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Wow Faterson is back

Thu, May 14 2020 5:21 PM by DonCaron. 40 replies.
  • ct690911 Canada
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    Mon, Oct 26 2015 6:30 PM


    My post originally included a hookers disclaimer, but I removed it at the last second, to preserve some decorum for this thread. The effort was in vain.

    I think as you scroll through the many posts, in the many strings, that you will find myriad examples where "decorum" is secondary to brave, or misguided?, attempts at low brow


  • dedBuNNy Canada
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    Mon, Oct 26 2015 9:52 PM

    There is a browser for the ipad called  Puffin, it allows you to login to WGT via the main website, I use it all the time.

    You can play the game in the client window if you like, it's kinda slow as the browser is using Flash in a cloud environment.

  • PRIESTESS United Kingdom
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    Tue, Oct 27 2015 3:21 AM

    Priestess: another fabulous feature of the mobile app is that you're by no means restricted to the small screen of your tablet or phone. Using Apple TV (that's a small device looking like a hockey puck used by the Chicago Blackhawks to win their 3 Stanley Cups), you can easily stream (mirror) the game to your huge TV screen or a wall-projected image. And, there is zero delay or meter stutter, because there is no Flash in the game at long last – hooray! Here is how I played a 3-hole mini-round earlier today on a huge 46-inch TV screen, using an iPhone (mirroring the game) simply as the game controller:


    I can't be more impressed to be honest. Thank you for a valuable heads up:)

  • Jimbog1964 Guernsey
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    Tue, Oct 27 2015 6:44 AM

    I can't be more impressed to be honest. Thank you for a valuable heads up:)

    Tres interesting.

    Now without mocking the afflicted is a mouse easily possible?  I am unconvinced by touch screen, just not enjoyable here, but throw in a mouse and rockin' IMO.

  • Faterson Slovakia
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    Tue, Oct 27 2015 9:30 AM

    Nope, there's no mouse in a standard iPad/iPhone environment. That would kind of defeat the point of a touchscreen device, wouldn't it? (Steve Jobs explicitly called the human finger "the mouse for your cellphone", or something to that effect.) If you prefer traditional game controllers, you can simply (or not so simply, compared to Apple TV...) connect a traditional computer to your modern TV set, and run WGT's golf game on it that way, along with a wireless mouse and keyboard. Believe me, I tried all of that back in 2009, and, heavens, was it awkward! Plus, you're dealing with all the Flash bugs like meter stuttering.

    Thanks for the Puffin browser hint. However, that's the workaround I mentioned earlier: how to get Flash onto your iPad or iPhone, something Steve Jobs never wanted to allow there. And, it's even "second-hand Flash", so to speak, because it's "Flash from the cloud", and those particular Puffin cloud servers are only operating in the US. For emergencies, perhaps, this may still be a good workaround, but it's hardly the stuff for your regular site user.

  • dedBuNNy Canada
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    Tue, Oct 27 2015 9:45 AM

    Are you saying you cant access those servers from where you are? 


    Not sure i get why that would matter, theyre not locale locked or restricted in some way, not ss far as i know. 


    The website functions as it does on the pc for the most part, if youre on a fast connection the game play fine.

  • PRIESTESS United Kingdom
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    Tue, Oct 27 2015 11:35 AM

    Would that not be able to operate a mouse via bluetooth? If it isn't possible maybe Apple will look at that for future upgrades.

  • Faterson Slovakia
    2,902 Posts
    Tue, Oct 27 2015 12:29 PM

    As an unofficial, awkward (most likely third-party) workaround of some sort (see the Puffin browser as a related example), that can certainly be accomplished, but officially, I'm pretty sure Apple will continue firmly rejecting the introduction of both the mouse and of (the dying) Flash on the iPad and the iPhone, and I agree with them.

    (I'm no Apple fanboy because I think that unlike Apple hardware, Apple software tends to be atrocious and unusable, and without independent third-party apps, iPads and iPhones would be next to worthless, but there are certain principles espoused by the late Steve Jobs that I wholeheartedly agree with. Some folks claim if Jobs were still alive he would not even have permitted things like larger-screen iPhones and the stylus for the upcoming 13-inch iPad Pro, but those can only be hypotheses at this point.) 

  • Faterson Slovakia
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    Tue, Oct 27 2015 5:14 PM

    [dedBuNNy, you appear to be moderated in these forums even after 900 posts, which is perhaps an oversight. Your posts only appear retroactively in this thread, hours after you submit them, so I apologize in advance should I ever fail to reply to a question of yours due to your post having escaped my attention altogether.]

    What I'm saying is that your solution is (at least to me) an excruciating, cloud-based workaround that is bringing something onto an iPad that the creator of the iPad, Mr. Jobs, specifically never wanted to see on the iPad/iPhone: Flash, due to its many bugs and deficiencies, not the least of which is meter stuttering, for which WGT game creators have been rather unfairly slammed in these forums for years and years.

    If you're happy with that workaround and if it works for you, that's great!  Anyhow, there is little sense in playing the game over second-hand Flash on an iPad or iPhone now that the native mobile WGT game for iPad/iPhone is available. Trying to mimic mouse-clicks on a touchscreen device is as awkward as it can possibly get. I admit that the workaround can still be useful today for logging in to these forum webpages, your profile page, etc., from a mobile device on an emergency basis. What I'm saying is that a "techie" workaround like that is scarcely a standard solution "for the masses", for the regular site user.

    Oh, believe me I gave those workarounds a try as soon as the iPads were invented back in 2010. If you search hard enough in these forums, you will discover screenshots I posted here of WGT's original Flash-based golf game running on my iPad 1 back in 2010, employing just such a workaround as you recommend. It worked for me, sort of, but it was clunky and no fun. In a game where milliseconds matter when you're trying to "hit the ding" with each of your shots, every potential additional microscopic delay matters. The Flash-based WGT golf game is buggy enough as it is, due to all the meter stuttering, on traditional computers; now when you introduce yet another variable to the process (even more potential delays originating from second-hand Flash), it can remove almost all the fun from the game. And yes, the location of cloud servers does matter, in terms of milliseconds, when it comes to "hitting the ding". When you're based in Europe like I am, but your cloud servers are located across the ocean in America, you will definitely get to feel that, in terms of milliseconds relevant in a golf game. Naturally, in terms of just logging in to this website, forum, and profile page (outside of playing the game itself), the difference is negligible.

    In any case, Flash is dead or dying (Mr. Jobs's firm and principled rejection of it having massively contributed to its demise), so any attempts to revive Flash on mobile devices are mere attempts to resurrect something that it would perhaps be more reasonable just to leave alone and die in grace, peacefully. The world at large is moving away from Flash, and so should WGT, if not for the original desktop game itself, then at least in terms of making it possible for WGT users to log in to these webpages, forums, etc., from their mobile devices even outside of Flash. A very reasonable request to be made in late 2015, would you agree? 

  • overtheedge United States
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    Tue, Oct 27 2015 5:38 PM

    Hi Faterson. It has been tooooo long. Hope all is well and by the look of things it has.

    I know flash is and has been becoming a dinosaur of sorts but I am old school and to be perfectly honest I could NEVER play this game on such a small device. That aside I wouldn't enjoy playing the game as much as I do on my 32 inch monitor with mouse in hand. 

    If and when this game goes mouseless and "Flashless" it will certainly end my WGT career. But in the meantime it is absolutely super reading your up to date post. It is also just as nice to see a LEGEND of the FORUMS back spreading his knowledge and insight.

    Great to hear from you again my old friend. edge