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Erin Hills - normal stroke play

Wed, Jul 5 2017 5:46 PM by JCKelsey. 21 replies.
  • Enigmatist United Kingdom
    54 Posts
    Thu, Jun 1 2017 5:10 AM


    When does Erin Hills become a regular course to play on by choosing the "thumbnail" from the home page?  I assumed that it would be from the 1st June. 




  • lonniescott711 United States
    4,061 Posts
    Thu, Jun 1 2017 5:58 AM

    We wont get full access to it until after the US Open is played both the real and the virtual one as well . The virtual open will start next month so it will be after then if my memory is correct .

  • micheldess France
    819 Posts
    Fri, Jun 16 2017 5:35 PM

    Yes, it will be good to have the full acces to learn the course 

    I struggle so much to find  the right distance on approachs on Erin Hills.

  • Robert1893 United States
    5,857 Posts
    Fri, Jun 16 2017 5:48 PM

    There's at least still one thread out there with a back door that seems to work. Just use the search function. I just tried it.

    I can launch it in my browser, close it out, and then restart the game on my iPad.

  • twinponds169 United States
    2,071 Posts
    Fri, Jun 16 2017 6:37 PM

    I have been playing Erin with club mates most every night, in stroke, skins, match play or alt shot mode.

    Just open the game client, then click on Match Play, then click on the Erin Hills picture icon, first one on the top left. That will go to the VUSO main page in the game client, from there click on "Experience Erin Hills". then click on "Create A Group", then click on the game mode you want to play, set your shot clock, timeouts, etc. Then click "Create Game" and invite your friends.

  • micheldess France
    819 Posts
    Fri, Jun 16 2017 6:57 PM

    Ty's Robert and twinponds

    I play some matchplay or alternate games in Erin hills, it's for that i say i don't find the right distance.

    So what i need is the solo practice mode to hit the same shots many time and see the reaction, it's available too ?

  • micheldess France
    819 Posts
    Sat, Jun 17 2017 4:11 PM

    No, finally that don't work.....................

    No option available for solo practice round

  • alanti Australia
    10,530 Posts
    Sun, Jun 18 2017 2:03 AM

    The back door links only allow ranked rounds to my knowledge (I have only played the course twice -1 x F9 and 1x B9.

    It appears you can play in practice mode in a multiplayer game though......

    On the main game client under explore courses (left bottom) click on see all courses.

    This brings up create group and then choose your options. This is also how you set up A/S obviously.

    I presume if a mate joins, he could bail on the first leaving you to play the round out.

    Not sure if it is possible in single player mode though....someone might have worked out a way in....but why bother, just play it as ranked via the back door links.


  • bubbsboy United Kingdom
    6,869 Posts
    Sun, Jun 18 2017 2:25 AM

    I will be doing our 13 week Summer Tour soon so I will incorporate erin as I'm sure it will be available soon.

    I said when I first played course that it bored me to death and my views are the same now.

    Pity and painfully for me it will be replacing the slots vacated by Oakmont.

    UUnless I leave it out and the members don't notice :-)

  • YankeeJim United States
    25,479 Posts
    Sun, Jun 18 2017 8:41 AM

    Not sure if it is possible in single player mode though....someone might have worked out a way in

    The link is on my profile page.  :-)