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Wed, Feb 1 2017 9:38 AM by maoriand1. 7 replies.
  • livalli Italy
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    Tue, Jan 24 2017 9:21 AM

    Registration are open to : / Le registrazioni sono aperte a :


    Play online on WGT™, enter your scorecard on the App WGolf Tournaments and try to win fantastic prizes. 

    First Category (Legend - Tour Legend - Champion)

    1° - 1500 credits + GOLF MUG

    2° - 1000 credits 

    3° - 500 credits

    Second Category (Tour Pro - Master - Tour Master)

    1° - 1000 credits + GOLF MUG

    2° - 650 credits

    3° - 350 credits

    Third Category (Hack - Amateur - Pro)

    1° - 750 credits + GOLF MUG

    2° - 500 credits

    3° - 250 credits

    All credits will be shared in -WGT Pro-Shop- in any product.



    If you are registered and playing on WGT.COM download from Apple Store or Google Play Store the App WGolf Tournaments, free sign up using your Nickname as in WGT™ and from the startup screen select WGOLF MAJOR FEB. 2017. 

    When you will be in you will find all the game information and the possibility to enter your scorecard in a simple and quick way.

    In the February month are foreseen 4 Rounds (R1, R2, R3, R4).

    Every Round will be played on the WK tournament of WGT™ :

    R1 = WK 05 / 18 holes - Stroke Play

    R2 = WK 06 / 18 holes - Stroke Play

    R3 = WK 07 / 18 holes - Stroke Play

    R4 = WK 08 / 18 holes - Stroke Play

    When the tournament on WGT™ will be available automatically will be possible to register the scorecard inside the App. The winner will be who will achieve the best score adding up the 4 rounds result. Every Players has to play online on and entering the scores hole by hole inside the App scorecard.

    Every end of week, Wgolf Tournaments Staff will check every single score and will proceed to confirm the score. Every confirmed score will compete for making a good score to every single player. Inside the App every one has possibility to see in real time the Leaderboard of every registered players.

    To sum up:

    -        Look on the App the exact name of the Tournaments to play on WGT

    -        Play online on

    -        Edit the scorecard on Wgolf Tournaments App entering the scores hole by hole obtained in the on-line game on WGT™


    -        Every players has to have the same Nickname used in WGT™ also in App

    -        Every players has to edit the scorecard for every single Round

    -        The scorecard must be saved at the end of the Round done

    -        Wgolf Staff will confirm your result after checking your result on WGT™

    -        The scorecard can be rectify up to the end of the timing of every single Round

    -        When the Timing of every single Round expired will be not any more possible to rectify the scorecard

    -        Only the Players taking part in the 4 Rounds and having it confirmed will compete for a Prize

    In case of even score these rules will be decide the winner:

    -        1st – a lower score on Round 4

    -        2nd – a lower score on Round 3

    -        3nd – a lower score on Round 2

    -        4th – a lower score on Round 1

    -        5th – a lower Saving Time on Round 4

    -        6th – a lower Saving Time on Round 3

    -        7th – a lower Saving Time on Round 2

    -        8th – a lower Saving Time on Round 1

    -        9th – Still even score : prizes will divided fairly

    The Wgolf Tournaments Staff has the right to validate or invalidate a score result if not possible to verify itself on WGT™. The Winners have to comunicate by mail to a P.O.Box or address where to send the prizes, meanwhile for prizes in Credits please write which kind of product chosen on the WGT™ platform. In case of non-comunication within 7 days from the end of the Tournament the prizes will be not any more available and it will reproposed in the next Monthly Tournament.

  • maoriand1 Italy
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    Wed, Jan 25 2017 10:03 AM

    great livalli...

    sei un professionista :)


  • popgli Italy
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    Wed, Jan 25 2017 10:15 AM

    great tournament!!!

    I'll sure play it.


  • boeling Thailand
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    Wed, Jan 25 2017 6:06 PM

    hey, i have no mobile phone , 

  • livalli Italy
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    Thu, Jan 26 2017 5:21 AM


    hey, i have no mobile phone , 

    I wrote u how to do it, bye

  • maoriand1 Italy
    1,191 Posts
    Sat, Jan 28 2017 2:35 AM

    boe...u can download "bluestack"'s an emulator to download all the app for phone on pc..  

  • maoriand1 Italy
    1,191 Posts
    Mon, Jan 30 2017 12:04 AM

    Come on guys..

    31 Players registered.. u have Till The first week of fabruary. 

  • maoriand1 Italy
    1,191 Posts
    Wed, Feb 1 2017 9:38 AM

    35 players registered for thousands credits purse...

    registration ends in 4 days