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WGT needs to stop the cheats

Sun, Mar 24 2019 10:28 AM by Robert1893. 74 replies.
  • 11BC2 United States
    555 Posts
    Fri, Mar 23 2018 2:45 PM

    I have never played anyone that was so good that he or she could shoot a perfect and certainly not a round in the low 50's.  I just don't see it.
    As others have said, lot's of people post videos.  Here's my youtube page (and many others; below is a small sample) where you can find scores of 50, 50+, VirtualTour and other stuff like CTTHs: 








  • Richard1957 United Kingdom
    3 Posts
    Fri, Mar 23 2018 3:39 PM

    I totally agree. How can you enjoy a round when some hack is hitting it to within 4' and driving stupid distances. I will be excluding anyone with "Supernatural" talents from my friends list!!! I suggest any other serious players do the same. And I would suggest that any, "Abnormal" scores be noted by WGT and the perp investigated, and expelled !!  

  • WaLk0fLiFe Canada
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    Mon, Mar 26 2018 2:54 AM
    The top players on new accounts is what kills the game faster than anything else. I know tons of people who no longer compete in anything on wgt except alt shots with close friends because their tier is filled with restarting champions. It is obvious when one pops up but very difficult for wgt to police..unfortunate. Some people reject reality and defend these players to the death as well lol
  • Kenher01 Ireland
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    Mon, Mar 26 2018 3:05 AM

    It may be common knowledge to some & not to other's but we as a team (World Cup) & as a CC had a player who we thought was legit & when the Initial accusation was leveled at him we didn't believe It (Or didn't want to) mainly because we spoke to this person via Discord (Voice App) & whilst he seemed a salt of the earth guy to speak to (Elderly man from Yorkshire, England) we had to deal with It when evidence was then brought to us & dealt with It we did.

    Needless to say he was kicked off the WC Team before he could play a game so we are down a man squad-wise (we'd rather lose out In the Group stages than get through with a cheat In the team) & he was kicked out of the club

    Obviously the prob' Is who's legit & who's not & without the smoking gun It's hard to prove but some peep's stick out like sore thumbs! :(


  • mkrizan86 United Kingdom
    1,866 Posts
    Mon, Mar 26 2018 3:47 AM


    I have been playing for many years and enjoy the game BUT I completely think its ridiculous that people are obviously using cheats to shoot crazy low rounds.  53 ?  Really.  I work my butt off and proud to shoot 60 and I'm 7 strokes back ? lmao  NO WAY.  Enough already !  Somehow someway.  So what are these people going to do when they have to play on TV with no cheats ? lol.  Ridiculous 

    1st off, shooting 60 on any single play round (let alone unlimited) on PB in those conditions would make me feel very frustrated, cause it's mean I made some very foolish mistakes or that my meter was very jumpy. And I put maybe 10% of the time and effort most elite players put in to learn this game inside out. That's a score a decent player shoots with a VT freebie ball there, not with the top end Nikes.

    I can see from your stats, how you could think those scores are strange. Sub mediocre players usually do. And they usually play with people of similar ability and game play knowledge, which only reinforces their belief, that people, who are scoring much lower than them, must be using something. Well, some do use stuff, but most don't. As others wrote (and linked), check some of the channels from top players, perhaps there's still time to learn something.


  • mkrizan86 United Kingdom
    1,866 Posts
    Mon, Mar 26 2018 3:57 AM


    60 is just the start of good scoring...............


    Weird how out of 22 million users and 70,000 CC their is only a couple hundred able to do it.

    Then there are those that can shoot under 5 feet on a 9 hole Closest to the pin tournament but seem to be average when playing with them live.


    Just one more in the long line of brilliant and informative comments by the "clueless brigade". 

    1. I doubt there are over 100.000 active players.

    2. The CTTH scores you see from other players on your FL, when you finish a round, are their possible bests (just as you can see your possible best in your scorecard). Which means they're the sum of their best score only on every individual hole. When someone plays a course 200 times, he's bound to hit it within inches on every hole at least once (not in the same round, of course). But that's the total you'll see as their "score", when you finish your round and you're asked, if you'd like to issue a challenge.

    Any chance you'd actually get informed next time, before you start writing silly stuff, you trumpet?


    P.S.: As for only a couple of hundred being able to score low. We have about 50 in our CC, that can score in the mid to low 50s at times, but around 15, who can score mid 50s regularly. There are probably somewhere around 500 active players, who could do that. as for the rest, mediocrity is always in the vast majority, according to Gauss ;-)

  • odl75 Germany
    295 Posts
    Mon, Mar 26 2018 9:35 AM

    cheater ....... yawn ^^  

    WGT  have meter stats , they can prove all scores ....--i hope^^


    vgxwobow png.htm

    vgxwobow png.htm


    cheers  Rob

  • mkrizan86 United Kingdom
    1,866 Posts
    Tue, Mar 27 2018 3:08 PM


    cheater ....... yawn ^^  

    WGT  have meter stats , they can prove all scores ....--i hope^^


    vgxwobow png.htm

    vgxwobow png.htm


    cheers  Rob


    Nice round ;-) I'd hate to be drawn against you in that bracket, but if you ever do that against me, I'd appreciate a note, so I can save 25 minutes and 70 cr worth of ball hits ;-)

    Btw, thank you for the tip about switching to mobile, when the dreaded blue screen appears. I've only tried playing on my phone once and hated it, but I'll definitely try that, if (when) it happens again.

    P.S.: Now I know you're an off ding putter (like me), no way a dinger could score 53 with only 20 dings all round, lol


  • fatdan United States
    3,378 Posts
    Tue, Mar 27 2018 4:02 PM


    I would take issue with this. Cheat devices, yes, but not codes. Those would have had to have been programmed into the game from the start. I can't see WGT doing that. 

    Actually it is just the opposite...

    The only cheats that really work are the ones with the actual game code overwritten...some buy it, some write it, but with a little bit of tech savvy it is very easily done should you choose to...

    if you have the right scrips and want to take the time to do it, you could shoot a 49 in a high wind RG at Chambers LMAO

    However, that isn't why people can shoot low 50's, they are just THAT good at this game.....


  • fatdan United States
    3,378 Posts
    Tue, Mar 27 2018 4:26 PM

    dbl post