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Wow Faterson is back

Thu, May 14 2020 5:21 PM by DonCaron. 40 replies.
  • borntobesting United States
    8,701 Posts
    Mon, Oct 26 2015 12:37 AM

    First i saw his name on mobile and now he is green.

    Welcome back.

  • Faterson Slovakia
    2,902 Posts
    Mon, Oct 26 2015 1:34 AM

    Thanks, I'm only passing by, not enough time to play for any meaningful stretch of time, but I did purchase the MAX Control Putter earlier today, if only to show some tiny appreciation for the game's development in recent years.

    The game being available on iPad & iPhone is a dream come true. It's much, much smoother there (for me) than the Flash version -- no meter troubles whatsoever. I'll just never go back to the desktop version. Still, there are a few missing features:

    1) The gorgeous Oakmont, one of my favorite WGT courses, currently isn't available on iPad/iPhone, only on desktop.

    2) On iPad/iPhone, you currently can't watch the opponent's shot (especially shot setup) from the various camera angles available for your own shot. (Does work on the desktop.) This decreases the excitement for me considerably.

    3) There is still no option to customize your avatar on iPad/iPhone (let alone his/her accoutrements), so I'm forced to play my rounds in the guise of a young lady (that's still preferable to playing against one's own mirror image) and get to hear comments about my "shapely legs" in every other round.

    4) You still can't log in to this website (and forums) from iPad/iPhone. The main site is still thoroughly Flash-embedded/-infested.

    5) You can't even log in from Chrome on desktop Mac OS (!); the login window on the left fails to display. I had to launch Firefox instead.

    6) No option for a threesome or foursome on the iPad/iPhone for now, apparently.

    7) The play-by-play commentary for now appears to be limited to 3 or 4 steadily recurring phrases, rather misaligned to what's happening on the course.

    The game is FABULOUS in its mobile version!

  • PRIESTESS United Kingdom
    10,278 Posts
    Mon, Oct 26 2015 2:47 AM

    Hi Faterson:) Nice to see you back with the thoughtful , meaningful posts. What size screen are you playing the game on? i use a 24 inch monitor and i cannot imagine using anything less than a 17 inch screen.

  • YankeeJim United States
    25,540 Posts
    Mon, Oct 26 2015 5:07 AM

    Woohoo, cabbage soup for everybody! Faterson is in da house!  Good to see you alive and well.  :-)

  • Faterson Slovakia
    2,902 Posts
    Mon, Oct 26 2015 7:10 AM

    Jim, I don't know how this is even possible, but I'm having cabbage soup for lunch right now! :-o Picture attached. It's delicious, and I'm planning to have about 12 plates of it; the day is long. I'll get back with WGT-related feedback later on.

  • andyson United States
    6,415 Posts
    Mon, Oct 26 2015 7:14 AM

    Hello again Alex!  Seeing your name on the forum once again has made my day, week, month and year on WGT!  You've been missed.  It is good to know you are alive and (I hope) well.

    I also hope you can find the time to occasionally stop by and post your insights.



    P.S. There have been two more Stanley Cups for Hossa on the Blackhawks while you were absent!

  • WGTicon United States
    12,466 Posts
    Mon, Oct 26 2015 11:15 AM

    Oh, wow.. Welcome back. Born wins the award for having hope for him to comeback - as in keeping him om his friend list :)


  • YankeeJim United States
    25,540 Posts
    Mon, Oct 26 2015 11:22 AM

    Now all we need is for Snaike to show up.  :-D

  • PhiEaglesFan United States
    617 Posts
    Mon, Oct 26 2015 11:24 AM

    Now all we need is for Snaike to show up.  :-D

    Ah, you beat me to it.  Good times.

  • Faterson Slovakia
    2,902 Posts
    Mon, Oct 26 2015 3:22 PM

    Thank you, all!

    Ah, yes, the esteemed Snaike – the winner of multiple Golden Boilerplate awards for recycled forum replies in quitters threads. I trust he's doing fine out there in SF. His kids, the little snaikes, must have outgrown him by now – not in bitterness, it must be hoped.

    First, I need to add a little quibble to the above list:

    8) In the mobile app, you're only allowed to purchase credits in preset amounts, none of which really suited me (most seem too high for a light user, the sort I'm forced to be due to time constraints, unfortunately). So, I needed to log in to the regular website and buy the desired amount of credits there, and then I headed back to the mobile app and purchased the MAX Control putter there.

