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Daily Motivation

Sat, Jul 4 2020 8:58 AM by Ladychipper. 847 replies.
  • Ladychipper United States
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    Tue, Nov 12 2019 8:36 AM

    Tuesday, November 12, 2019

    Let it go, let it be

    Maybe it’s okay when you don’t get your way. Maybe you can live with not having everything you want the moment you want it.

    In fact, perhaps that’s a good thing. Perhaps your life would benefit greatly if you could take a step back from yourself and your desires.

    Life becomes exhausting when it’s all the time all about you. How sweet it can be to connect with the beauty, the wonder, the mystery of not knowing, the power of detachment.

    Your purpose, your goals, your objectives are important. Yet that’s no reason to wind yourself to the breaking point with anxiety.

    You’re skilled at evaluating what happens and responding effectively to it, and that’s good. Just keep in mind that you also have the option to let it go, to let it be.

    Live your life, live it well, with purpose, with dreams, with achievement. And magnify the value of all you do by being able, and willing, to let it go, to let it be.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper United States
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    Wed, Nov 13 2019 12:04 PM

    Wednesday, November 13, 2019

    People with a positive purpose

    There’s something about people with a positive purpose. You can see it in their eyes.

    There’s a certain energy that radiates from people with a positive purpose. It’s compelling, it’s contagious, and filled with the highest expectations.

    Get around people with a positive purpose, and you won’t be able to resist. Soon enough, you’ll have that purpose too.

    People with a positive purpose find a way. People with a positive purpose figure out how.

    People with a positive purpose see what’s possible. People with a positive purpose make it happen.

    Doesn’t it feel great to be among all the people with a positive purpose, following that purpose with everything you have? You’re precisely where you were always meant to be.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper United States
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    Thu, Nov 14 2019 12:14 PM

    Thursday, November 14, 2019

    Source of good feeling

    What would it take to get you feeling good about your current situation? The answer is, your own choice.

    You can wait and hope and fight and beg for external validation. But the truth is, you can feel good without any outside reason.

    You can feel good because that’s the way you choose to feel. You can see the hope, the possibilities, the positive aspects of this moment just by deciding to do so.

    Do you find yourself longing for something to feel good about? Then go ahead and feel good about right now.

    Feel good about the fact that you treasure and desire goodness in life. Feel good about your ability to choose a positive perspective any time you wish.

    Be the source of good feeling for yourself, and for others as well. See the goodness, live the goodness, and share the goodness that flows from your own desire to make it so.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper United States
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    Fri, Nov 15 2019 11:11 AM

    Friday, November 15, 2019

    Ask why

    The world seems very complex, but you have no idea. No one can fully grasp the immense complexity of existence.

    We know life is complex, yet it is far more complex than we are able to imagine. Every tiny decision causes a cascade of results that interact with results from every other decision.

    Behind what is obvious, are layers upon layers of factors that are not so obvious. Supporting every reason is another deeper reason, and another, and another.

    In such a complex realm, you can always gain benefit by seeking to answer a simple question. That question is, why?

    Work to know why, and you will discover hidden, valuable possibilities. Ask why, and you will uncover powerful connections.

    Life is endlessly complex, and in that complexity you can find great richness. With curiosity, with determination, with purpose, with gratitude, ask why.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper United States
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    Sat, Nov 16 2019 12:50 PM

    Saturday, November 16, 2019

    What you want

    Life won’t go your way just because you want it to. Good things won’t fall into place just because you think you deserve them.

    What will move life in your preferred direction are all the choices you make. What will cause events to break in your favor are your preparation, commitment, focus, perseverance.

    It’s not about what you wish for, hope for, or consider yourself entitled to receive. It’s about what you do in every small moment.

    You may have plenty of opportunities, or just a few. You may have access to vast resources, or hardly any at all.

    What matters is what you do with what you have. What matters is the way you choose to make use of your time.

