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TZL 2017 - Congrats to Champions, The Georgian and Thanks Again All for Playing

Sat, Nov 18 2017 7:33 AM by callaghan159. 289 replies.
  • Rossembo
    897 Posts
    Sun, Jul 16 2017 12:13 PM

    Rossembo v Dubfore.

    Close game with daylight robbery committed at the end of the match.

    Some great putts and some others .

    Ross birdied 18 to beat Michael by 1 hole .

    Thanks for a pleasant , fast round.


  • Dubfore Ireland
    4,209 Posts
    Sun, Jul 16 2017 4:50 PM

    This was a great and close match and thoroughly enjoyed, but I think I let one go here. After 7 holes we  were all square, Ross getting back the 2 holes I had from the start.

    I was soon one down, then all of a sudden by the 15th  I was 1 up after two nice birdies, but messed up on 17 and 18, losing both to par and a nice birdie by Ross to win 1Up.

    I think we've both played better on Kiawah.

    Disappointed I didn't get a least a half.


  • etienne5361 Aruba
    1,015 Posts
    Mon, Jul 17 2017 3:05 AM


    I see only scores from 2 teams, did the other teams stop playing or ....?

    Whts going on ?


  • billyirl Ireland
    519 Posts
    Mon, Jul 17 2017 3:53 AM

    Result from July Matchplay

    Gasur (FPCC) v etienne5361 (G)

    Hi All,

    I played my match against Etienne this evening. The match ended all flat (i received my two shots at the start too!!). Half point each. I presume that is an acceptable score or should we have played extra holes? Poor enough quality match. I had a sticky meter and lost a ball as a result which meant I played the last 5 holes with starter balls (don't ask how i managed to let that happen!!). Regardless played the last 5 in -2 and got a half.


    Gasur A/S   V    A/S etienne5361

    1/2 point to  each team

  • etienne5361 Aruba
    1,015 Posts
    Wed, Jul 19 2017 2:49 AM

    To Billyirl.


    A few players are complaining tht the friend request are still open

    and not accepted?!

    Can you ask around in your team why ? Hvac should be 1 of them.



  • jetrep7 United States
    783 Posts
    Wed, Jul 19 2017 4:24 AM

                              TZL Round 4 ... UFVG vs Craven Dale CC 

                                      Match Play  : Kiawah Island

            Six matches played so far. Close competition, good people, fun play.


                 johhnnie99 . UFVG . C    def    Iron62 . Craven Dale CC . C  .  2 up

         WVHacker  . Craven Dale CC . C   def   snatchemup . UFVG . L  . 5 and 4

            jetrep7   .  UFVG  .  L    def    Tex0213  .  Craven Dale CC . L  .  3 and 2

          SylvainH1  .  UFVG  .  L    def    Bluehawk3  .  Craven Dale CC . TM  .  1 up

          0987654321A  .  Craven Dale CC .  L  /   KDH1001  .  UFVG  . L  . Tied after 18

          53willow  .  Craven Dale CC . L     def    Jim5306  .  UFVG  . L  .  3 and 2


           Total score  following six matches : UFVG  3 1/2    Craven Dale CC  2 1/2.


  • jetrep7 United States
    783 Posts
    Wed, Jul 19 2017 4:26 AM

    snatchenup (UFVG) reported ...

    Played my match with WVHacker. A great man and I appreciate his service to our Country. He is not a hacker. He smoked me 5 and 4. I had a great time and enjoyed the fun even if I got beat badly.


  • jetrep7 United States
    783 Posts
    Wed, Jul 19 2017 4:29 AM

    SylvainH1 (UFVG) reported ...

    Played my match with Bluehawk3 

    A very nice man and player

    One hole conceded.

    I appreciated  that match.   Sylvain....1 up  vs Bluehawk3

  • jetrep7 United States
    783 Posts
    Wed, Jul 19 2017 4:31 AM

    johhnnie99 (UFVG) reported ...

    Thank *** thats over  ( ID RATHER PLAY CATCHUP LOL )

    Played my match round with Iron62 tonight .

    Gr8 guy to play golf with.

    I was 3 up from the 7th to the 12th then he won the 13th and 16th to get back to within 1 but i won the 18th to win by 2.

    johhnnie99 (ufvg) 2 up -v- iron62  (cravendale)



  • jetrep7 United States
    783 Posts
    Wed, Jul 19 2017 4:33 AM

    Jim5306 (UFVG)  reported ...

    Played my match against 53Willow at Kiawah on 7/16, he was clearly the better player.

    53Willow - 3 up over Jim5306