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"The Old Duffers Retreat CC"

Tue, Nov 19 2019 11:23 AM by dandycap. 195 replies.
  • Rightin United States
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    Fri, Sep 14 2018 3:17 PM

    Looking for a country club? check out "The Old Duffers Retreat", also check out the owners home page: saltyoldtar     When I was searching for a new CC, I went to saltyoldtar home page and contacted him with a short message, when I was accepted into ODR, I was truly amazed. ODR; I thank you Salty and all our Directors.

    I take my hat off to ODR, I'm proud to call you my home.


  • dandycap United States
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    Sun, Sep 16 2018 4:47 PM

    Big game tonight.    There is usually 9-12 playing using discord.    We break the players into 2 or 3 groups, go into different rooms and play the same course.    In the end, compare scores.   Sorry...  no prizes but it's always double the fun.     Join us.   Plenty of room for everyone.                   --     just dandy

  • dandycap United States
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    Tue, Sep 18 2018 4:37 PM

    Get your numbers here for tonight's lottery.    Lots of lucky numbers pop up.

  • dandycap United States
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    Fri, Sep 21 2018 12:51 PM

                   All the numbers are here.     You might have to rearrange them.


  • dandycap United States
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    Sat, Sep 29 2018 1:55 PM

       To save you time, this is a re-cap of the preceding pages.

       The Old Duffers Retreat country club is nearing 7 years as a top country club in WGT.   Saltyoldtar, founder and still owner, continues to serve his members extremely well.   We are a level 20 country club with 240 members at the moment.

       There are approximately 20 tournaments running at all times.   Custom courses are popular because only the host knows which hole comes next and they help earn the club more xp's.   We have all the tee markers available so you look good when driving for show.

       There are a number of old duffers that belong to a cc just to receive the putter pal & shot pal.   Great!   I use to be one.   Every ODR member counts.   Your ODR experience is a true fantasy get-a-way. 

       In the Old Duffers Retreat some members are using Discord which is a way of talking to other members, live.    It has become popular amongst approximately 15 members.

       If the addiction bug has got-cha than leveling up to purchase better equipment is much, much faster here at The Old Duffers Retreat CC.

       You'll find all the fun and excitement right here @ the ODR.   There is no high maintenance or pressure.   Of coarse, free to join.    The best deal.

          Joe     PR director @ ODR

  • Titulescu Ireland
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    Sun, Sep 30 2018 2:13 AM

    Recently joined the club and I'm delighted that I did, lots of activities, club tournaments to suit all levels above tour pro, a very active Forum, and plenty of support from the members.

    I would recommend the ODR to players who want to get involved in the team, and have a love of the game both real and virtual.

  • dandycap United States
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    Sun, Sep 30 2018 6:00 AM

    bump & run

  • Tomr789 United States
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    Tue, Oct 2 2018 1:35 PM

    I was in another club (that shall remain nameless) for quite some time. Got fed up with the actions of the new director and came here. 

    Wish that I would have made the move much sooner!  Great club!!!!!!!!!!


  • nolongerlonger United States
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    Tue, Oct 2 2018 2:55 PM

    Around the first of December 2017 I received an inquiry concerning the benefits of belonging to a Country Club and the disadvantages of same.  This WGT Member level 96, was looking for a fast tract to level 103 so he could secure a certain Driver. After pointing out the benefits of belonging to a quality Country Club, he was a tad doubtful but decided to join and get it a try.  Now this relative new member of The Old Duffers Retreat has reached the number 2 slot in our Country Club  of 240 Members with almost 11,000,000 Club Experience Points and stands at level 140 having dropped his average almost 6 points and going from Legend to Champion. Is he enjoying Country Club life?   YES.  

    There are many advantages of belonging to any Country Club.  We have a few openings and accepting members in Pro Tier and above.  Only one requirement; you must play golf as we are not a cemetary of non players.  We are a level 20 Country Club and considered to be one of the best Country Clubs in WGT land.  

    Absolutely no cost to joining and if you are unhappy in any Country Club the decision to leave the Country Club is your with only a click of the mouse  on the "leave Country Club" button on your Profile Page.

    Join today and see what you have been missing.  We will welcome you with a welcome fit for royalty.  See for yourself.  

    nolongerlonger / David

    ODR Club Director

  • dandycap United States
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    Sun, Oct 7 2018 1:33 PM


                                       FREE >>>   SHOT PAL & PUTTER PAL

    This is the biggest reason, I can think of, to join The Old Duffers Retreat CC.   No running to the pro shop for something that is automatically given to you.   Hope i got your attention because some of you have never joined a country club.   Once I did and couldn't believe it took me so long.   Please make us your first choice.   We are honest to goodness, down to earth, home town good folks.   

       Joe    director @ ODR