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Session 2: 1,000cr Match Play Challenge Tournament

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Sat, May 27 2017 5:53 AM by JSmithers. 45 replies.
  • rfpoul United States
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    Wed, Aug 31 2016 10:31 AM

    Just played my match with BIGKNIGHT..match was close until b9 when Geof kicked in overdrive...he won 3&2

    always a pleasure my friend



  • BigKnight United States
    2,650 Posts
    Wed, Aug 31 2016 10:45 AM

    Remi and I just finished our round 2 match at RSG. Front nine was tight...AS until Remi birdied 8 (after my lip out), but I got it back to AS at 9 with a bird after Remi's slid by.

    Halved 10 with 2 more nice birdies, and I finally went 1up with a birdie on 11. Tough break off the tee on 12 doomed Remi there and I went 2up. Then we matched birds again on 13 & 14. At the 15th, Remi's birdie bid stopped turning as it got to the hole and slid by (I believe we've all done that). I managed to make mine to go 3up, and then matching birdies on 16 sealed the match.

    Bigknight wins 3up

    Always enjoy our rounds Remi....almost sorry that there has to be a victor in these.

    Cheers my friend :)


  • birchi Germany
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    Sat, Sep 3 2016 5:19 PM

    just finished my match with farfoo and lost it on the 3rd extra hole. 

    it really was a great match with a disappointing result for me (never mind the fact that before the match i would have been happy with anything better than a 7&5 :) ). i think i played as good as i can at 2am in the night, really solid iron play and great approaches that were matched by his fantastic putting. 

    real pleasure to compete against such an excellent player, i hope the next time around the luck will be on my side :)

  • FarFoo United Kingdom
    2,677 Posts
    Sat, Sep 3 2016 5:24 PM

    finished my match with birchi, FarFoo wins 3rd or 4th extra hole 1 up.

    Best player lost tbh. birchi played great & got 2 up twice  which i somehow managed to  claw back. Had to make quite a few big putts & a pitch in to hang in there.

    Birchi got robbed with meter glitch on 17th putt to win match also.

    Great game though , very enjoyable.



  • JSmithers United States
    1,143 Posts
    Mon, Sep 5 2016 10:19 AM

    Just finished my match with Agassi1991.  Great match back n forth the whole time.  Nobody got more than 1 up.  I was 1up going into 14 and made a bad approach and he capitalized making it AS then made a beautiful bird on 15 to go 1up on me.  Never got that stroke back and Agassi won 1up.  Great game bud lets play again soon.


  • Young46 United States
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    Mon, Sep 12 2016 6:23 AM

    Any updates on the semi-final matches? Due date to play is today.

    FarFoo vs. MYTHofPANDORA

    BigKnight vs. Agassi1991

  • BigKnight United States
    2,650 Posts
    Mon, Sep 12 2016 8:57 AM

    Peter and I had set up today (no specific time, just a window) We are in that window now, haven't seen him as of yet. I dropped him a PM.



  • BigKnight United States
    2,650 Posts
    Tue, Sep 13 2016 7:01 AM

    Got a PM back from Peter...sadly after my avail time yesterday. I can't play today...asked him about tomorrow. I know we are after the deadline. Is that ok?

  • Young46 United States
    1,226 Posts
    Tue, Sep 13 2016 7:11 AM

    Thanks for the update. I haven't heard back from the other group so go ahead and try and schedule for this week. I will bump the deadline up until next Monday.

  • FarFoo United Kingdom
    2,677 Posts
    Tue, Sep 13 2016 4:26 PM

    might be playing anytime around now or if not maybe same time tomorrow.