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9th Year Bash

Tue, Feb 6 2018 3:56 PM by opyeuclid. 116 replies.
  • yobooya United States
    886 Posts
    Thu, Jan 25 2018 5:39 AM

    With much pride, I've turned in a sterling 43, with a very nice 5 putt on the first par 3! Thanks for a fun time Opy, enjoyed havin' Becky drag my bag for me and the twins runnin' for beer! Both carts were out, so I had to rest every other shot.  All in all, a memorable experience!


  • patriciawilliams Canada
    3,265 Posts
    Fri, Jan 26 2018 8:17 PM

    Nice Work Opy! I'll definitely make it next rock :)))

  • mystry78 United States
    798 Posts
    Sat, Jan 27 2018 8:11 AM

    In with a 33 in my very first uel round, no restarts.

    This was a blast Opy, thanks and congrats!


  • amateur4sure United Kingdom
    1,966 Posts
    Sat, Jan 27 2018 9:18 AM

    Well Opy that was a blast and a half, I went round last night and am currently laying in 482nd place with my 35 lol

    I decided to go out with cheapo balls for the heck of it oh boy I may have to go around again :-)

    Great spin and fun Opy.. Thanks a lot mate for putting this on..!


  • alcaucin Spain
    9,041 Posts
    Sat, Jan 27 2018 2:41 PM



    Unfortunately it's UELs Unlimited.

    FIFY Jim ;-)

    That's how you fix it for your view, Andy.  I couldn't care less that it's unlimited

    Well I'm not in the habit of posting someone else's viewpoint Jim..

    ( Only telling them what they Should have )  ;-)))

    Sorry Ope..I just refuse to do unlimited play ;-/

    Thanks for hosting this event bud and disperse 2000 credits as u see fit..

    Maybe to some members on the 3rd o 4th page ?

    Let's hope we ALL have many more years here...



  • renniw52 United States
    5,385 Posts
    Mon, Jan 29 2018 10:29 AM

     I'm with you Andy. I shot one round and left it there. It was a hoot and I truly hope all had fun. Thank you Opyness.

  • opyeuclid United States
    6,282 Posts
    Thu, Feb 1 2018 4:23 PM

    Update ,,  Sorry all ,, bin down with the flu .. 

    Random names have been picked from the hat ,  I have sent  PM,s to said winners for the 3 prizes , I will need a address to send your prize to .  If a said player does not want to give me a address another player will be picked from the hat .

    Thank you all for joining in for a game with me on my 9th year here in WGT land . 

    Thank you to the Team at WGT for the help setting up this game for all to play. 

    OPY .

  • opyeuclid United States
    6,282 Posts
    Thu, Feb 1 2018 4:48 PM

    Thank you Sir . hat pick #1  I am glad you had fun with the OPY,s  9th year bash . I will be more than happy to pass on the prize and pick another name from the hat .


  • opyeuclid United States
    6,282 Posts
    Thu, Feb 1 2018 4:59 PM

    And the same to you ,  hat pick #2 , it was a fun set up twisted as it was , That was the plan , I am glad you had fun and hope to see you next year .  Another name will be be picked from the hat .


  • opyeuclid United States
    6,282 Posts
    Thu, Feb 1 2018 5:12 PM

    Edit ..  The 3 winners names will be put into a blender .  The  Prizes are packed and ready for shipping ,  It will be a random who gets what .