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The Las Vegas Knights Vs. Fair Play G.C.

Sun, Jan 22 2017 12:54 AM by Dubfore. 16 replies.
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  • tuxedo2 Guernsey
    5,283 Posts
    Sun, Jan 8 2017 10:44 AM




    Welcome to this event.

    We are playing 18 holes of match play on Chambers Bay Golf Course..

    The deadline to complete your match is Jan. 31st.

    It is suggest you send a friend invitation to your opponent to arrange your match.

    Dermot and Tuxedo2 will be "handicapped" and forfeit in Tuxedo's case 1 hole and in Dermot's case 1 hole per side.

    Please post your results,comments as well as any issues getting your match played HERE

    UPDATED: January 12th.


    # Av. Tier LVKCC Av. Tier Fair Play G.C. LV FP
    1 64 L Lakeside1952 64 L Dubfore

    2 64 TM Danwidget 72 TM Billyirl 1
    3 61 TL Rhud2 67 L bwander

    4 69 L Montegomag 67 L phred952

    5 69 L Tuxedo2 69 TM Redemporer

    6 59 C 1963Bubba 59 TL Scarecrow2805 1
    7 60 TL Wutpa 69 L Trapper17

    8 65 L Pogbah 71 M Cloudscout

    9 63 L Fantasy1 61 L Hughie19

    10 65 L Mbowe 66 L HVAC101

    11 65 L Texsoon 64 L Roccorod


    Pogbah -2

    Tuxedo2 -1

    *Concedes 1 or 2

    holes per side.


    2 0

  • tuxedo2 Guernsey
    5,283 Posts
    Sun, Jan 8 2017 11:01 AM

    Update changed to Chambers Bay at the last minute.

  • 1963Bubba Germany
    3,174 Posts
    Wed, Jan 11 2017 10:37 AM

    Just played my match against Joe (scarecrow2805).

    Very enjoyable match with a great and fun guy. As a warning for the others: I doubt there are birds left on the course, we've shot them all.

    My putter obviously was a bit hotter than his today, so I managed to win it for LVK 5 & 4. 

    Shot of the day was Joe's tee shot on the 12th when he hit the flagstick from the tee.  Tough luck it bounced away too far and he had to face a tough eagle putt which he missed closely.

    Thanks again, Joe. Hope to tee it up with you again soon.

    Good luck everyone,


  • tuxedo2 Guernsey
    5,283 Posts
    Thu, Jan 12 2017 11:41 AM

    Three new matches have been added and are shown above.

  • DanWidget United Kingdom
    1,287 Posts
    Fri, Jan 13 2017 3:25 PM

    Well played Abe always nice to get off to a flying start and 5 & 4 was supersonic.

    I have managed to back that up with a victory of my own after playing Billy who was a great guy and very gracious in defeat.

    I struck the first blow on the 2nd but Billy immediately squared the match again on the very next hole. However I again went a shot ahead at the next by birdieing the 4th. This lead increased to 2 up at the 7th and then another hole win at 9 meant I made the turn 3 up.

    Billy pulled 1 back on the 12th after 2 tied holes but again I instantly hit back to again pull out to a 3 shot cushion.  So at this stage 3 up with 4 to play, playing good solid golf i felt the match was mine to lose.

    On the 16th green Billy putted out for par and with a 3 ft putt to close the game out I took my eye off the ball and slotted it right around the lip and suddenly the game was back on.  Still 2 up 3 to play I was still in a good place right? ........Wrong.

    17th hole and Billy pulls another shot back...Only 1 up going up the final fairway and suddenly it's squeaky bum time.....C'mon Phil time to get your head back in the game. So at the death both Billy and myself were left staring at putts just over 5 ft with my ball just inside his meaning that he, thankfully, was putting first......If he holed out the hole was sure going to look small for my putt.....................

    .............Billy struck his ball which to my relief slipped past the hole....PHEW !!!!!  So I just needed to leave it close to end the match 1 up but things went slightly better than that and my ball went bang centre and I heard that very welcome "Plop" sound as the ball dropped to win the hole and close the game out for a 2 up win.

    I had great fun with Billy who was a good player and a solid putter and I'm sure we will play plenty more games in the future.

    WIN TO LVK - 2 UP

  • MontegoMag United States
    1,639 Posts
    Sat, Jan 14 2017 9:46 AM

    Just finished my match with Jeff (phred952) and it was a very good match on a mutually hated course! I was lucky enough to birdy the first hole and spent the rest of the time fighting off bogeys to lose the lead.

    Well played Jeff! Thanks for the game!

    Moe wins 2 up

  • Wutpa Canada
    4,372 Posts
    Sat, Jan 14 2017 4:03 PM

    i played my match with Steve (Trapper17) earler today.

    After a bit of confusion about time zones we finally got together and let Chambers Bay do its worst, which it certainly did. I must say I was not playing particularly well, approaches left short, missed putts and so on, but Steve was having a far harder time of it. In the end it felt like two against one, that is Steve against me and his putter, because nothing was going right for him on the greens, and that's certainly where the game was won and lost.

    It was an enjoyable game and Steve's a great guy who took it all in good spirit, but I won it on the 13th, 7 & 5. It would have been a very different scoreline if he'd got his putting mojo working even a little bit. but it's hard to make progress when you're swimming against the tide.

    Points to the LVK CC.

    Thanks for the game Steve, you're a gent. Let's tee it up again soon.


  • fantasy1 United Kingdom
    1,221 Posts
    Sun, Jan 15 2017 4:49 AM

    Just played my match v hughie19, nice guy, didnt have a lot of luck with his putter though, hence i won 3 up

  • hvac101 United States
    29 Posts
    Sun, Jan 15 2017 4:07 PM


    Completed match against MBowe. Neither brought A-Game, but was able to squeak out a 1-up win on the 18th hole.

  • Trapper17 Australia
    50 Posts
    Mon, Jan 16 2017 1:45 AM

    Thanks for the kind words Nigel. Although I was well beaten by a much better player It was terrific to meet you and have a hit, which I hope we again soon if I can get my tech issues sorted. (Don't forget to ask about that for me)

    You guys at LVK are just too good for us it seems but as had been mentioned in our club forum everyone has enjoyed playing and meeting you guys. It's always great to meet nice people.

    All the best,


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