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Mon, Mar 18 2019 6:18 PM by pdb1. 57 replies.
  • Ketket1 Vietnam
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    Sat, Jun 16 2018 9:25 PM

    Hi Rick,

    Totally agree. I am owner of Blood and Fire. We now regularly finish top 4-6 in Clash. It's really hard to get there and maintain it and takes a huge effort from members. It is also a pretty expensive exercise (ie it makes WGT a lot of money). Our members would spend tens of thousand of credits on buying or gifting club passes. It wouldn't be uncommon for some members to churn through a couple of sleeves of balls during the 48 hours. And I'd guarantee any club in the top 10-15 would experience the exact same thing. 

    For something that is such a cash cow for WGT, an improvement in the prizes would only cost them a fraction of what they actually make from the Clash. 

    I'm sure, like a lot of other clubs, that none of our members play for the prizes. They'll battle it out just to finish as high as we possibly can. But, having said that, it would be nice to be able to reward a club that finishes say 4th or 5th with something more than a club that finishes say 50th. 

  • Rick6208 Canada
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    Sun, Jun 17 2018 11:36 AM

    Well said Ketket1! Thanks for your support 

  • alosso Germany
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    Sun, Jun 17 2018 12:16 PM

    it makes WGT a lot of money

    a cash cow for WGT,

    none of our members play for the prizes.

    Three perfect arguments showing how right WGT was to introduce the show that way. The Golden Calf was their best marketing gig ever! This is the ultimate grind - it doesn't need an advantage for the grinders - the only benefactor is the company!

    none of our members play for the prizes. [...] But, having said that, it would be nice to be able to reward a club that finishes say 4th or 5th *snip*

    Excuse me, but you are contradicting yourself.

    And, it may be a comforting thought for the 50th to know that the 5th didn't receive more ;)

  • callaghan159 Canada
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    Sun, Jun 17 2018 12:39 PM

    With only a few forum posts, you are on moderation. Until that ceases (about 30 posts),

    Disagree with this response. I have been on moderation for 2+years. I must have over 30 posts. I don't see no light at the end of the tunnel. lol

  • Rick6208 Canada
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    Sun, Jun 17 2018 12:50 PM

    Katket1 yes we’ll all play for pride and WGT sits back and collects the coins but my points is to increase the amount of prizes! What is being given now is an embarrassment to WGT ! But if nobody complains about it nothing ever changes! I read a post by WGT once that said OUR MEMBERS SPOKE AND WE LISTENED! 

    Well we’re SPEAKING now WGT so .....put your BALLS where your mouth is... 

  • pdb1 United States
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    Sun, Jun 17 2018 6:31 PM


    1st Place - 1 Gold Putter

    2nd Place - 1 Dozen Balls

    3rd Place - 6 Balls

    This is the current Prizes given by WGT to the Top 3 Clubs in the Club Clash Event


      And is and always has been an insult to all CC's that have battled for years .

      And a devastating blow to those that actually made it to that 3rd spot . To realize that this was not a victory . But a wake up call . That the previous hardest fought CLASHES .40 , 50 , 60 , 70 , had all been for not .

      The pinnacle that they had perceived to have reached . Was not going to happen again . And the battles had been fought for a mere 6 balls .

      Reality check . OUCH . BURN . WHAT ?

  • MKALER United Kingdom
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    Mon, Jun 18 2018 12:08 AM

    I am the owner of 3 Lions CC and we have been improving in the number of members taking part in clashes and regularly finish in the top 20 and have finished in the top 10 a few times.

    There are many clubs like us, who play in the Clashes to finish as high as possible and who love the competitiveness of it but it is somewhat of a let down knowing that each member is only going to get a few passes for all their efforts they have put in.

    I completely agree that it's appalling that the prizes (if you can call them prizes) for finishing 4th are the same as if you finish 50th!! Its also disgusting that only 1 member gets a prize for finishing in the top 3!!! 

    I do think, like Williams as mentioned, that there should be prizes of a sleeve of balls for EVERY member that plays in the clash and finishes in the top least. 

    I  did contact CS about this a long time ago and had a standard reply that didn't relate to my question. I do hope that people support this but I do think that this will get the same outcome as the "Boycott the Clash" protest that happened a while ago and nothing came of thsame

    It doesn't really cost WGT anything to give out more prizes. The more you reward/encourage people for participating, the more they will participate and more people will participate. 


  • Lutjanid Australia
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    Mon, Jun 18 2018 2:12 AM

    Just to be on the same page here.

    1. Prizes are bad.

    2. Costly exercise.

    3. You have no chance of winning.

    You know all these things yet you just keep playing the clashes.

    I believe that covers it.  Best of luck in the next clash...... Just saying. :-)

  • Alain760 France
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    Mon, Jun 18 2018 6:13 AM

    I am not a owner of CC just a player, a happy player is a player who play a lot, CC are the best buyers of passes irons balls and so on, to be happy (even if you play for the fight) you need to be rewarded for your effort, in clash event i am less and less happy and having a clash event every 2 weeks for spending time passes, balls (money) with a goal not well rewarded wont make us HAPPY. Thats my opinion.

    Regards to all

  • 308Shooter United States
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    Mon, Jun 18 2018 7:12 AM


    I'm also in agreement that the 'prize table' is ridiculously lousy.

    I'm in the United States Long Knockers club and we duked it out long and hard with Blood & Fire this go-round. I put up nearly 9000 points, used 4 supers, and we managed to finish 3rd - which is our highest placement to date.

    To find out what the actual payout was for this effort, after so much time and expense, is demoralizing at best, and an absurd joke on WGT's part.

    Most of our big players hammered this clash just to see what we could accomplish, but now that it's done, I have absolutely zero interest or inclination to participate in another clash.