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Fairway Fanatic's wants you!

Mon, Oct 14 2019 6:06 AM by TSSparky72. 262 replies.
  • Williams01210021 United Kingdom
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    Mon, Oct 1 2018 9:02 AM

    Our Captains Day is underway. Already we have tons off events going on. At the moment there is over 2000 credits in prize fund up for grabs in various tournaments for all different tiers. Plus handicap events and much more with prizes of balls and even some new clubs. 

    Our Winter Tour and League have also just started. Almost 50 people signed up for each of them. Still a great time to join us as you will still have plenty to do and play and by the time we start our new Spring Season in January you would be settled in and all ready to go. 

    Still got stuff coming up before then though like Emily's Pairs Cup and last Fanatic Standing, plus our monthly majors and our special 12 days of Christmas event. But who cares about all that when we are celebrating our captains day all this week! Come join the fun!

  • Williams01210021 United Kingdom
    1,218 Posts
    Thu, Oct 4 2018 1:02 PM

    This is what we have going on at the mo in the club.

    20 tournaments.

    Emily's Everest (Tour Led/Champ)(4 single rounds)(500 credit prize fund)

    Emily's Everest (Legend)(4 single rounds)(250 credit prize fund)

    Emily's Everest (Tour Master and below)(4 single rounds)(150 credit prize fund)

    Winter League Home Fixture (Part of our stroke play league which has 5 divisions and 2 cups)

    Winter League Away Fixture

    Winter Grand Prix Tour (Race 1 Qualifying) (part of our winter Tour)

    Captains Shield (Tour master and below)(Handicaps)(Sleeve of balls/new club for winner)

    Captains Shield (Legend+)(Handicaps)(Sleeve of balls for winner)

    Captains Bracket (Legend+)(200 credits for the winner)

    Captains Bracket (Tour master and below(200 credits for the winner)

    Captains Putt (Beat the captains score to be in the draw for a sleeve of balls)

    Lady Captains Cup (Tour master and below) 500 credit prize fund

    Academy captain (for all our academy members)(New club for winner)

    Fanatic ashes (one of the overs for our Ashes series thats ongoing between uk and Row)

    Captains Coup (Beat the captains ctth score to be in the draw for a sleeve of balls)

    Captains Choice (Legends only Ctth bracket)(200 credits for winner)

    Mikey's Monthly Masters Challenge (2 rounds)(Master and tour master)(400 credits prize)

    LTA ( Our only red tee tournament for people looking to tier up)

    Max xp 1 (our xp glitch tourney)

    Max xp 2 (our xp glitch tourney)


    So thats 2400 credits, 2x new clubs, 4 sleeve of balls. Not bad give away for our captains day!!!! plus still the major to go that starts saturday. Another 3000 credits split into 3 groups up for grabs!

    All this is only possible thanks to the great members of the club who have helped out.

    Dont miss out on all this and all the fun!

  • Williams01210021 United Kingdom
    1,218 Posts
    Sat, Oct 6 2018 4:18 AM

    up to 24 tournaments going on now. Our Major for the month is underway now as well! Plus a clash thank you. We do a little thank you after each clash, we select one tier group and they have a little single tournament with some credits up for grabs. Just our way of saying thanks and helping people out and giving them some chances of winning some credits. 


  • Williams01210021 United Kingdom
    1,218 Posts
    Sun, Oct 7 2018 12:34 PM

    Next months Major's trophy is looking nice and shinny. Join now to be part of this great club and enter our amazing tournaments.

  • Williams01210021 United Kingdom
    1,218 Posts
    Wed, Oct 10 2018 5:55 AM

    our Captains week has finished, what a great week we had, Tons of events going on, brackets, Beat the Captain Ctth plus a great event for our academy members. We gave away 5 sleeves of balls, a new 3 wood, a new driver and a ton of credits! 

    We have these fun days around 4 times a year so join up now and be settled in the club for when the next one comes around!

  • Williams01210021 United Kingdom
    1,218 Posts
    Fri, Oct 12 2018 1:05 AM

    Our 2019 major list is already up. Each of these monthly majors are great fun. Around 60/70 members play each time. Always a good amount of credits up fro grabs, minimum 1000 and sometimes 2000 or even like this months 3000! We split them up somtimes to so gives more people a chance of winning some. This month we have 3 tier groups, TL+, Legend and tm and below, all with 1000 credits up for grabs for the top 10, so 30 people are getting paid. 

    Along with that we have our team event for each major, again each month the differ, i balanced the teams to try make it fair for all of them, They mix from averages of everyone, to each team member playing a certain round etc etc. 

    Also during these majors theres bonus prizes up for grabs. The first Hole in on during a major round gets a sleeve of balls. If your lucky and its on the Bonus jackpot hole then you get any prize you want from the pro shop!!! So basically a 5k prize potentially. If that wasnt enough we also do a prize of a new club like a 3 wood or wedge to the best tour master and below finisher! 

    These majors are our flagship events. Trophies for the winners. A few are handicap or limited to certain members but the majority are open to all. All single rounds, all of proper tee's as well so a true test!

    Come join us and be part of these and the many more we have going on here at Fairway Fanatic's.

  • EagleEmiIy United Kingdom
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    Sat, Oct 13 2018 11:45 PM

    As always very organised hun. Everything gets planned months in advance which is why they run so smoothly in the club. 



  • Williams01210021 United Kingdom
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    Tue, Oct 16 2018 11:13 PM

    Ta Emily.

    Yep next years Tours are already planned.

    Spring Super Bowl Tour

    Summer World Cup Tour

    Autumn Tour De Fanatic

    Winter Olympic's Tour

    4 great tours lasting 3 months each. The Spring one is even a Team event for the first time. All have great unique events for them and great prizes for all tiers. 

    Come join and be part of these great Tours.

  • Inthehole167 United States
    4 Posts
    Thu, Oct 18 2018 4:58 AM

    Hopefully I’m not duplicating this not sure if I accidentally sent the other one or not 🙄 but I’m looking for another CC to join seeing as how my present one is not very active. After looking through the forums I thought I’d ask you guys if I could get an invite! I’m active daily on my phone. Thanks 😉

  • EagleEmiIy United Kingdom
    443 Posts
    Thu, Oct 18 2018 1:58 PM

    invite sent hun.