    That is, actually, one of the finest things about the mobile app: its seamless integration with the traditional game on the big computer. Everything has been preserved from your "non-mobile career" – well, except for the looks and accessories of your avatar, as stated! So, you're forced to pretend to be a young lady if you don't wish to be a twin of 90% of your opponents in the mobile app. I hope WGT lets us transfer the looks and accessories of our main-site avatars to the mobile game, soon – it could be a good source of revenue for WGT! Even if I had to purchase the looks of my avatar in the mobile app anew, I'd do it right away, because it's just painful when everyone you're playing against looks the same in every round. And, we do need those threesomes and foursomes on mobile, too.

    Speaking of purchases, PayPal has been added as a purchase option on the main site, which is super-convenient as opposed to the starting days when there was no PayPal. In the mobile app, naturally, you're paying through your Apple account, which is just as convenient.

    I must emphasize once again how much it SUCKS that you can't even make a brief reply in this forum using the iPad or iPhone. I mean, come on! This is 2015, and you're not even letting users log in to their WGT accounts in order to read and reply to forum and Wall posts? Please fix this soon. Only earlier today, I noticed that dear Ms. Sweetie Pie had written me a Wall post back in the fall of 2014, but I had no idea she had done so, due to being locked out of this site's non-chat communication channels on my phone and tablet.

    A few minutes ago, I attempted to log in to using Chrome on my Windows PC, and that doesn't work, either, just like it doesn't work on the MacBook. It's that accursed Flash again. The log-in left-hand panel simply fails to appear in Chrome, just like it fails to appear on iPad and iPhone (and I suspect the same will be true on Android). So, you're currently unable to log in to webpages using the most popular phone (iPhone), or tablet (iPad), or arguably today's most widely used desktop browser (Chrome). Once again, I specifically had to launch the Firefox browser on a desktop PC just to be able to reply to this forum thread. Come on, folks!

    Priestess: another fabulous feature of the mobile app is that you're by no means restricted to the small screen of your tablet or phone. Using Apple TV (that's a small device looking like a hockey puck used by the Chicago Blackhawks to win their 3 Stanley Cups), you can easily stream (mirror) the game to your huge TV screen or a wall-projected image. And, there is zero delay or meter stutter, because there is no Flash in the game at long last – hooray! Here is how I played a 3-hole mini-round earlier today on a huge 46-inch TV screen, using an iPhone (mirroring the game) simply as the game controller:

    The above photograph is crap, distorting the colors of both screens, but in reality, both screens – tiny and huge – are astounding to look at when running WGT golf. The only times I was looking at the iPhone screen was during each shot when I was trying to "hit the ding" – for everything else including shot setups, you can use the huge TV screen instead. Within a couple of weeks, Apple is due to release their very first 13-inch iPad, the iPad Pro, and WGT's golf game is bound to look even more gorgeous on it; can't wait!

    An extra-nice bonus to using iPhone as your WGT golf game-controller is that the phone vibrates in your hand when it's your turn to hit the ball. Impossible to miss your turn that way! Whereas overhearing the ding signifying your turn is a common occurrence (for me).

    Now, WGT golf is perfectly playable even on the iPhone's tiny screen, let alone the amazingly sharp "Retina" screens of iPads. Yes, Priestess, my main working monitor is a 30-incher, and I'd hate to work on anything smaller. But that's work, not fun. OK, work can (should) be also fun, but WGT golf should be 100% fun, 0% work. I'll never again play another round of WGT golf while sitting at my destop, that's for sure. There's enough everyday torture having to sit there for work-related reasons; every minute needlessly spent in an office chair is directly damaging your health, specifically your back.

    And so, my ideal position for playing WGT golf is lying in bed. And the iPad is the ideal tool making that possible. Hell, ever since the iPad was invented, I've been earning money while (part-time) lying in bed. (I'm sometimes asked to proofread entire books, and once again, there's no better tool for proofreading than an iPad; you just need to get rid of Apple's lame default apps and get more capable ones, frequently designed in odd places like Russia and Malta.)

    Also, Priestess, it's been confirmed that being able to hold the entire screen in your own hands, being able to touch it, instead of touching an "intermediate" device like a mouse or a trackpad, creates a sort of "intimate" experience – something an office-like computer or a huge TV screen will never give you. I can confirm this, even from watching movies. It's difficult to explain why, but sometimes I'm noticing more things in a movie when I'm "holding the movie in my own hands" and watching it on a 10-inch iPad, than if I watched the same movie on that huge 46-inch TV screen. The physical distance from your eyes to the screen seems to be diminishing the experience; the longer the distance, the less intense and immersive is your experience, regardless of screen size. Yes, the iPad's or iPhone's screen is so much smaller, but also, it somehow brings you so much closer to the proceedings on the screen. It's a delectable, luxurious experience, being able to hold the entire eye-popping Bethpage Black or Congressional golf course in your own hands, being allowed to touch it on every green, every hole! Ah, if only they also gave us Oakmont in the mobile app! I'm missing it terribly there.