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world cup 2017

Sun, Apr 22 2018 4:40 AM by carlosdev. 2,096 replies.
  • PAULFINN52 United Kingdom
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    Wed, Aug 9 2017 8:57 AM

    Hello all for the final time this year,

    This was a cracking final with east coast taking the first  three games but you can’t write the wolverines off that easily and bounced back in style to take the next 5 games to win the match, east coast took the last match so final score 5-4 to the wolverines.

    I have watched a couple of games and just sat there jaw open watching the greats play so easily and peppering the pin,

    It came down to the putting in the end and the wolves just edged it on the green,

    I would like to thank all 384 players for taking time out of their busy lives to take part in the world cup,

    Captains you have been so easy to work with and made my job simpler by sorting any matches or replacements out between you, a big clap to you all,

    I could never had coped with the scale of the comp this year without my friends backing me up,

    Nicos,paul(dotty)and bubbs,

    Nico and dotty helped me post matches and sort out results, it was handy dotty is on a different time zone so he was my night shift manager lol.

    Nico is a machine at sorting out the stats for all teams and percentages of games played and were on to me if matches were outstanding,

    Bubbs took care of the ctth results and prizes and contacted sponsors to send prizes over to the winners,

    they all also advised me on any issues I had during the comp,

    a massive thank you to nigel(wupta)who sorted the formulas on the results pages so all matches and tables would tally up together after every result, I will be onto you next year don’t worry lol

    Thanks to paul ton for designing and engraving the winners onto the cup,

    I have enjoyed this year and can’t wait to start it all over again,

    I shall have a rest now for a few months but will start recruiting for teams towards the end of the year,

    Im sure I will have a bit more interest next year and want this comp to be the biggest team game on wgt,


    Well that’s enough waffling,

    The winners of the world cup 2017 and I hope you will be back next year to defend your title

    The wooden tee wolverines



    be a nice addition to your trophy cabinet but dont get used to it that much,there will be loads of teams fighting to take it off you next year lol,


    thx all for the comments,makes all worthwhile,if players keep a couple of friends they have played then i have achieved my goal,


    all the best


  • kersh1976 United Kingdom
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    Wed, Aug 9 2017 4:51 PM

    Once again, thanks to everyone.

    We will put this fine looking trophy next to Joe's VUSO cup when he finally receives it. 

    Get practicing everyone, because I guarantee that next years team will be far better than this one. )

    Peace and love.


  • PaulTon United Kingdom
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    Thu, Aug 10 2017 5:11 AM


    Here's the correct pic (no background), right click on it and choose 'copy image URL', then paste it into the 'insert media' box on forum and profile blog pages.

  • bery111 United Kingdom
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    Thu, Aug 10 2017 6:10 AM

    Yes, thanks once again to Finny and his crew for organising this! Look forward to doing a bit better next year... :)

  • pipala United Kingdom
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    Thu, Aug 10 2017 6:32 AM

    Great work Finny, Nico, Dotty and Bubbs in pulling all this together, it proved to be another very successful tournament, well done!!

  • PAULFINN52 United Kingdom
    2,883 Posts
    Thu, Aug 10 2017 10:25 AM



    Here's the correct pic (no background), right click on it and choose 'copy image URL', then paste it into the 'insert media' box on forum and profile blog pages.

    thx paul should have got you do this in the first place 



  • PeteWinyard United Kingdom
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    Thu, Aug 10 2017 11:12 AM

    A Great Tournament - run by Finny & Co.. :-)

    It's all been mentioned above, so I'll just say on behalf of our Club, as Captain for both Bridgestone Squads - We had a whale of a time playing against and making new friends.

    I'm sure like many, our own WC forum thread ran through 76 pages of colourful tables and comments! :-)

    Our guys very much enjoyed the experience of a large quaility tournament, playing against other 'good guys' was a blast.. We will be back next year for sure.

    Special Congrats to WTW for their overall victory, a fine win.. :-)

    Also well done to all involved and especially to the other semi & finalist squads.

    We held our own in many ways, considering a third of our small club played in the WC.

    We're a very busy little club, with many comps. running at any one time, many changes have been put in place this year so far and we're now running a bunch of 'fun & crazy' comps.( to lighten the mood a touch!) after a few serious tournaments of our own recently too.

    Looking forward to even a bigger WC next year..

    Cheers all ... Pete  #l;~)>




  • PEnglish3 United Kingdom
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    Fri, Aug 11 2017 12:20 AM

    congrats to wooden tee, what a great final, and unlucky east coast,  two classy clubs.

    once again thanks to finny and his helpers, been a long haul but your edication to this tournament was first class. 

  • mrm6400 United States
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    Sun, Aug 13 2017 5:48 AM

    Well said Pete.............

    Big thanks to Finn, Bubbs and everyone who put so much effort in making this a great World Cup...........Great job and much appreciated..........

    Congrats to all who took part.  Big shout out to East Coast 1 and Wood Tee for making it to the finals.  Great job to both of you.  I see players on each side that I have some tough matches with namely Frank and Joe...........Some fine play all around guys. 

    But in the end the Wood Tee Squad came out as winners of the World Cup for 2017.

    From everyone with the Bridgestone Avengers :



  • mystry78 United States
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    Wed, Aug 16 2017 7:11 AM

    Thanks for the nice comments about East Coast guys. It was a pleasure to compete against all of you.