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SUPPORT FOR COMPLAINTS (genuine request)

Sun, Jul 12 2020 5:13 PM by DonCaron. 83 replies.
  • KyRock75 United States
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    Sun, Dec 27 2015 8:03 PM


    2015 - 2008 = 7, not 8.

    he did say almost   lol



  • alosso Germany
    19,838 Posts
    Sun, Dec 27 2015 9:37 PM

    All I want to know is why I can't sell back some extra clubs that I have.Each time I try it come back that the server is down.I DON'T THINK SO!!! Could someone out there give me some kind of answer?? Thanks......( oh yeah no bs please )

    Your Stand Bag Plus is in the way - an unfixed bug of long duration. There's a thread near the top of the Bug Log Forum officially showing the user's workaround.

    And, to create at least some benefit from the official reply here, check if you receive any mails from WGT - accounting (ball purchases etc.) or tournament confirmations? If not, you may want to (temporarily?) change your mail address in your account. Just another inevitable user's workaround of shortcomings in WGT's programming.

  • srellim234 United States
    2,077 Posts
    Mon, Dec 28 2015 7:04 PM



    2015 - 2008 = 7, not 8.

    he did say almost   lol



    Actually not, Rock. That's kind of why I decided to rub it in a little. Paddywack was definitive about being here 8 years and didn't say almost. The "almost" was an edit by ct in his response after I drew attention to the math. According to his profile Paddy joined in December of 2008. He just barely got to 7 years this month.

    Just having a little fun irritating Paddy a little more than he already is. :)


  • shadow999 United States
    36 Posts
    Sun, Feb 26 2017 6:46 PM

    the web sites  and script that is covering my putter pal is unnerving, and it causes loss of passes and country club points.  need reimbursed for both.

  • ZioMio Canada
    4,680 Posts
    Mon, Feb 27 2017 7:42 AM

    need reimbursed for both.

    Stop spamming other threads .... see your own thread for the answer to your problem.

  • Premed Ireland
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    Mon, Feb 27 2017 9:40 AM

    Another dead thread comes to life !!!


  • Webeles74 United States
    623 Posts
    Sun, Jun 4 2017 2:40 PM


    What about CONSECUTIVE DAYS I was up to 75 days of play. I come back the next day and there gone and I'm back to day 1. This is BS I have not missed any days and you( WGT) just take em away. This is not the first time this has happened. I tired  of it and any time you complain ya never get a straight answer. I want an answer or reason why.!!!!!

    Just like the durability of the balls ya pay 5oo ...600...even 700 credits for a ball that is only gonna last 2 maybe 3 rounds COME ON  don't you guys make enough money off us that you can't give more life to the ball



  • alosso Germany
    19,838 Posts
    Sun, Jun 4 2017 11:14 PM

    No offence intended:

    1) YOU missed it.

    2) YOU pay for it!


    My two Pfennig on the subjects:

    1) As a L93 Master, you don't even need the CDP bonus XPs,and a high CDP streak is no reason to brag around.

    2) Ball purchases are their way of entry fees, and I like the fact that we decide on the amount, one by one.

    Talking some more about money, in my German bluntness:

    - I'm afraid that your game performance is not up to those precious L81 balls, try L33 Callaways instead to decrease the entry fee.

    - Free Putter Pal is available in any CC above L3.

    - Don't buy CC passes. Never!


    Finally: Don't expect them to adapt to you - it's the other way round.

    Last word: Have fun!!!

  • blapra Australia
    2 Posts
    Sun, Jun 4 2017 11:43 PM


  • Webeles74 United States
    623 Posts
    Sat, May 19 2018 4:25 PM

    AGREE!! I just bought a 3 pk of balls and they still are not in my inventory.

    I'm tried of going up to the tee with say the wind 10-15 from left to right ya hit the ball and there's and there's no wind.

    The question I have for WGT is WHERE THE HECK ARE MY BALL