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Erin Hills

Tue, May 9 2017 3:54 AM by nanstar. 54 replies.
  • birchi Germany
    1,413 Posts
    Fri, Apr 28 2017 5:49 AM

    rather boring course. only difficulty is the length, if you hit your dings a very low score seems to be guaranteed. greens don't seem very tricky and you basically can't play a bogey here because there's no rough around the greens

  • zagraniczniak United States
    1,981 Posts
    Fri, Apr 28 2017 7:19 AM

    Erin Hills back door

    Thanks, Dave. As this happens every year, I've come to the conclusion that WGT builds this in as a treat for the tech-savvy or just the flaneurs strolling about the forums.

  • peoch Sweden
    1,126 Posts
    Fri, Apr 28 2017 7:21 AM

    LOL  stop crying b happy for something new. Nice job WGT.

  • Als6437 United States
    428 Posts
    Fri, Apr 28 2017 7:36 AM


    Thank you for the link!


  • K7JBQ United States
    1,417 Posts
    Fri, Apr 28 2017 8:53 AM

    Thanks. Dave. Neat to play the course "early." My first impression: Those who compare it to CB are wrong. Erin Hills is much nicer. Didn't putt worth a damn, but a fun track to play.

    I sent the link to my club members. Thanks again.

  • BrentAndrew United States
    16 Posts
    Fri, Apr 28 2017 9:27 AM

    Personally, I was a bit underwhelmed by the course. I find Chambers Bay to be more interesting as far as variety of holes,as well as challenge...and that's my problem with this course. Every hole seems to be a long semi blind drive over fescue,to a green protected in the front by a long skinny bunker. Once at the greens, I found them to be fairly uninspiring contour wise compared to other U.S. Open courses. Maybe on uneven lies, or on my normal tee boxes this course will really show itself,but so far I rank it near the bottom of U.S. Open venues. 

  • skccvb United States
    773 Posts
    Fri, Apr 28 2017 12:01 PM

    Well, at over 8000 yards, it is the longest course we will play to date, however it doesn't seem to play as long as CB. And the greens are much easier, you can hit above hole and not be overly penalized. Some driveable par 4's but many over 500 yards. All par 5's are over 600 yards so eagles will be rare. Finishing hole is almost 700 yard par 5, so no gaurantee of birdie. I will say the camera angles, for once, are very good for approaches. 

    I liked the course on first impression, not as boring as it seemed in CTTH. Need to be very strategic on longer holes. Compared to most US Open venues, birdies will be much more plentiful and you really have to be wayward to be in the rough off the tee. I expect very low scores from the pros if the wind is not a major factor. 

  • Dougie4042 United States
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    Fri, Apr 28 2017 11:24 PM

    Lol!  This course is easier that sh*t to play.  I'm telling you, 55 will be the cut. Guarantee it.  I half-arsed my way through it and still shot a 64.

  • wpjones United States
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    Fri, Apr 28 2017 11:45 PM

    I just got to play a challenge on Erin Hills from my friend, ncjohn.  Where do I go to get to play full 18?  Can't seem to find anything but the CTTH Tournaments.  wpjones, GHCC owner.