    Life doesn’t much care about what you want, unless you care enough to do something about it. Each day, act to honor and fulfill your great potential, and build the life you want.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper United States
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    Mon, Nov 18 2019 12:38 PM

    Monday, November 18, 2019

    Build on your beliefs

    Out of the field of all possibilities, only certain ones are possible for you to accomplish. They’re the ones you believe are possible for you.

    Just because you believe something, doesn’t make it objectively possible. Yet if it is indeed possible, your belief makes it possible for you.

    Your beliefs enable you to claim your best possibilities. Your beliefs push you, prod you, encourage you and direct you to lead your best life.

    You’ve come to believe many truths about yourself, about your skills, your strengths, your shortcomings. Imagine what would happen if you could raise those beliefs a little higher.

    Your beliefs have served you well. Now, consider pushing those beliefs beyond where they are, to where they can serve you even better.

    Build on your beliefs. And open yourself to a whole new level of positive possibilities.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper United States
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    Tue, Nov 19 2019 12:37 PM

    Tuesday, November 19, 2019

    Resist temptation

    You’re skilled at resisting temptation. Keep up the good work.

    You understand the importance of avoiding negative behavior. You’ve paid the price of regret too many times, and you’re not eager to do it again.

    So the next time temptation arrives with its powerful enticements, you know what to do. Decide to be even more powerful.

    Let your own commitment to doing what is right overpower the temptation to fall into what is wrong. Remind yourself how stubborn you can be, and utilize that stubbornness in your favor.

    You can’t always avoid encounters with temptation. Yet you can always avoid giving in to it.

    Feel the goodness of your own positive power, of your own will, of your own disciplined choice. And enjoy how much better that feels than giving in to any temptation.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper United States
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    Wed, Nov 20 2019 8:06 AM

    Wednesday, November 20, 2019

    Joy in the doing

    Joyfully do what must be done. Engage your mind, body, spirit, time, and resources in beneficial, rewarding activity.

    It’s cold, windy, and dark out there, and your bed feels so warm, so comfortable. Get up, take a deep breath, feel the energy of your life, and put that energy to use.

    Step forward, toward the challenge, into the effort. Marvel at the fresh new opportunity to make a difference, and then do it.

    This day will soon be over and when it is, here’s how you’ll feel. You’ll feel a thousand times better that you did something with it rather than wasting it.

    In the meantime, now is not the time for complaints, excuses, procrastination, or distraction. Now is your time for action, your time to live at your highest level of competence and effectiveness.

    Now is your time to discover new joy in the doing of what matters, of what makes a difference. Now, get going and get it done.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper United States
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    Thu, Nov 21 2019 7:22 AM

    Thursday, November 21, 2019

    Keep at it

    You won’t always get it right on the first attempt, or the fourth, or the fifth. But that’s no reason to give up.

    Re-affirm your commitment, and keep at it. Learn from what didn’t work, and transform that knowledge into a strategy that does work.

    Achievement is not easy, not necessarily simple, not always straightforward. Yet you can keep at it, and you can figure it out.

    If it’s important to you, then it’s worth your effort, and your persistence. Keep at it, and draw upon the strength, the wisdom, the skills you’ve spent your life building.

    The easy problems were solved a long time ago. You’re fortunate to be faced with the more stubborn challenges that lead to the most valuable rewards.

    This is your great opportunity to keep at it. Your best work is ready to be done, and your highest success waiting to be claimed.


    — Ralph Marston

  • Ladychipper United States
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    Fri, Nov 22 2019 8:45 AM

    Friday, November 22, 2019

    Your powerful thoughts

    There are so many places you can go in your mind. Go somewhere positive and empowering.

    You can explore any trail of thoughts you wish to think. Make those thoughts inspiring, uplifting, encouraging.

    You’re thinking about one thing or another all the time. Put those many thoughts to good use.

    Your thoughts have much to do with the things you notice, how you feel, and what you do with each valuable moment. Choose thoughts that serve you, and your world, best.

    Whatever you dwell on in your thoughts is what takes center stage in your awareness. With every thought, you have the opportunity to send your life in a more positive, fulfilling direction.

    Your thoughts have great influence, and what you think is up to you. Choose with care, with purpose, with love.


    — Ralph Marston