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avatar change

Sat, May 4 2019 5:56 PM by pdb1. 21 replies.
  • DoctorLarry United States
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    Sat, May 4 2019 3:08 PM

    As far as I can see, you can't buy an avatar in the mobile game but you can in the PC version which screams out to me that if it's bought on the PC version, it will only work on there.

    Exactly.  This falls into the same category as "apparel", which is available only on mobile and only applies to mobile.  It does not apply to PC. 

    So, anyone that bought an avatar on PC expecting to use it on mobile, should check with CS, if they do not want to use it on PC.  Otherwise, I don't think there is anything else for WGT to do.


  • pdb1 United States
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    Sat, May 4 2019 5:56 PM

      Another issue pointing ( like not being able to save replays ) out some of the areas  that do not seem to get the technological attention .

      But in this case . From what I see . The mobile avatars are much more complex than those of the PC game . I'm wondering why and when they may offer those features to PC .

      Other major game sites offer much more complex avatar features than WGT has ever offered . Every feature can be fine tuned . Hair , face , eyes , nose , mouth , chin , cheeks , ears , color pigment , size , length , height ,  body style , bulkiness , etc , etc .

      We get the bare minimum . It has always been this way . Even though the platforms are different . I am sure it is a monetary decision that keeps the features different . And freezes all upgrading . With the exception of equipment . Which isn't much of a stretch .