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You have my money but I can´t make a purchase

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Wed, Aug 19 2009 6:28 AM by Faterson. 1 replies.
  • expiredloch United Kingdom
    362 Posts
    Wed, Aug 19 2009 5:09 AM

    May I direct this message in principal to the administators as I am getting nowhere!

    I tried to make a purchase in the Pro Shop having brought a tidy amount of credits to do so. After making the selection and pressing the "Buy Now" box I get a page come up with a short message but no buttons or other directives to proceed further. I´ve tried to make this purchase for two full days now but still get the same page. I have the latest Flash player. I have been advised to move the selected items to my bag. I don't get a page showing my bag. I would appreciate help asap. Thankyou.

  • Faterson Slovakia
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    Wed, Aug 19 2009 6:28 AM

    You can't move anything to your bag before you complete a purchase successfully.

    Try clearing both your browser & Flash cache first, then restart your browser. If that doesn't help, try another browser to access the ProShop. (Opera didn't work for me in the ProShop, but Chrome did.)

    You equip your bag by going to your Profile Page, then click on Equipment and the Edit Equipment button. A pop-up window will open for you where you may drag&drop any club & ball you wish to use in your next round.