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Loading issues

Wed, Jul 17 2019 4:59 PM by Sticks050. 13 replies.
  • Glen9991 Canada
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    Tue, Jan 2 2018 2:05 PM

    ok WGT time to deal with your loading issues. It’s getting annoying sitting there waiting for the download and all that comes up is your message download issue, check your connection. Well my connection is fine and always has been, I’m a level 93 and all was fine until the format was changes and almost everyone I talk to has the same issue.

    the most annoying is waiting for reverse view, it has timed me out several times and I just lost a game waiting for it.

    356 Posts
    Thu, Jan 4 2018 6:11 AM

    Load Manager Error prevents January CTTH at Olympic from opening. Looking at the small number of players who've posted scores it appears obvious which end has the problem.

  • AlaskanDame United States
    10,064 Posts
    Thu, Jan 4 2018 8:02 AM

    I have to "knock on the door" about ten times, usually, to just get on initially.  Am set up with "remember me," as have been for years now, but it seems not to help any more. Have page in cache; doesn't matter either. Rarely can post a message or make a tourney on first try either.  Get timed out and "need to reload" message from my browser.  Just in past month. . .and that doesn't even count "all tee times taken, wait 60 seconds."  The last is a server load problem, but the others seem to relate to connectivity.  What's changed at wgt end on that?

  • Dbocho United States
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    Thu, Jan 4 2018 9:37 AM

    I play on the phone and can barely get through a game if I'm lucky lately. 

    All other apps and websites play fine - would love any suggestions.

  • borntobesting United States
    8,396 Posts
    Thu, Jan 4 2018 11:14 PM


    Load Manager Error prevents January CTTH at Olympic from opening. Looking at the small number of players who've posted scores it appears obvious which end has the problem.

    Yes at least on the web side of the game. I tried several times  using several different browsers with the same results. The last time I just shut down. Then tonight when I got to work I started the mobile app and as the stuck game was still active I tried loading it on mobile and it worked fine. I played rather poorly but as bad as my score was I was in the top 10. So the web side must still be messed up.

    i just checked the leaderboard. So far only 6 of us have managed to play it. Most likely all on mobile.

  • Glen9991 Canada
    15 Posts
    Fri, Jan 5 2018 6:50 AM

    They have me in the diamond one division. I am a master, but in there I play mostly legends & tour masters. I manage to win a few games, but most of the time they win. To my surprise they ranked me #1. The following week the same, probably lost 70% of my games and was ranked #12. Something wrong for sure

  • eero070 Vietnam
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    Tue, Jan 9 2018 8:56 PM
    Totally agree. Waiting for reverse view is one of the most annoying parts. - Yahoo mail login -
  • DonCaron United States
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    Wed, Jan 10 2018 11:01 AM

    On Pc its been slow. If its like this in the Clash, forget it

  • BHenke2 United States
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    Thu, Jan 11 2018 7:31 AM

    Mine has been running somewhat slow but today when I first logged in it will barely load. I am still waiting for it to load the course and it has been at least 5-10 minutes. I have tried different browsers and it is the same. Other websites are working fine with no issues. 

  • Lute345 United States
    2,464 Posts
    Thu, Jan 11 2018 10:36 AM

    I contacted Members Services about this issue and they claim there isn't any problems with their servers!! They politely reminded me to clear my caches and clean my cookies!! As BHenke2 stated, all other websites ae fine, only WGT is slower than molasses and they won't acknowledge they're having any issues!!

    So just admit you've got way too many gizmos and gadgets running on the Mobile side which is effecting the PC side!! This problem began after the last "Downtime" back in Dec.!! When coincidently is when they added all those goofy features to the Mobile side too!!