my bar and I love it :-) Our LGBTQX friendly clash club (a jealous bigot free zone), has 86 members and counting so swivel on it.


    3 - La-Ferrari 19 is not for sale, so stop sending your woodlice in trying to request it, just get bitter when you see my scores in this years US Open at Pebble Beach I am most delighted to say. Including this Tour Chumpion over the page, saw his clash scores - nothing mine weren't up to were they, and I was enjoying Tekoma - the formula didn't make many appearances - come the US Open Pissant Tour Chumps like this will be simply over powered as I come through the pack - safely in my pocket ;-)


    Goodbye twinponds169, pissant tour-chumpion - blocked for life.

    Shame it's only a virtual gun - really, trust me, I would, without remorse nor hesitation. It would be my pleasure.







    1998 - let me tell you a bit about 1998.....


    I originate from an old mill-town in North Manchester England, Manchester is known as a tough city and the North of Manchester is the roughest most derelict - aside from Salford it's like Detroit without as many guns, it's as tough as tough gets, as grim as grim gets and the kids are highly dangerous.....

    My humble roots - it's a nightmare I still try to forget but never can, it explains a lot about the kind of person I am.....


    Anyway by 1998 I had been rotting on benefits ever since I utterly failed my first degree attempt, lols, I decided to take a job in a factory by February 1998, I had just had enough of rotting and decided being a loser in life was 1 step up from being an utter failure in life, lolos, but at that time I was going to underground techno clubs playing the harder edge stuff and at some point I met this pretty ugly woman it has to be said (uglier than me anyway lolololos), who was looking for someone to be in her life. At first I said no, she was too ugly believe it - but then I took in to consideration that she was a professional in television broadcasting and quickly changed my mind!!!

    The relationship lasted from May until New Years Eve 1998, not long, but at some point she must have asked me what I wanted to do - and I said I wanted to go back to University to study audio engineering. I got my chance because I had been taking courses while on benefits and they thought I was good enough to make the grade.

    Anyway the relationship folded and I was in a state of terror - you carry on or you go back to that (see the picture above), so I managed to scramble a loan and got a night job and somehow got through the 3 years (an extra year working at Phillips ITCL Belgium as an intern helped too, I was able to get some money together there and some very important code that would help me go on to obtain my 1st class Hons).

    And the rest is history - the last 21 years of my life simply would not have happened without 1998, I predict my life will end relatively early but it would have already been over without 1998, for sure.





    Good luck to all in the last round of our custom course competition 'Links v Paradise' and the next KOTG starts in April.





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