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TZL 2017 - Congrats to Champions, The Georgian and Thanks Again All for Playing

Sat, Nov 18 2017 7:33 AM by callaghan159. 289 replies.
  • jetrep7 United States
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    Mon, Jun 5 2017 4:34 AM

    snatchemup reports ...

    Played Ronniebjannamon tonight. He shot a -8 64 and I had a -7 65. I believe with the strokes I get the win. A really nice guy and we had fun trying to help each other win. We both had a couple of bad holes. It was a fun time.



    6/4/2017 at WGT Best of Famous

     Ronniebjannamon ... The Georgian ... C ... 64

    snatchemup ... UFVG ... L ... 65 - 3 =  62

     No replays recorded.

  • Dubfore Ireland
    4,210 Posts
    Tue, Jun 6 2017 12:58 PM

    Another close match, thanks all.

    I spot a typo there Jetrep, Ronnie...   is a Champion.  

  • Dubfore Ireland
    4,210 Posts
    Tue, Jun 6 2017 1:16 PM

    Will all players note.

    The Shot of the Round is CANCELLED.   The draw for the sleeves will be announced soon.

  • jetrep7 United States
    786 Posts
    Tue, Jun 6 2017 1:18 PM

    yer right ... fixed

  • Sirbugger Australia
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    Tue, Jun 6 2017 8:03 PM

    Round 3 Georgian Vs UFVG

    Sirbugger 63 def Labossm 72

    enjoyed the round ,was a very pleasant game 

  • jetrep7 United States
    786 Posts
    Wed, Jun 7 2017 3:06 AM

    labossm reported ...

    My Best of Famous game against The Georgian Club's Sirbugger:

    UFVG - Mike ( labossm ) - L  shot a 72

    Georgian - Jim ( Sirbugger ) - L shot a 63

    Terrible front 9 for me, down by 6, the back wasn't much better. Definitely no replays for me. Jim played a damn good game, nice guy too, we had a few laughs, good fun.


  • AQUAWRAP United States
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    Fri, Jun 9 2017 7:18 AM

    My match with ROSSEMBO was a close 1. I lost a ball in the water on the front 9 but managed to save par. He had a gr8 eagle shot, hope he saved it, we were basically even at the turn. Real nice chap from Scotland, enjoyed the match except for the outcome, lol.


    ROSSEMBO- CHAMPION      a solid 60.


  • Rossembo
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    Fri, Jun 9 2017 1:37 PM

    Aquawrap(UFVG) v Rossembo (The Georgian) at Best of Famous Holes.

    61 - 60 , so a very close game.

    Could have gone either way .


  • stefke1969 Belgium
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    Fri, Jun 9 2017 2:52 PM

    I just won my match against johhnnie99. i played a very very good game and i was -12 after 12 holes with only 1 par and Eagle on hole 10. then i hit 2 pars on hole 13 and 14 and birdie 15 , 16 , 17 and 18. i ended my gme with -16. on 18 hole stroke play, back tee, moderate wind, champions green, is this my best game ever !!!!!!!

    My opponent was very unlucky with the putting but he is a real good player.


    the score at the end was:


    stefke1969    56

    johhnnie99    64


  • phred952 United States
    2,708 Posts
    Fri, Jun 9 2017 5:12 PM

    FPGC Vs Craven Dale.  Phred952 (Jeff) (L) 66 Vs  53willow (Warren) (L) 67.  I got lucky and won 66 to 67, but it was more due to Warren having meter issues which effected some of his shots.  

    Both of us were a bit better on the F9 than the B9.  We had a good, enjoyable round and were fairly well matched, but I would need a better game than I had today to beat Warren with a smooth meter.  

    Jeff (phred952)